Otome Youkai Zakuro – 10

Confessions, jealousy and that masked man

Heya all, thanks very much for the comments on my first post of Otome Youkai Zakuro. Your comments and support are very encouraging for me considering its my first time trying out reviewing in such a way heheh. On another note, I somehow survived today’s grueling final exams! Yay~! Which means that I get to chill, catch up on anime/dorama and work on some writing.

Now then, considering that there’s three episodes left, I am assuming that within these last few episodes, all the mysteries and problems will be solved. To move on, we have our military boys waiting outside for the girls. Agemaki asks the obvious question of why girls take so long to get ready and Ganryu quotes the twins that men don’t realize how difficult it is for women to get dressed. When the girls arrive, Agemaki comments about the wait and as Zakuro was about to reply along the lines, “Men don’t realize…”, Agemaki cleverly dishes out the response that Ganryu gave him. As well, he smoothly adds in how Zakuro looks fantastic. Such a bishi line to pull out, I think Agemaki is finally getting his chance to reveal his awesomeness.

That elephant gave us allowance like we’re kids too

At the festivities, the group goes to greet the Ah and Un statues (guardian lions) which comes to life. The statues tease Zakuro thinking Agemaki is her boyfriend. Agemaki makes some priceless facial expressions in response to the statues.

Epic reaction, Agemaki FTW

The group decides to have a race through a maze event. Zakuro turns down Agemaki’s proposal to go together but they eventually run into each other inside. And behold! After much close up shots, holding hands, and blushing… Agemaki finally asks Zakuro if she knew how he feels about her. In response, Zakuro flees! Poor Agemaki, he’s definitely the most abused character throughout the series but we pity, admire and kyaaa at him (well, I do now hah).

Love found in the maze of my heart

As Zakuro runs away, she’s hit by a mysterious light and as for Agemaki, he makes it out of the maze and dejectedly walks past the group. We then see Rangui reporting to the masked man that she has Zakuro locked up. We see a dream of little Zakuro playing with her mother who then suddenly is engulfed by shadows. Why do dreams start out pleasant and usually ends up as nightmares? Zakuro wakes up to be greeted by the masked man accompanied by ill Byakuroku. And after a few words and no further delay, the masked man reveals his identity *drum roll*…

Cute little Zakuro, beware of the masked pedo. He’s been watching you all along

… Lt. Hanadate! Omodaka, he states is his real name (but for readers sake, I’ll stick to Hanadate). He states that he’s been waiting to be with Zakuro and to join as one. What a way to confess to the girl you want by kidnapping her and getting straight to the kinky stuff. Rejected, Hanadate has Byakuroku stand guard.

Wooah man, yo breath be stinky

As Byakuroku puts away clothes in Zakuro’s confined room, they have an argument until she has a cough fit. Zakuro lends Byakuroku her power to heal her and Byakuroku starts to show a kinder side. Meanwhile, masked Hanadate is greeted by Rangui whom he rejects for being filthy. As Byakuroku approaches, Hanadate feeling Zakuro’s power, embraces her while commenting about Zakuro being perfect for bearing his child. Wow, this guy is mentally insane, I wonder what kind of power does he have (besides creeping on little girls).

Well aren’t we all just cozy here

Back at the Spirit Affairs, the group finds out that Zakuro is being held in a unreachable place outside reality, the Village of Oracle where hanyou are born. Rangui enters Zakuro’s room, as she lets out her frustration and jealousy she strangles Zakuro. Turning into the black widow (her form seen in episode 5), Rangui goes on a blind rampage; breaking Zakuro’s chains and creating a whole in the floor for escape. I knew that woman would snap sooner or later, nobody messes with her mask fetish.

When you come between a spider woman and her prey

Zakuro jumps out from the floor to stop some guards abusing a hanyou, only to find out from Byakuroku the truth about hanyou. The village hanyou are treated like tools but females are lucky because male hanyou look like monsters. Monsters as in those little shadows that Zakuro dreamed of devouring her mother.

Run away little girl.. run away

Extra Pics:

To be honest, these are how our children will look like

Wait! Don’t leave me all alone here~!

