Otome Youkai Zakuro – 09

Fortune telling for dummies…

Hey hey, this is Ness and I’m one of the so called new blood of Metanorn. You can find me sometimes lurking around the chatbox with sassy and for those of you who don’t know me.. well you can find my profile in the Team section of the site. Anyways, I’ll be covering Otome Youkai Zakuro and various other things you’ll soon find out about.

Now then a recap on the last eight episodes: You can find that there’s already a first impression review by Kyokai and Overcooled. The following episodes focus on the relationship between the girls, their pasts and how they start to work with their partners from the military. In episode three we learn that hanyou (half spirits) come into being from village girls being spirited away and returning pregnant. As well, that Zakuro’s mother was spirited away once, returning with Zakuro in her belly and was spirited away a second time to never return. Eventually the antagonists make their way into the series as cloaked figures working in the shadows causing trouble aimed towards Zakuro.

Back when we were kids, we’d choke animals and play with snakes

Episodes three to five deals with the the hanyou girls and the military guys relationships becoming closer. We find out that Susukihotaru’s power is that she’s able to read the minds of people by feeling their emotions and that of items. Following that, in episode six we learn that the powers of the twins is flower power! Well to be precise, they can control petals magically and by singing, the power is activated. I guess now we know why the girls sing during battle, hah! As well, we get another clue that contributes to the main story, one of the enemies as she’s supposedly dying mentions Zakuro’s mother and that she’ll soon find the truth about her and herself. This kind of makes me think that maybe Zakuro’s mother is bad or something, but that’s is just a guess.

You don’t mess with my peeps~!

Episode seven deals with Agemaki’s past and family. Zakuro reluctantly accompanies him as his ‘assistant’ and finds out the reason behind his fear of spirits. In episode eight the antagonists and some hints to their motives is finally revealed. After Agemaki and Susukihotaru are kidnapped by the two cloaked figures from episode six, they reveal themselves as hanyous named Byakuroku and Daidai. They kidnapped the two with orders from Rangui (the enemy from episode six that was supposedly dying) to lure in Zakuro… which of course works. A battle occurs between the two hanyou sisters vs Zakuro and Riken. Zakuro defeats Byakuroku but Rangui shows up and disappears with the sisters. We find that Byakuorku is being used by Rangui in order to protect her weak sister. Also the fact that Zakuro is somewhat special compared to the other hanyous.

The antagonists fully revealed in episode eight

Episode nine begins at breakfast with Zakuro staring at Agemaki’s cup of milk. During the series it was established that Zakuro finds it strange to drink something from cows. I don’t understand why you’d dislike drinking something from cows when your beef comes from them too. But anyways, Zakuro decides to give it another shot and after one sip she falls over screaming how sweet it is and that an image of a cow is spinning around in her head. Mmm when I drink milk, I think of uhhh cake!

After breakfast, the three tanuki servants are gossiping about the relationships between Zakuro x Agemaki x Susukihotaru x Riken x Zakuro. Is that what we call a love-square? The twins show up with a solution to finding out the truth, a new fad for human girls called kokkuri. Meanwhile, Lt. Hanadate (appeared near the end of episode two) arrives with a request for the Spirit Affairs concerning kokkuri, which he explains to be a game where questions of a romantic nature are answered. The concern relates to that whenever kokkuri is performed, a spirit appears but disappears after a while not harming anyone.

Let’s ignore Agemaki. Taa-taa my honey, see you again~

The twins suggest that they try out kokkuri as part of their ‘investigation’. But I’m sure we can tell that they have other motives. Anyways, on with the kokkuri performance, a fox looking pokemon is summoned from the kokkuri table but Zakuro explains its not a spirit but “a visualization of the feelings of humans, who believed it to be kokkuri’s appearance.” My visualization of the fortune teller who’ll answer my love interests would probably be one of those magic eight balls, simple with no expectations or problems.

“Kokkuri-san, kokkuri-san, please answer our question. Who is Agemaki-san in a relationshop with?”
Zakuro: Huuhhhh?!!

Zakuro yells at them to stop but one of the tanuki’s stop her by simply stomping on her. Effective yet life risking way to subdue a friend, well maybe not life risking if you’re a hanyou. The kokkuri didn’t answer the question asked so they tried again by rephrasing the question to…

Zakuro: Nooooo!~ Don’t ask the question!!
“Kokkuri-san, kokkuri-san, who is Agemaki-san in love with?”

