2010 Year-Ender – Main Male Character

Eighth in line: Main Male Character nominations for 2010~

Yes, the time has come for the main categories. I know some of you have been waiting quite eagerly for them. One of them is anaaga-chan, who has been as jubilant over the lists, like how I am while making them. My goal is to at least schedule the remaining three every day so that I can close the polls by 31st December and reveal the results on New Year’s.

Update: I have covered the following till now.

  1. 2010 Year-Ender – Anime OPs
  2. 2010 Year-Ender – Anime EDs
  3. 2010 Year-Ender – Male Seiyuu
  4. 2010 Year-Ender – Female Seiyuu
  5. 2010 Year-Ender – Supporting Male Character
  6. 2010 Year-Ender – Supporting Female Characters
  7. 2010 Year-Ender – Villainous Character

Keep VOTING! If you missed these categories because polls are still open in their respective posts. Follow the links!

Oh man, this was HARD!!! You don’t know how much I went back and forth to make this list! So, there’s going to be 17 rather than 16 nominations because whatever I did, it just did not make sense and leaving any of the below seemed like blasphemy.  >.<’’ Anyway, this was made in a hurry so I’ll proofread this tomorrow. Don’t even ask me about Vids… Just enjoy voting!

1. Shizuo – Durarara!!

Let me first just say that finding solo pictures of Shizu-chan was a PAIN. So much Shizaya going on… *A*Ahem. But, I can write a full article on him off the bat, I like him that much. Sue me but yeah, he’s on the top of my list while the rest are in no particular order. So, you would think that the blonde guy, who is most probably a butler and wears out of fashion shades, is just another dude on the street. OH, SO WRONG YOU ARE! He can flip you in air with one move if he wants to. My advice to you, stay the hell away or keep him happy because he’s too awesome for his own good and has a very nano-second fuse. In all possibilities do not anger him or else….

2. Mikado – Durarara!!

There are people I know who dislike him but I would go for the contrary rather, not only because he’s the mastermind behind Dollars but there’s something very innocently honest in him that is not present in any other protagonists of this series. He only thinks about the good of others and I can’t wait to see him grow into a stronger man in the next season (Brains Base, goddamn you, announce already!). Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read the light novel summaries of so many volumes that are filled with awesomeness.

3. Kida – Durarara!!

The happy-go-lucky humourist, who is the life of any party. His overly friendly nature and jubilation is what Mikado lacks. He says anything without thinking a lot on it and can poke fun at anything. You can’t really tell from his smile how many skeletons he has in his closet but he’s a man who looked straight at his faults and faced them head-on.

4. Otonashi – Angel Beats!

The guy who overcame all. He’s a perfect main lead who is there to save, rescue and salvage people from problems and internal turmoil. The beacon light without which AB! would not have been such a great series. Another Tomoya in making if this ever gets a decent season two with the original cast.

5. Shichika – Katanagatari

I always loved how Shichika grew as a person starting from episode one. On every step he learned a new lesson and at the last one, the most painful of all. That last episode made for every slow moment of the series because it was more than EPIC WIN. He went to something even beyond BAMF and he sure deserves all the accolades that you would throw at him.

6. Ric – Arakawa Under the Bridge/ x Bridge

One of the funniest heroes of this season. Not because he’s doing something funny himself, well he does but his classic reaction to the random stuff that keeps on happening around the Bridge residents is what makes him downright hilarious!

7. Usui – Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Because he is awesome and knows everything. I mean it when I say it. I also have the hots for his megane look. He and Misaki makes Kaichou wa Maid-sama! watchable when J.C. Staff completely raped it. Switch to manga people, it’s so better.

8. Mashiro & Takagi – Bakuman

They are inseparable and the reason for a join nomination. How will they ever make a good manga solo, huh? In other words, they complete each other. Please fangirls, don’t even go to the yaoi level. I have seen enough already while searching for pics today… >.>

9. Ciel-Sebastian & Alois-Claude – Kuroshitsuji II

Again,  pair of inseparable duo, who have to be mentioned together.

  • The Lord and the butler chanting, “Yes, my Lordo~”. The perfect match of OD and Maaya. And no, it’s not yaoi. There’s a limit to that though I would still say, Ciel is the best shouta created ever and who else could be an awesome butler other than Sebastian?
  • It would be bad of me if I don’t mention these two as well because they did significantly even when they were introduced in the second season and were not part of the original cast. Takahiro and Nana gave life to this evil pair, who everyone loved to hate. Yes, your highness!