Girls: “Ooooo rejected~”


Slide slide slippidy slide~


End Thoughts: Such beautiful animation in this episode. I was especially in awe by the scenery and the background. It helped to set up such a nice mood during certain scenes. As well, the great amount of close up shots that Agemaki and Zakuro which show different facial expressions that have such well portrayed emotion and feeling to it… so cute.

Lots of things were revealed and there wasn’t much beating around the bush to get it. I think so far this is my favorite episode because of all the events that occurred. The Ah-Un statue scene was so funny, such a clever and cool thing to turn them into real beings in a anime about spirits. Agemaki’s reaction = priceless. As for the confession scene, it was meant to happen eventually and it was well set out. I loved the BGM and the anticipation of Agemaki’s words. I guess Zakuro running away blushing is better than her flat out rejecting him haha.

As for the whole Hanadate being the masked man, Omodaka. It was a given, I literally said during his de-masking, “Seriously? He’s coming out with no delay?!” Hah, its all good considering the few episodes left. But his straight forward advance on Zakuro is quite creepy but amusing. I’m also glad that I got more hints on Zakuro’s mom, guessing she got devoured/taken by the male hanyou or it could of just still be a dream? We’ll find out soon, I’m sure.

Preview: The past, Zakuro’s mother and Handate’s  (Omodaka) relationship revealed.


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17 Responses to “Otome Youkai Zakuro – 10”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Holy crap that’s a huge spider O_O! Nice post 😀

  2. Hime says:

    HNNGGH~ the animation in this episode was probably the best I’ve seen it. Hanadate is my favorite though, he’s so damn CREEPEH!

    • Ness says:

      So is that how you like them eh? :3 Hahah j/king. Yepp, loved the animation on this one. I got me lots of extra bishi screenshots of Agemaki still.

      • Hime says:

        xD Don’t get me wrong I love Agemaki and Riken, and Ganryu for my shota fix but we don’t get to see much of Hanadate so he’s a nice change.

        He reminds me of Natori from Natsume Yuujinchou, especially with that mask on.

  3. Leah-san says:

    This episode was awesome and creepy. Nice posts btw, it seems like you have experience in blogging.

    • Ness says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I’ve blogged before but not actual episode blogging. Anyways, yeah all the mysteries/situations being present and suddenly getting solved one after the other leaves mixed feelings between the good and bad stuff that occur.

  4. Alynn says:

    I loved this episode! Agemaki’s expressions were priceless!

  5. anaaga says:

    i was pretty surprised with this episode. i didn’t expect the story to change into some serious stuff. i know since episode 1 that the masked man is hanadata and that it has something to do with mating zakuro xD, but DAMN. i didn’t know it’s this deep xD
    now i’m excited for episode 11 :3

    • Ness says:

      Yeah, I look forward to the next episode too. I expected for lots of things to get covered but not Agemaki’s confession and Hanadate’s identity back to back hah

  6. wonton jr. says:

    Great Episode! They suddenly made it more serious and epic! Haha and who didn’t guess that Hanadate was the masked man??

    • Ness says:

      They made it so obvious haha, outlined figure the same, mysterous Lt appeared etc. Now we get to learn more about Zakuro’s mama next episode, exciting :3

  7. Starry says:

    Great post. 😀 I loved your screencaps.

    Ahhh! Now I can’t wait to watch the episode myself! Poor Agemaki… D: But it’s ok, we’ll forgive Zakuro cos she’s a tsundere and that’s how tsuderes work, won’t we? Hahas. ^^

    I hope that they will show some Agemaki and the other human’s awesomeness. So far, they seem pretty… weak compared to the others. Come on! Give me some decent action scenes by the guys!

    • Ness says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I noticed that through the series that the humans don’t get much fighting action except for Riken who stood a good chance against Daidai. Maybe Agemaki will fight Hanadate haha

  8. Dan-go says:

    Who wants to place a bet on the black widow being zakuros mom/relation? also…HANADATE GET URE FILTHY PAWS OFF AGEMAKIS GIRL

    • Dan-go says:

      i’d say the hanyou turned her INTO the black widow

      • Ness says:

        At first I was thinking that the black window could be Zakuro’s mother, but I dunno… we’ll see! hahah.

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