Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto – 09

Giant robots with light sabers.. what can I say?

皆さん、こんにちは!I’m Captain, one of the new blood that Metanorn has picked out. I’ve been lurking around this site for quite a while, but I’ve only started making my existence known not so long ago – some of you might recognize me from the chatbox or comments :>

Well, anyway, from now on, I’ll be reviewing and writing episodics on Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto! Some of you might have been quite turned off by Kyokai’s and Hato-kun’s first impression post of this series, because you know, they did picture it quite badly. (I know I won’t get much fame from reviewing this series…) BUT! The thing with BONES, is that you’ve got to watch on in order to understand what the hell happened in the first episode.. so I did. And thus, I shall recap the entire of episode 1-8 for those out there who bothered to watch!

Everything takes place on Southern Cross Island. Our hero, Takuto Tsunashi, is washed up on the shore after swimming over from Japan. Having been washed up without anything, money being eaten up by fishes and luggage lost on his way there, he’s found by Waka Agemaki (the Southern Island’s shrine maiden) and Suguta Shindo (a guy who belongs to the noble family of the island), and later enrolls in a senior high school known as Southern Cross High School.

Have a few Cybodies. They’re pretty awesome(:

However, underneath the school is a collection of robot giants, Cybodies, which a secret organization known as “Kiraboshi Juujidan” (Glittering Crux Brigade) try to control for their own purposes. This group of people, who only have half their face masked and try very little in concealing their real identities, are on a mission to break all the shrine maidens seals in order for them to be able to bring the Cybodies out of the island. Takuto, being the “Ginga Bishounen” (Galaxy Pretty Boy) has to fight against them in order to protect Waka.

A few members of the Brigade – I’m not going to add anymore because editing is a pain.

Every episode pretty much follows the same order. Stuff happening in and out of the school between the students, the whole thing suddenly switching to the Glittering Crux Bridgade’s HQ, they enter Zero-Time, Takuto defeats the Brigade’s member who he’s fighting that night, everything goes back to normal, Waka is safe.

For those whose mental capacity is already exploding, beware of this paragraph. I’ll explain all the terms up there. Cybodies are giant robots, and they can only move in a warped space known as Zero-Time, outside that space, they’re nothing but giant statues. When Zero-Time is activated, those with seals (such as Takuto, Waka and Suguta) are sent there as well. Waka is a Maiden, and maidens are not allowed to leave the island they are on. Every of the 4 maidens (North, South, East, West) carry a seal on their chest, and if all 4 seals are broken, then the Cybodies will be allowed to move outside Zero-Time, which will cause the political, military, and economic landscape to change drastically. That’s exactly what the Glittering Crux Crusade wants to do, see? And Takuto’s job is to stop them! Most people in the Glittering Crux Brigade use a Cybercasket to control their Cybodies, but those with seals like Takuto, Waka and Suguta can summon their Cybodies as long as they’re in Zero-Time. Brain hurts enough yet?

I’ve got a fluffy feather on my head~

I’ll move on to episode 9! We find out that Takuto’s stayed overnight from the previous day at Suguta’s house. They’re actually taking a hot bath together. Waka jokes about joining them but Takuto freaks out anyway. We’re then introduced to a new character, pink hair, styled like Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari, just a lot shorter. Here name’s Mizuno. She goes to the same school as Takuto and co. and she also enjoys jumping  out of a second story window, onto a bus, and riding like that all the way to school. A bit freaky, yes. I’m betting that she’s a Maiden or member of the Brigade, if not they wouldn’t just introduce a new character like that.

Note: Do  not try this. You will slide off and die.

Takuto meets her in the boys toilet while he’s doing his business at the urinals. (Was that too straightforward?) Mizuno runs right across the toilet to save a little chick that’s fallen out of its nest. Takuto goes over to help, and after he’s told that the mother bird will peck his eyes out, Mizuno tells him that “Cawbert” won’t hurt him. It is apparent that she can talk to birds. Takuto jumps out of the window, onto the tree, and catches the chick just in time, soon after that returning it to its nest.

Mizuno totally develops a crush on him. No wonder this episode’s called “Mizuno’s First Love”…huh. She doesn’t make any attempt to hide it, either, she actually jumps out of the toilet window to hug him.

It’s then revealed that Mizuno’s thought to be a witch in the school. Her older sister, Marina, is the sports star of the school. Not everyone in school knows about her though, but those who do think that she can talk to birds and use magic. She even teaches spells to people… or so Waka’s friend says, anyway.

After school, Mizuno follows Vice to the Night Flight Club, where she finds out that Takuto’s in it and decides to join the club herself. Not to mention she suffocates the poor Vice while TOTALLY SUCKING UP to Takuto.