10. Kuranosuke – Kuragehime

Oh god, how many times will I say, I love this guy, but I do. Didn’t I say, this was very hard to decide on? Kuranosuke is everything else and then some of whatever is expected from a main lead. He’s delicate, cross dresses and has girly features. YET, his masculinity shines through and there is no mistaking in his feelings for Tsukimi. He is a Prince disguised as Princess and hell yeah, we LOVE IT!

11. Kyousuke – OreImo

I LOVE THIS GUY. Call me repetitive but I wish I had a dependable brother like him. He’s so great that he accepts all weird finickiness of his sister, who’s a total bitch to him. His deadpan looks are the best and same for his monotonous voice that only shows emotion when he’s angry or nerved out. Another season? Yes please!

12. Date & Yukimura – Sengoku Basara Ni

OK, these two are made for each other. I mean it. There’s so much innuendo in Sengoku that you just fall over and still keep laughing. A techno version of Samurai era with Date throwing his awesome Engrish. Also, those high tension lines by Yukimura who’s adrenaline level seems to always talk to sky. I want that movie so: Party o ware ne~

13. Natsuno, Toshio and Seishin – Shiki

The glittering crux of Shiki. The men with responsibility. Is this another version of Toshio and Seishin trying to rape Natsuno? Uhh, no. Though, these three deserve all the applause for surviving/ploughing their way through the whole vampire epidemic. Though Natsuno’s been turned and seems like Seishin is on his way. The last episode is still a few days away, still the trio deserves to be upped on the main slot.

14. Tatsumi – Giant Killing

Another perfect main protagonist, who pulled the full series on his shoulders. He is the genius coach who turns a losing team ETU to a winner with his eccentric training and strategies. Yep, he deserves all the praise.

15. Watashi – Tatami Galaxy

You really don’t know his name even till the end so the Watashi (“I”) would stick around. He’s the main lead whose life is turned upside down with a never ending loop of events that go from bad to worse. It’s how he copes with them is what makes it interesting for the watchers. Also, someone should give a medal to Shintaro for speaking so fast!

16. Yakumo – Psychic Detective Yakumo

He needs MOAR love. Look at his bishiness!!! He deserves fangirling. Not to mention the fact that he solves crimes with his special power of seeing and talking to supernatural beings. Not a very original idea per se but OD makes this character alive and manga/light novels are awesome. So, boo! I like him!

17. Ginga bishounen! Takuto – Start Driver

He is FABULOUS~ Who would have gone through that transformation and had an ounce of manliness left but seems like our Takuto can do it so APPRIVOISE!

Honourable Mentions:

  • Harem boys: Junichi from Amagami SS, Keima from TWGOK and Touma from Index II. They were good at their own right but you can already see how hard the categories were so well, be just be happy to get acknowledgement.
  • Zess, Hodr and Rygart from Break Blade. The second movie really upped the ante from the first. I can actually bother now to watch and complete this.
  • Takashi from HOTD. He and Saeko were the only reason for me to keep watching this zombie-fest.
  • Taro from MM! So what if he’s a big M. He had his good moments.
  • Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile Finale. One of my all time favourite shoujos though even when it had its pitfalls.
  • Fumiaki from Occult Academy. He made up for all the slowness in the last episode. Good one, guy!
  • Ryoushi from Ookami-san because he sure grew well.
  • All the hot main bishies of UraBoku, Togainu no Chi and Hakuouki Hekketsuroku. Because it needs to be mentioned for the fangirls. Kya~
  • Kei and Riken from Otome Youkai Zakuro. If only the females didn’t dominate them so thoroughly. xD


Yeah, difficult task ahead… So, show your support for your favourite Main Male Character of 2010. Like all previous categories, you can vote up to SEVEN (7) choices! So, let us know which of the nominees you voted for and why? Till next time, Ja ne~ ^^



The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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27 Responses to “2010 Year-Ender – Main Male Character”

  1. Hoshi says:

    I’m like totally spazzing as I’m reading this post. TOO MANY AMAZING MEN THIS YEAR *A*


    Mikado needs more love~!! He was one of my top favorites from DRRR! actually, even though he got buried by my love for Izaya and Shinra(BTW that picture you picked for Mikado IS AMAZING).

