First Impression – Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto

Kyokai and Hato-kun brings you fall’s first fishiness…. fail whale style~

Kyokai: Gomen~ Hato-kun, you had to wait a day for me to post this review…

Hato-kun: Totally fine, Kyo! Despite how much we wish it so, anime cannot rule our lives.

Kyokai: It was all due to a conference I had to speak at. My weekend got ruined preparing for the presentation but oh, boo! It went well and at least everyone paid attention rather than dozing off. XD

Hato-kun: I guess that’s better than nothing, yeah? People slept all weekend where I was. Well, I pretty much slept all weekend and finished Index in a day, but that’s another story.

Kyokai: Fufufuuu~ I loved Index! I can’t wait for the first episode of II to air this Friday! But anyway, before boring our readers, let’s add some thoughts before actually seeing Star Driver?

Hato-kun: Well, I do like Bones. But to be honest, I haven’t seen many of their originals. Eureka 7 and Darker than Black. But I have seen some of Heroman and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, of which  the former was horrible yet the latter was pretty awesome. Then there was X’amd, which is a mixed bag for me. Then again, I’m not hugely into mecha anime as I’ve said before, so Start Driver didn’t really interest me too much.

Kyokai: Bones usually has been WIN~ for me, the most epic of course has been Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. If I go back to the fall review we did, I was pretty pumped about the series because of the stellar seiyuu list and of course Bones! I did the same in our fall plans’ post so when I sat down to watch this; I was all kinds of expectant. Sakamoto Maaya? Wooo… Mamoru Miyano? Fukuyama Jun? BONES!!! *fangirl squee*

Hato-kun: Let’s do this!

Kyokai: That washing on the shore is…. Takuto sure seems dedicated and there is some nice music playing…

Hato-kun: Yeah, though, it was a horrible opening… I mean, if the starting was in media res, then I could forgive it. Why can’t we get a good shooting star for once? It’s such a typical anime opening, though. Random ‘pretty boy’ washes up on shore.

Kyokai: It indeed is. Somehow that title of pretty boy didn’t settle well with me.

Hato-kun: But, can she really smell, well, boys?

Kyokai: That was creepy. I was like, who does that?

Hato-kun: I certainly don’t.

Kyokai: Lol, I guess it’s her ability?

Hato-kun: Her esper ability (Still caught up in Railgun xD)

Kyokai: Lol, Railgun and Index are FTW~ And of course, she had to rescue the pretty boy.

Hato-kun: Agreed xD I wonder if the blue haired dude is her man. On another note, she’s really ugly.

Kyokai: It’s too early to decide that but they sure are chummy. You’re right, she’s not pretty at all, weird for an anime like this.

Hato-kun: Why does the maid have rabbit airs?

Kyokai: She reminded me of someone in Ookami-san, so forgettable. I guess, they will walk hand in hand to the academy they are gushing over.

Hato-kun: FABULOUS. Oh god. More ‘Fabulous’ stuff. Those maids are really distracting.

Kyokai: Hohohoo~ They are.

Hato-kun: Not in a good way xD

Kyokai: And of course, they have to talk about that indirect kiss.

Hato-kun: Of course xD Oh now he’s alone with the maids -_-

Kyokai: And of course, he would ponder.

Hato-kun: And he’s popular with the ladies.

Kyokai: Mamoru is not fitting well into the skin of this character. Maybe because I am not liking the skin and love the seiyuu. Too much fangirling over a pretty boy. >.>

Hato-kun: Everyone has stupid hair.  It’s annoying xD Does that painting mean something? An ‘R’? Oh… his Dad painted it.

Kyokai: Another Random fact without much info.

Hato-kun: Oh, and she’s a maiden. And now she’s naked.What the hell is this.

Kyokai: Lollll. Purifying herself, what does that even mean! I keep on repeating it to myself too.

Hato-kun: Her boobies glow? Creepy.

Kyokai: Hahahaaa! It’s her special mark,whatever that is. Not a lot of explanation is given. Makes me feel lost.

Hato-kun: Okay, I take it back. THIS girl is ugly.

Kyokai: Pink haired one?

Hato-kun: Yeah.