Scene switch time! To the Glittering Crux Brigade HQ. Except that this time, during the meeting, Head isn’t there. In his place is a completely unheard of, oriental-dressed member going by “Manticore” whom we’ve never heard of – expect that it isn’t too hard to figure out her identity. They don’t even try to hide it in this episode! She’s Mizuno’s older sister. She says she’ll be taking over Head’s position while he’s away (totally on a holiday) and so that makes her the Head of the Brigade for that period of time. And the other Brigade representatives, especially Scarlet Kiss, don’t like her for that.

Back inside the Vanishing Age lounge, the other members under Head are discussing on how they’re going to beat the Galaxy Pretty Boy. They don’t seem to like her either, they didn’t even tell her about the lounge. They discuss about how they think it’s pointless that Head thinks they need to achieve Third Phase before they can beat Takuto, and say that you can challenge him as long as you think you can beat him. So they do. And they later go up to Manticore for permission. Which she accepts.

Meanwhile, Takuto and Suguta are training together when they go into Zero-Time. Battle scene ensues, and basically it’s the same two giant robots playing the “I stab you, you stab me back” game. Ah, here’re some screenshots…

And as for how the episode ends, however… we find out something pretty shocking between our two pink-haired sisters.

Aha! I was right! She is the West Maiden.

End Thoughts: Uwaaah >n< That took a while to do. I’ve been working on it for the past 3 days and it’s only done now! Apologies for my slowness, I was trying to make this post perfect but I sort of gave up in the end. I bet I’m the last of the new blood to finish her post. Oh dear, oh dear. Kyokai please don’t be angry with me! I also had to download the subbed version because of certain lines I needed to capture.

Anyway, I think it was pretty obvious that Mizuno was the West Maiden xD They wouldn’t introduce a new character halfway otherwise. What really interests me is that her older sister is playing a double agent role. I wonder when she’ll get caught by the Brigade. *shot* Mizuno is a pretty strange character, and I just can’t see her having a relationship with Takuto. I just hope that Mizuno doesn’t get captured in the next episode, since it’s been mentioned in this one that they’ve already begun to search for the West Maiden.

That might also mean a harder job for Takuto. Even though he doesn’t know that Mizuno’s the West Maiden yet, he’ll probably find out soon and end up having to protect both Wako and her. Ultimately, I hope he doesn’t carelessly let the Brigade break one of their seals~

Preview: Episode 10 – Marina’s First Love! (which has been aired already OTL) There’s a baseball tournament going on, and Takuto’s class is going against Marina’s class! I hope that she doesn’t fall in love with Takuto, if not there’s going to be another love triangle. Also, in the preview, it seems that Tauburn’s got another secret weapon that they haven’t used till now, which is..missiles. Go Tauburn.

I’ll just leave this here for those who get it >u<


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36 Responses to “Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto – 09”

  1. Junko says:

    Hey bro, nice to see someone blogging Star Driver 😀

    Loved this epsiode but I reakon 10 showed it up quite a bit, in terms of moving on with the new characters and keeping up the Star Driver groove.

    Nice summary of the workings of Star Driver too, although once you get around all the terms, it’s pretty easy.

    Can’t wait to read more

    Kira boshi!

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Hey nice post here captain 😀

    Mizuno is awesome! shes my favorite so far, in 10 Marino gets a bit better for me during that.

  3. Captain says:

    *gives you first comment cookie*
    Aww thank you <3

    I haven't watched episode 10 yet, so I shall now! Looking forward to it now after reading what you said.

    Thanks again!
    Kiraboshi! /member of the Brigade, now.

  4. Overcooled says:

    I predict lots of lulz from these posts. At least for me. GALACTIC PRETTYBOYYYY

    Aw, it’s okay, my first post took me a ridiculous amount of time to write XD You’ll get faster as you write more.

  5. Hoshi says:

    ~It’s okay Captain-chan! First posts always take a long time, but you did a wonderful job on it!! *high fives* Very nice indeed, you’ve even convinced me to give the show a chance, hahaha x’D

    Btw, I’m sorry if I wasn’t much help! ;A; I’ve become so terribly busy (Hopefully it won’t last long)…but I will always protect you from the loli-killers and pedophiles! >8D

  6. Reika says:


    I'm totally in love with Sutadora now haha xD nice to see someone posting reviews about it. I can't wait to read your review for the latest episode x3 you won't regreet watching it~~


    • Captain says:

      Oho, that is such a cool text emote.
      *shall use it from now on*

      Me too! >u<
      I don't think I will regret watching this series~


  7. sassy says:

    Arghhh I don’t get mecha at all D:

  8. MikADo says:

    Someone’s finally posting StarDriver XD
    Congrats on first post Captain ‘ㅅ’ //
    btw i actually like the story of Sam more than
    the actual stardriver episodes XD

    i look forward to your next posting

    Kiraboshi~ (>ㅅ

    • Captain says:

      I never knew you watched it, MikADo! >n< Why didn't you ever tell me? Then I would have had someone to fangirl with in the chatbox.
      Thanks though♥