    I’d also like to say, I don’t like the Takagi/Mashiro couple either. It kinda annoys me. FOR ONCE in an anime, I’m actually seeing these guys as amazing best friends rather than some secret couple. Plus they have girlfriends! It makes it awkward hahaha XD

  2. Xiao says:

    This is…hard. ^^;

    And so many gorgeous male characters to choose from! You’re a sadist, you are! lol xDDD;;;

    But hmm…strangely enough, I can only choose 3 out of all of them whom I thought was satisfactory as a male lead.
    Pfft, DRRR!! especially since everybody seems to be main and supporting characters at the same time. But ah, can only choose my Mikapuu out of the three since he had the most involvement of the plot out of three.
    And I second the second season announcement already. I WANT EVERYONE’S LOVE FOR BOSSKADO! RAWR OUT LOUDRRR!!!!! >8O

    Erm…Otonashi, I guess…FOR BEING SANE! haha xD;
    I really did love his character, though, and wished the anime could’ve done better to do his personality justice. For all the characters, in fact. Hmm. :/

    Finally, Saikou and Shujin. Self-explanatory.

    Female leads up next? *eager* 83

  3. Overcooled says:


    Top picks: Shichika, Kida, Shizuo, the Bakuman duo, the Sengoku duo, and the Shiki trio.

    …I already have a stash of pictures of half of these characters. XD But it’s so true, the first thing you find is YAOI YAOI YAOI, even if you’re just looking up one character.

  4. Mimiko ♥ says:

    As much as I love Shizuo and I’m sure everyone will kill me when I say this but… he’s a side character. How come he is main? If that so, isn’t Izaya as much as main character as well? .___.
    (I was going to mention this as well in the side character list)

    On a side note: got to say Durarara dominate in the best characters list this year for sure XD!

    • amado says:

      your right, a better title would be: “best protagonist or hero”

    • Kyokai says:

      You asked for it. xD
      Shizuo is not a side character, if you check MAL. Also, he was as important as any of the main leads – you can even compare it with others on this page. Also, Izaya already got his nomination in the villainous role, I can’t give him two chances to be awesome. >.>

      The biggest point though, Durarara!! is just too awesome with amazing character line-up. It’s just hard to give out maximum love.

      • Mimiko ♥ says:

        I don’t trust MAL, besides Shizuo did stood as side character once but went back again as main on MAL so I don’t really trust it. And I understand on Izaya’s point. He would definitely pwnd this chart as well somehow <.<'

        Shizuo is an important character but not as a main lead to me. He more or less a character that is just there. True he does have many important key role in the series. But I felt most of the time he was just there, pwned and throw anything and everyone that stands in his way, and chasing Izaya and I can go on. Even if he stands as "main" his role is more like a side character. Of course all this is what I see and felt so I can understand that for most people that Shizuo is main.

  5. Nayu says:

    So many awesome male leads to chose from. . . I voted for Mikado, Shizuo, Kida, Kuranosuke, Kyousuke and Otonashi. I actually wanted to vote for Saiko and Shuujin as well but I accidentally clicked on the “vote” button before I could chose them (noooooooooooo! D:).

  6. Junko says:

    However, Otanashi took his spot for that goddamn beautiful scene right smack at the end of Angel Beats! with Tenshi <3
    Shichika will always have a special place with me for just being plain win.
    Kuanosuke you wonderful wonderful trap, we need to go shopping and GODDAMNIT BTSSB, DAT DRESS
    YUUUUKIIIMUUUURRAAAAAAAA and his badass friend Date. Sengoku was full of beautiful men, but ofcourse, the mains were tops. ‘LET’s PARTY!’
    Mashiro and Takagi are our winning combo, however, these guys are just the best to read and watch.
    Where’s my Yakumo love!?!
    And ‘It’s a pinch!’ with the gingabishounen! Chin up Takuto, ilu! Kiraboshi!!

  7. wonton jr. says:

    OH my god! why so many great choices, you’re trying to torture us by making us pick between all of them >3<

    First is shizuo just because of him and his smexy vending machine
    2nd is otonashi cuz of that awesome picture you put of him XD
    3rd is mikado and his MOUSE CLICKS OF FIRE
    4th shiki trio – mostly cuz of how bad ass they are
    5th is Kuranosuke , hey he's a good lookin trap
    6th is kida because of his lame yet awesome pick up lines
    And last but not least the pretty galatic boy, takuto!

  8. Starburst-chan says:

    My vOte goes to Usui and Otonashi because they both took my heart away…
    @Hoshi Usui does look substantially better in the manga

  9. Elyon says:

    I voted for the Natsuno, Toshio and Seishin trio….but mainly because I love Natsuno and Toshio so much XD I’m kinda indifferent about Seishin.