Kyokai: I forget the name. She looks like your typical TSUN, but I can’t expect any DERE. Also, a lot of random characters get introduced and nothing captures my eye. Green hair colour…. I miss Tatsumi (from Shiki). At least he’s badass but this one… seems like forced brawny.

Hato-kun: Animation is pretty fine. Oh god, obvious plot device. THE ABANDONED GOLD MINE. NONE SHALL ENTER.

Kyokai: But, of course they will. NOTHING NEW!

Hato-kun: People in funny outfits. Giant golden cogs.

Kyokai: And MASKS. WTF.

Hato-kun: Okay, so now I’m at the OP.

Kyokai: Are we getting into some Illuminati shit? Oh yeah, Aqua Timezzzzzzz~

Hato-kun: So far, this is horrible. It’s just a mesh of bad after bad after bad. Why can’t the main guy get a bigger T-shirt? It’s obviously too small.

Kyokai: Yeah, I dig.

Hato-kun: Hey look, a robot.

Kyokai: I don’t find anything interesting, but wait till you see the mecha. ‘Tis horrible….

Hato-kun: Okay, this is the best part, the ad for Sengoku BASARA.

Kyokai: YESSS! PARTYYYYYYY DA SE~! The only good part… QQ

Hato-kun: Okay, back into it. Naked people. Robots. Masks. Bad hair. It’s pretty much the 80’s.

Kyokai: Secret Society~

Hato-kun: That woman is wearing nothing but underwear.

Kyokai: If you watch this enough, you recognize the main guy is the green-haired one we saw previously. Also, I hate seeing women weak.

Hato-kun: Hey look, it’s the Johnny stealer from Eden of the East.

Kyokai: Lol! Good one XD

Hato-kun: That is not a suitable martial arts move. Pliers, really? CYBODY, BRING IT.

Kyokai: What new could you do?

Hato-kun: Does he have an eyepatch? Girl in a cage. Wow.

Kyokai: Singing too. This was one of the most random scenes, “I can’t sleep.”

Hato-kun: Make some powerful girls in anime for once. Oh god, she is singing.

Kyokai: Le sigh.


Kyokai: hurr hurr

Hato-kun: He turns on the robot with his mask, then gets electrocuted to death. Awesome. And now he’s got a collar on. Kinky.

Kyokai: Somebody should boss him around. From his expression he sure loved it. WRONG SHOW. Go to MM! now and join Sado!

Hato-kun: Lol, yeah! It seems like we don’t know much about anything. Ehh, time stopped.

Kyokai: Ugu, walking blind…

Hato-kun: Let’s just get into some bubbles and fly away guys. That’s cool, now we’re in space.

Kyokai: Cybuddy space I guess. Some alternate dimension? Who the eff knows -___-

Hato-kun: YOU’RE THE GALAXY PRETTY BOY?! Yeah dude, didn’t you read the title of the episode?

Kyokai: Lol! *falls down laughing* Bishounennnnn~ (the way he said it…!)


Kyokai: Getting some Yu-Gi-Oh GROOOVE, YO~

Hato-kun: He’s… dancing…. in his robot…

Kyokai: With his hips out… I mean come on. O.O

Hato-kun: It’s so ugly! Obviously Bones hasn’t played enough Armored Core. That was the worst explosion. Ever.

Kyokai: Yeah, it was like ‘Activate!’ and then everything fizzles out.

Hato-kun: How’d they get on a stone hand? I’M HUNGRY YO’.

Kyokai: I seriously have no idea. So RANDOM. I can’t even begin to comment on this…

Hato-kun: Better than me; I’m speechless.


Hato-kun: That makes me say, “The ad at the end of the episode. Best. Ad. Ever.”

FINAL Thoughts:

Hato-kun: Well, that was terrible. My friend had been telling me that this would be a great series and it would be one of the best this season. Well, while after seeing the episode he maintains that outlook, I for one am not impressed. While it’s still the first episode, there was pretty much NOTHING explained. Another thing that was, well, predictable, is that it was so typically anime. While some shows it works, it just did not for this show.