      Yeah, too bad Sakana-chan's gone now and the story's over :c


      • MikADo says:

        i should have known better ey?
        should have known most of the female watchers will not
        want to miss this anime XD mu bad

  9. Teabie says:

    oh coooool! i’d been waiting for a Star Driver post! thanks for doing it and hanging in there after 3 days, haha!

    i’m kinda glad they moved a little bit away from Takuto and Wako’s on-off relationship for a bit. i’m a rooter for Sugata and Wako, haha. The newly awakened Sugata from his expected short-lived coma feels kinda sexy. Or is it just me? OK, maybe it’s just me. never mind. and he’s longer than takuto. chuckles

    i’m liking it that there’s a double agent in the KiraBoshi! gang. it’s just more dynamic that way, although the whole bit of the girls posing and angling their legs and boobs in this way and that can be off-putting for me. what to do? i just dun swing towards fellow girls. but i’m rooting for that see-through mode. lol!

    good job on your first post, Taisa (Captain)! i’m looking forward to the rest!!! 😉

    • Captain says:

      I swear I was on the verge of giving up. Thankfully I didn’t :>

      Frankly I think Takuto and Wako is just..WRONG. I mean, even though Suguta keeps saying that he never asked for it, Waka and him are engaged. Hell, having a relationship with Takuto is just like an affair xD And it’s not just you, I kinda think he’s sexy too >u> Sexier than Takuto, anyway.

      I can feel the plot moving in Star Driver now! It’s getting a tad exciting :> Though, yes, I agree with you. What’s with the leg position changing habits?

      Shusho, Taisa, Inchou, Taichou, anything will do! Thanks anyway! Kiraboshi!~(ゝω·)

  10. Snowley says:

    Star Driver! I knew someone on Metanorn gonna watch this :>
    This show is too good to be omitted.

    Did you see the 550 mb release of gg fansub? They’re ridiciolous.

    • Captain says:

      Well- Of course! There’s going to be a mecha fan somewhere.
      I agree with you on that. Fully.

      Thing is, I think that’s the one I downloaded. /shot
      I’m a total amateur at this downloading thing, because I always either stream or watch it on TV. *fail*

      • Snowley says:

        I’m not quite sure it we understood each other, or maybe I expressed myself wrong. GG is riciolous beacuse of the file size (ep 10 that is), it’s as big as an hour long film o.O .
        It’s good you watch anime on TV or streaming, the legal way. I can’t though, cause: 1. don’t have japaneese or US TV 2. sometimes streaming is a fachist and doesen’t stream the file in my country ;__;

        • Captain says:

          Yup. I checked. I did download the GG one xD I never knew it was that big a file.
          That’s just..sad :c I don’t think I stream legally, though.

  11. Dan-go says:

    way to pick up the most FABULOUS show of the season 😉

  12. Hime says:

    I couldn’t get my hands on a good download of this episode so it’s great to see what I missed! Sugata and that wooden sword….THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR HOW FUNNY THAT IS! xDD “Watch out, mine’s bigger.” Oh, BONES, why do you do this to me?

    Awesome post, Captain, looking forward to seeing what you think of 10 🙂

    • Captain says:

      I snagged it off anime-take. But I don’t think you should be asking me anything because I’m horrible at downloading things. I prefer to keep my hardisk..clean. You could always stream it online, though!
      I see you got the joke, though xD

      I just watched it! And hell, I think I see good.

      • Hime says:

        That’s why I have to download episodes cause nothing with stream on my computer. Technology just hates me, it’s cool. xD

        10 was good! EPIC BASEBALL.

  13. anaaga says:

    i’m here just for the blue hair guy.

    also, the sabers sorta reminds me of panty and stocking. hmm…

  14. amado says:

    “Note: Do not try this. You will slide off and die.”
    actually it said : “do not try this if you are not a southern cross islanders.” but I know this was your own take on it.

    I prefer takuto to go for a twin threesome instead of plain wako
    and now metanorn is also blogging star driver, il be seeing you around.

    • Captain says:

      I know what it said, I just put that for the humour of it all xD Either way, Southern Cross Islanders might slide off and die too~

      There’s just too many crushes here and there.
      Look forward to seeing more of you, though. 😮

  15. Joichi says:

    yes, i’m so glad someone’s finally blogging Star Driver without too many bias opinions. I myself agreed that after watching a couple episodes, that’s when the beauty of the anime really shines.

    And people srsly should watch it with a more open mind, after being a big fan of Utena, i’ve grown accustom to this type of symbolic films, which is an art in itself.

  16. speteelie says:

    i love star driver sadly its only 25 episodes and a movie
    i wish it was more like dragon ball which has 500 episodes 20 movies and 10 special episodes but star driver has better animation, story line, and adorable characters (and i love there clothes) i’ve been drawing mizuno because she was my favorite character i wont leave any spoilers about what happens but im dying to

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