  10. Tofu says:

    My top 7’s are~~~~ ^^

    # Shizuo – Durarara!! (WOOT!!! His even winning too!!)
    # Mikado – Durarara!! (Anyone from Drrr! Should be picked… No exceptions)
    # Kida – Durarara!! (The playboy cupid and the leader of the yelloe gang, is one awesome dude)
    # Otonashi – Angel Beats! (OTANASHI!!!!!)
    # Kyousuke – OreImo (Although I’m a guy I’ll say his one of the best big brothers around, who will do anything for his younger siblings even destroying his moral)
    # Tatsumi – Giant Killing (Soccer~~~!)
    # Mashiro & Takagi – Bakuman (In season 2 they will not be appearing anymore, news from ANN that in season 2, the new protagonists will be me (Tofu) and Anaaga making a yaoi manga!!!) xD

  11. amado says:

    again only the guys that I watched(except for shiki) are the ones I voted.
    durarara cast – they’re all awesome particularly mikado, I cant wait to see how they can make him as cool and frightening as the one in the novels…
    yuzuru from angel beats – didnt actually do much but I did like how he has a good heart and tried to save everyone, plus the ending…
    ric – the only normal guy who makes the jokes much more funny, and he also has some moments of understanding people.
    cast of shiki – they have taken sides and each of them are noble in their own ways.
    takuto – mostly there just so I can vote for 7 but he has a good harem growing.

  12. Amutofan123 says:

    This killed me. I had such a hard time. I mean, I had a really really hard time.

    Well, here are my votes:

    Sebby & Ciel

    All I have to say is this: KYAAAA!!!! SHIZU-CHAN!!!! <333

  13. Kushi says:

    O_O # 10’s a guy?!?!
    ummm… Shizuo and Usui definitely. I know the director for Drarara!! tends to use a cast of strong characters but idk, making multiple chracters from the same sereies seems kinda unfair–but then limiting it to one character’s unfair too!! >_<
    oh and Will(is it still you? idk i'm so far behind right now =_=;) good job with the snow flakes. i likes ^_^

  14. ichigopockysticks says:

    I can’t do it. I can’t pick just i got it down to 11 but this is way to hard …

  15. Foshizzel says:

    Wooot another great selection! 😀

    Course all the guys from Durarara! awesome stuff there.

    Ric from Arakawa! even thou I just recently started season one, yes I know slackerrrr! but its fun I can see why people like it.

    And of course Takuto from SD! even thou I always sigh at the over the top glitter transformation! He is a interesting character outside his Mecha.

  16. anaaga says:

    this is hard…ok here goes:

    1) Mikado –> to be honest, I don’t really like him in the anime. Why? Because he’s still normal in it. The novel really saved him. When I read it until volume 7, he did so many SO MANY things later on that can make person go “OMFG HE CAN ACTUALLY DO THAT SHIT!?” or “OMFG HE’S LIKE THE CRUELEST PERSON EVER!!!” or even “IZAYA GOT PAWNED!!!!” yes, he’s actually as cunning as izaya. but he can cover it REALLY WELL.

    2) Shichika –> i’m really impressed by this guy. his character developed slowly, but really well. and then BAM! in the last episode, he’s fuckin awesome.

    3) kuroshitsuji characters –> THERE’S SHOTA. AND HINT OF YAOI. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK? xD actually, i really like alois. i thought he was just some stupid bitch, but i changed my mind later on. i have a whole new respect for him at the last episode. he’s so cunning and smart. but ofc my fav butler is still sebastian my Mr. Right. he’s perfect. loyal, friendly, rational, etc. seriously, if he’s not 2D, i’m probably with him right now in a jallyfish island

    5)natsuno, toshio, and seishin –> i like them because they’re, well, awesome 😀 but natsuno is the best one i love him. i really really do. he start as a plain but condifent character, but hs character is really developed. he’s now better. and weird like others too xD

    7) Kuranosuke –> he’s sweet. and pretty. sometimes he makes me feel like a lesbian xD

    • Namika says:

      Where is Shizuo? O.O
      I don’t see the awesomest of awesome bartenders in your list! *_*

      • anaaga says:

        OMG! I FORGOT NUMBER 6! thanks nami for reminding me! ur my hero!