The kokkuri reacts to the question but before anything else happens, Zakuro somehow throws the tanuki off of her and jumps at the kokkuri only to get repelled to the ground causing it to escape. After chasing the kokkuri, Zakuro with her backup singers attempt to stop it. I don’t see the other girls using their twigs, so whats the use of singing? Motivation for Zakuro! Fight-oh!! Unfortunately to no avail, the kokkuri escapes.

I got me my backup singers and now to kick your butt with a twig!

In the evening, Lt. Hanadate meets up with the Spirit Affairs. Amaryoju (the elephant who seems to be higher up than Kishimatsu and is always seen drinking tea with his trunk to hold the cup) suggests that they make love bloom which will cause the kokkuri to pass on. Hanadate firmly insists on joining in on the task and heads out with the group. Of course he joins in with the Zakuro and Agemaki pair. I think the love-square (mentioned previously) is now a love-pentagon.

Meanwhile… Twins: “Lets start a relationship ^_^”. Ganryu: “How can three people be in a relationship?! x_X;”

While looking for the kokkuri, Zakuro and Hanadate chat away with Agemaki dragging behind like a third wheel. Agemaki tries to butt in, only to be interrupted by screaming girls. When they find the kokkuri, Agemaki volunteers to do the task but as he is about to confess his love, Zakuro arm locks him not wanting to hear a false confession. Which I don’t see a reason for her to make a big deal about when she was oogling over Hanadate earlier. Its just part of the job yo.~

Can’t… breath… x_x

The kokkuri ignores the pair and rushes toward Hanadate who then proclaims his love for Zakuro; who then does so in return to cause the kokkuri to depart. Oh this sneaky guy, I thought he was being a bit too quiet not having any close ups ’till now. Zakuro thanks Hanadate for his help in ‘lying’ but Hanadate admits that he’s a bad liar. Such sly words, Agemaki should learn a few things from him.

Agemaki: If I stare off in the distance alone, maybe they’ll finally notice me

Later that night the three tanukis argue with Zakuro asking for a straight answer on her love preference. Hanadate or Agemaki?! Hmm that’s a hard one, do you prefer the mysterious yet serious type or the cool bishi who is actually a wuss deep down?

Don’t you be touching my man, you imposter!

To end the episode, we get a scene of Rangui clinging to a man, commenting how he’s a ‘good liar’ and such. The man pushes her off to walk out from behind the screen and we see that he’s the masked man from the opening song. I saw that coming, did you?

Mmmm… kinky. I love a man in a mask

Extra pics from episodes 2-9:

Mamezo x Agemaki

What happens if I cross the line?

Zakuro: “Give me a hand!” Agemaki: *Claps and starts to sing* “Bravo, bravo, bravo–!”

Pssst… I think he’s checking us out. Who needs those twins when you can have us triplets

Awww, my very own pet… Susukihotachu, I choose you!

End Thoughts: First off, I don’t have any attachments to this anime. There is a good amount of action and comedy mixed up into the series but the main story feels somewhat obvious and slow. As well, some of the turnout in events feel predictable. For example, I can figure out who the masked man is from the opening song by the second episode. Nevertheless, I find that the character development is well laid out. There’s a range of different types from the tsundere main character to a charming bishounen who is actually a wuss behind that sparkly mask. The quick change in Agemaki’s face from sparkly to scared is very funny. As well, Zakuro’s evil glares at poor Agemaki and then cute love struck awe at Hanadate are amusing to see. The relationships of the characters have progressed but isn’t quite there yet. Agemaki and Zakuro have their moments, but other people or their shyness gets into the way. I think Susukihotaru and Riken’s relationship has progressed further than them. As for the twins and Ganryu, no comment.

As for episode nine, it felt more like a filler with a touch of Agemaki x Zakuro closeness. But then Hanadate intrudes in and we get that mysterious masked man appearance. I guess we can now hope that the story is finally going to progress. Three more episodes! You can do it Agemaki, man up and show them everyone your hawt coolness. On another note, I also look forward to finding out what’s the deal with Zakuro’s mother being mentioned.

Preview: The Spirit Affair group gets to enjoy the festivities. Though the masked man is up to no good.