Sure, the animation was nice, but like I said, it doesn’t make a show. The characters are easily forgettable, their designs aren’t exactly top notch (then again, I couldn’t do better), random characters popping out from nowhere and random rules and societies coming from the abyss. While I’m sure I could come to like it if things we explained, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

Aside from that one redeeming point, I can’t find anything good to say about this show. Seriously, NOTHING. I don’t think I can even continue writing my thoughts, they are just too angry and violent. The pacing was horrible, hell, you know what? I’m going to say something I’ll never say again. I enjoyed Code Geass more than that. And I hated Code Geass. Is that an accurate enough? I hope that gauges my hate for this show. I don’t think I’ll be following this one….

Kyokai: ……………… Oh god…. Not a lot of anime make me say this unless I’ve seen one of the blatant fanservice ones but this was Borderline. TOTAL. Disappointment! I expected better from the Director of Ouran Host Club! It’s okay that it was an original animation but c’mon… Is the target market for this kids? Can’t mecha be loved by adults?! What is this—I don’t even…

I can’t call myself a mecha fan because I’ve only watched TTGL and Evangelion movies. Transformers doesn’t count of course. Even when the seiyuu cast is mind-blowing, character designs are too lean to be likeable. I mean, I feel like everyone has long necks and pointed frame of a face with bubblegum hair. It might actually look good if it’s somewhere in a show like Panty and Stockings but this was made for mainstream by BONES! 25 episodes?! Who the heck is going to watch this for so long? D:

Also, Mamoru is usually WIN~ but he and the seiyuu I already fangirled over can’t save this show for what it is. Galactic pretty boy? Pfffffffffttttttttttt!!! What is that on the mecha’s head? Cloudy fluff? Giant feather of an invisible cap? Why does it have such a weird design…? Why does Takuto goes through a lame version of Yu-Gi-Oh during transformation and struts like a drag queen? (Mind you, I liked Yu-Gi-Oh). Also, as it’s a mecha I can say it, gayness much…?

It’s written: “I am wet!” (Suits the fluff, heels, long fingers and fat thighs…) Did I say, worst mecha design EVER?!

The only thing going for this one is the overall animation of the world and background; sadly, that is the only thing that I could comment on subjectively. The OP was definitely better than ED (I have a soft spot for Aqua Timez). I can see this going towards Takuto’s quest for finding more about his grandfather and a rabu triangle with Wako and Sugata; some more Cybuddies thrown at him in opposing the secret league of Juujidan most probably. But who the heck cares?

*shoots self*

*rolls on the floor and goes into a fetal position*(I just watched Ore no Imouto too). Random thoughts aside, PUHLEEZ, I am so not watching this. Sayonara Sakamoto Maaya but your love can’t keep me here; I’m running away from this one like the wind! Honestly speaking, this is my most negative review ever at Metanorn, but I am bound by my duties to exactly tell you what to expect from this hennayatsu mecha… Now, rest is up to you to watch this or leave it. I’m sure done, Ja ne~


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37 Responses to “First Impression – Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto”

  1. Joojoobees says:


    I’m not a mecha fan, so I wasn’t going to watch this, but it sure is funny reading people’s horrified reactions!

  2. Overcooled says:


  3. Alynn says:

    I watched this, everything was so fast paced that it seemed like a last episode instead of a first…

    Didn’t like this either. D;

    • Kyokai says:

      I know that they were going for the dazzling effect but I guess they went too overboard.

  4. Mitsuki says:

    I can’t call myself a mecha fan, though I usually watch them if they ctach my eye… …and for some reason after seeing the design and guessing who did the design I just knew “ye gawds, DO NOT WANT”… guess I was right ^^”
    Thx for letting me know that I wasn’t missing anything awesome though.

  5. raionhime says:

    I liked this :’D I mean, it’s not so bad if just lol at everything :’D (And I would watch it anyways, it’s Mamoru Miyano after all :blush2: )

    So basicaly I liked this just because of Mamoru Miyano?
    Oh well..

    • Kyokai says:

      Btw, I love Mamoru Miyano. He was ace playing the psycho killer, Yagami Light, also as Kida in Drrr! and Zero in VK. I was watching this for the seiyuu cast alone. ;-;

  6. Grim says:

    I’m not the biggest mecha fan out there but I have seen my fair share and this is probably closest the worst I have ever seen. It’s easy too see who the bad guys are and I’m guessing the blue haired boyfriend will be a bad guy but I could be wrong anyway worst design ever and the pose killed me . Great blog/post of the show even if the show itself was horrid lookin forward to reading more of your stuff.

    • Kyokai says:

      Nakamaaaa~ Thanks, Grim! I’ve seen bad shows and I know why Bones actually went through with this but there’s a limit to dazzling cliche’s and colours that you can use. The dancing killed me and the designs……… :freeze2:

  7. Junko says:

    Hmm, I guess I’m going to have to disagree with everything here (This isn’t going to end well -__-;).
    I’m going to go ahead and compare this with the worst first ep I’ve ever watched, ‘Angel Beats!’. The episode was literatly, you’re dead, here’s a silent character, you can’t die, badly placed comedy, lots of sighing, and entire overview of the driving plot and motives + some god kno- I mean GirlDeMo to top it off, and show off some flashy animation. Basic, hey let’s tell the audience a shit load of info in the first ep because they’re too dumb to figure it out themselves. Considering that the rest of Angel Beats! was freaking astounding (tapping ‘Clannad’s shoulder if you will), that first episode was forgivable, and an alright set up for couple of twists in there (as to why they’re remaking the last episode, idk). Star Driver, in comparison, was a little over paced, but I do love that fact that you only get snipits of whats going on. It’s been well proven that ALOT can happen over a small space of episodes, so I dought this light touch on the story-line will continue further than the first ep. My prefference really is to first eps that do NOT give an overview, that introduce characters in their rawest, most undeveloped form, and where they characters don’t freaking the EFF out at everything that happens. The lack of whimpy/perverted/lazy main guy is more than refreshing and a none-tsundere main girl. Infact, I’ve never come across a non-ditzy, food loving, normal main girl for such a long time. I’m also going to throw in the fact that the animation for this is utter love, Miyano-sama will never fail in my eyes and oh hey, sup Lelouch. My last little note will be that THIS IS SO JAPANESE. Goddamn I love the tackyness, the uneeded glamour, and happy-go-lucky attatuide and the Gurren Lagann ‘I’m a newbie but hey, still going to kick your sorry butt’ style. All in all, this first ep complmented Bakuman, my other top for this season, soooo well. Action beside GOOD monologing, Fast paced next to an epsiode of just half a day and two sets of threes (the main character groups) to watch and compare. /TL;DR

    • Tofu says:

      I really liked the first ep of angel beats to be honest, and angel beats is one of my top anime (besides K-ON) well for star driver i made my brother watch it and he said it was bad… exactly like what hato and kyokai said in this post. so i guess i ain’t gonna watch it xD for me the worst first ep would be Seikkon No Qwaser… ><" disturbing much?

    • Kyokai says:

      @ Junko, that is all right. Everyone gets their opinion so no issues. XD For the record, I felt the same for Angel Beats and lost interest after episode two but marathon’d it later and found it really good except for the fact that like the first episode, a lot was wrong in the last episode too.

      I love tackiness, especially the Japanese tackiness (the reason I loved Gainax’s PnS and TTGL <333). I know what Bones was trying to do and even the director (who doesn't remember Tamaki's extra flowery presence in Ouran?) yet the mecha design just turned me off. Also, I love Miyano and he sure suits the role but as a first episode and first impressions, this is seriously our opinion. Subject to change with later episodes, which we might watch if we get time. ^^

      @ Tofu, My love for Angel Beats started from third episode but it was all good and the first episode of Seinkon no Qwaser sent me running in the opposite direction, though I heard loads of people liked it. XD

  8. anaaga says:

    and…and the masks..and, the, the uniforms….wtf soldier uniforms!!?? that’s a turn on, but not in this series, nu-uh.
    and their hair…THEIR HAIR…. omg i’m actually LOL-ing in real life. who did their hairs, a stylist that’s not gay??
    the mecha(s) are just FUGLY. oh raxephon, we need more mecha like u!
    *giggle* thank god i didn’t watched the anime. not even gona touch it with a ten-foot pole now. HEHE

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL! Sailor Moon male version!!! ROTFL! Good one, anaaga-chan! You just added fuel to my reason. I dunno what I was expecting but this was sure not it. XD

      • anaaga says:

        btw, did Bones do this? like, the Bones who made the awesome darker than black (not the second season!)?
        btw, is the main chara’s mecha a female? looks slutty. did he got the wrong mecha? or he’s just gay?
        gosh i just have to say those things xD

  9. Xiao says:

    That mecha….DEM HIPS!!!