Self-proclaimed Graphic Artist and the trap of Metanorn... or is Ness really a trap?! We can only guess. Lazy on some days but outgoing on most. You'll find this individual to be easy going and open minded.
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27 Responses to “Otome Youkai Zakuro – 09”

  1. sassy says:

    Good job on your first post 🙂

    I will probably not be watching this series, so keep me updated, slave.

    • Ness says:

      Thanks, you’re a slave too btw~ It took a few but I’m sure after doing more posts I’ll get a better hang of episodic reviewing :3

  2. Alynn says:

    I love this anime. The interactions between Zakuro and Agemaki are hilarious. xD

  3. bakuhasu says:

    Ness covering Otome Youkai Zakuro faints* thanks for doing me a favor in covering a NAKAHARA MAI ANIME AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~! No seriously… I can tell where the faults are but, Zakuro is just that type of anime. Nothing new to the table, but is able to use old elements we use to love and hate and just make them surprisingly entertaining. Again I am a character person and I watch it for Agemaki and Zakuro, and amongst alot of things namely the seiyuu cast. Also Nakahara Mai and Tsundere is a huge plus!

    • Ness says:

      Yeah, I thought of you a few times when writing the review haha. I agree with you, I’m mainly sticking with it for the two characters entertainment. I also really like the animation art, though I find the rosy cheeks a bit distracting, the design isn’t all that bad.

  4. Nayu says:

    I adore the twins. They’re just so cute~ And I love their power, flowers ftw !

    This anime does have its issues, but I really like it for what it is. I really, really wonder HOW they’re going to end it since we only got a real idea of the plot recently and there are only three episodes left (I haven’t watched the latest one though).

    • Ness says:

      Yeah, three more episodes to go! They still have to cover the masked man, the mystery behind Zakuro and her mother. As well, the love relationships heheh. Hope they can get it all through within that time 😡

      • Nayu says:

        The only way they could pull it off would be by making a second season. But that’s really improbable so. . . We’re in for a rushed ending 🙁

  5. Dan-go says:

    SHIP FESST, i love how you picked this up, 2nd favourate of the new posters :DD:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  6. wonton jr. says:

    I love the song they almost always sing when Zakuro sings. I need to find it, it’s beautiful XD.

    While this show is pretty cute and stuff, it suffers from a lot of romantic cliche for me. -_____- Well, anyways congratulations on your first post!

    • Dan-go says:

      It’s a joy to watch, an anime that’s NOT trying to be all adventurous and different, just an easy to watch, predictable plotline with lovable characters

    • Ness says:

      I really like the song too! But its funny in ep2 when Agemaki tried to sing it when Zakuro was asking for support against the woman+child eating monster hahah :3

      Thanks for the congrats~ :3

  7. wonton jr. says:

    Haha it certainly does have lovable characters ( Hozuki and Bonbori are the best!!)

    Yup, even if it does have cliches, it’s a nice anime to watch when you’re bored

  8. Overcooled says:

    …I think we all know how I feel about this show based on my first impression of it with Kyokai XDDD STILL, Nice post there, Miss Trap~

  9. Junko says:

    Nice to see someone covering Zakuro. I’ve been watching it, despite not being the most amazing thing out there (hey, I’ve been watching MM! too, despite it being the worst thing I’ve ever seen..).

    To be honest, I think the only reason I watch this is because of Agemaki. I’m pretty tired of perfect pretty boy characters, and prefer types like himself and the slightly better (actually, alot) Souh Tamaki from Ouran. Also, I like yukata maids..

    • Ness says:

      I know what you mean, I think lots of people are watching it because of the two main characters now. Yeah, Agemaki breaks the whole bishi appearance on us with his personality.. which actually helps the show.

  10. Kyokai says:

    Damn you, I want to catch up to Zakuro now and don’t undersell it; it’s actually a very decent anime.

    Also, Welcome to the team~

  11. Leah-san says:

    Nice post there~
    Gonna keep up with your posts, I guess, since OYZ is my favourite show of the season <3

  12. Hime says:

    The artwork in this show is just ffffff~ So gorgeous <3

    I've dropped Zakuro so I'll rely on your posts to let me know what I've been missing 😉

  13. anaaga says:

    ZAKURO IN METANORN!!??? metanorn is officially my heaven <3

    all it needs is more yaoi

    • Ness says:

      This place is your heaven now huh? Does that make us Metanorn staff uhh angels?<_<;

  14. Foshizzel says:

    More cute girls omg..those twins!

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