    …is all I have to say.

    I won’t drop this yet mainly because I want to hear the voice cast. So far, Akira Ishida and Haruka Tomatsu topped everyone else in that department. Nuff said. <P

    • Kyokai says:

      Just because you said so, I might check out the next episode for you and Sakamoto Maaya. XD

  10. Masu says:


    • Kyokai says:

      Says the guy, who bailed on the review. You should review the next episode if you love it so much. -__-

  11. kagura89 says:

    Wow, you guys already shooting this down already???? So contrast with other blogger (Suzuku,Scamp,Shinmaru&etc.) that all over with this show

    Despite you guys seems confused with this episode,I think the direction is strong & the battle animation is gorgeous (Yutaka Nakamura ftw!). For me, this show is like a mash between RahXephon & Revolutionary Girl Utena 🙂 But again, it seems you guys aren’t type that into mecha shows so I kinda understand your reaction ^_^;;

    Also,this should not be taken seriously at all,this was about the FUN. You can’t go wrong with protagonist called himself Ginga Bishounen & piloting a mecha that looks like Three Musketeers XD KIRABOSHI~☆

    • Kyokai says:

      What would be the fun if we agree with others? XD I know a lot of mecha fans who hated this and we did comment on the flawless animation. There were definitely no glitches or budget problems. Also, we dug the fact that everything was going towards DAZZLING the audience, most probably we were not in that mood unlike when we watched PnS.

      Treat this as our first impressions, if this turns out to be good we won’t be stubborn enough to keep hating it. XD

  12. metalsnakezero says:

    I really like this first episode and expect lot of good things. I can see where you guys may not like it but still you have to say its pretty Fabulous (This is the 14th time I said this in a Star Driver related post 🙁 ).

  13. Tofu says:

    ermm…. considering the overall comment and the post i guess i wouldn’t be watching this unless someone could convince me to xD

    i’ll stick to Bakuman, MM and MSCBTC (my sister cannot be this cute) 😛

    • Kyokai says:

      You are safe Tofu-kun! I’ll definitely be watching these three and everything else. XD

  14. Jo says:

    I thought it was a pretty good first episode. So, ok they did throw at us a whole lot of info that doesn’t make sense. But who cares, it was fun!
    I marathoned Simoun last week (got addicted to the soundtrack [Toshihiko Sahashi FTW!!], so decided to watch the anime) and after watching the first episode I was like ‘what is this??!! kissing to activate the flying machine?!, too much weird terminology and info, Sibyllae what?’ but after getting past that, it ended up being a really awesome series. Great character development, action scenes, proper storyline etc etc.
    What I’m trying to say, is I think you’re being a bit too harsh on Star Driver. Give it a couple more episodes and then decided whether to drop it or not.
    Sorry for tl;dr


    • Kyokai says:

      Hehehee. tl;dr is all good here. I am at least watching another episode for sure and I know it could go on another turn. But this was a pure first impressions post. ^^

  15. Han2k says:

    i can’t remember that many mecha that i like, but gundam wing ,zoids & transformers was the only one i can remember liking & that was because there was more of a story, this anime was awful i’m not watching another episode.

    • Kyokai says:

      This just reminded me the fact that I like badass mechas. Transformers, TTGL and Evangelion, all had mean mechas, while this… I guess, I’m not ready for this FABULOUS! XD

  16. Chimney says:

    Sadly, I liked it just for the Galactic Pretty Boy transformation. I couldn’t stop laughing at how stupid it all was and I kept singing ‘I like big hips and I can’t not lie’ because of the hero’s mecha. Also, George’s mech has a piercing in a rather inappropriate place! ❓

    • Kyokai says:

      It was LOL inducing indeed; the reason I made that gif.

      Btw, you are talking about piercing? Have you watched Evangelion 2.22? The mechas got so hot for each other in the end that one had to penetrate the other. XD

  17. HH says:


  18. Fine Posting, thank you. I shared this on Facebook. But i miss a facebook like button? Bye, The Lastactionseo Girl

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