        6) Shizuo –> he’s hot. all right, that’s not the only reason xD he’s strong too, but he’s pretty violen and is really hot-headed. but when he’s fond of someone, he’ll actually take care of that someone and protect that someone *hint: read the novel!* it’s not in the anime too, but OMG his picture with VORONA!!! <3
        oh, and he's sexy with his bartender suit omnomnomnom

        • Namika says:

          You can always count on me, Anaa-chan ^3^
          And yes, he’s a pure WIN character! *hearts*

  17. Yuzu says:

    DRRR had pretty awesome charas.. no wonder they got all the votes. Although yes, Kida is cool.
    Sympathy for Watashi, he doesn’t get votes.. A lot of ppl are turned off the style of Tatami Galaxy. ((once again trying to spread the love xDD shameless plugging))
    and Kuranosuke. So pretty. So cute. xD ahhhh the crossdressing prince(ss).

  18. Miyu says:

    This was hard! >w<

    •Shizu-chan – Because Drrr! wouldn't have been that awesome without him.

    •Mikado – Awesome founder of Dollarrrrs. Not my favourite character in Drrr!, but he was decent enough, I guess. I mean, he must be pretty genius to come up with the idea righttt.

    •Kida-kun – My favourite char in Drrr! He's so cute and dimply and his personality is so charmingggg. Gosh I wish he existed in RL. Oh and I like his hair too (random)

    •Otonashi – He developed lots throughout the whole season and eventually became lovable at the end with his awesome scene with Tenshi T_T

    •Ric – SO PRICELESS. He went from I-CANNOT-OWE-ANYONE-ANYTHING to Nino-chan is number one~ He's provided lots of humor in the series 8D

    •Usui – I would be glad if he stalked me, honestly. MY FAVOURITE ADORABLEHOTSMEXY SU-TO-KA in the world!♥

    •Sebby/Ciel – Awesome duo, even though I wish Ciel was a girl (I don't really fancy BL that much…) Mesmerizing Sebby + adorable Ciel = epic win. (Y)

  19. Namika says:

    *O* OMG…….I will sue you, Kyokai! T___T It was so hard….. Getting over the fangirling seizure…. and choosing!!!! T.T But the first place is definitely taken by Shuzzy-chan~… I just LOVE him! I love that character so much, that I can’t stand it ><" O______O The closest to him is Sebastian(another OD character :3) and well, Ciel, I guess LOL I just can't help my fangirling right now, kyaaaa~ Yes, my lord. *faints*
    Okay…. Now I’ll try to be more adequate…. Kyousuke is a model of an older brother. He’s a perfect O’nii-san I’ve always dreamed about T___T
    Takagi and Akito! The greatest pair of all times! ^___^ I just can’t get enough of Bakuman enthusiasm injections!!! *______*
    Usui is an absolutely perfect model of a guy, in my opinion. A perfect guy, whom is an absolute impossibility. But I like him O_O and especially how he looks in glasses….. I’m an absolute sucker for guys in glasses!…… O_O
    Seishin and Natsuno are my most fav characters in Shiki(after Tatsumi-san). Though sometimes both of them irritate me….but I still like them so much *____* A distant, cold and (seemingly) emotionless asshole Natsuno and a gentle, kind, depressed and fluffy junior monk Seishin. Kawaii~
    The last vote goes to Kuranosuke ^^ For bearing that adorable idiot LOL no, wait…. 2 adorable idiots! He may be the youngestcharacter in the series, but leaves the impression of the most mature one. T___T Poor thing….
    Too bad that there were only 7 votes allowed, but there are 3 characters that I liked very much as well. Kida and Mikado from Durarara and Yakumo-kun.
    And thank you for reading my long-ass comment! ^^

  20. baka_girl says:

    Okay it’s VERY hard to choose 7!
    Anyway here’s my vote:
    – Shizuo (Durarara!!) -> I don’t really like him at first, but as the story progress I start to like him and now I LOVE him! Not as much as Kida though :p
    – Kida (Durarara!!) -> He’s just awesome, and Miyano Mamoru really did a good job voicing him! Really want to see what happened to him & Saki 😀
    – Otonashi (Angel Beats!) -> Hiroshi Kamiya, that’s the main reason I like him :))
    – Ric (ArakawaUB) -> He’s just… to hilarious! Not to mention, this one is another masterpiece from Kamiyan :p
    – Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-sama) -> Well, like others already said, Usui in anime isn’t as great as Usui in manga. So, read the manga! And you’ll love him Only vote for this because of Natsuno 😀
    – Yakumo (Psychic Detective Yakumo) -> Another cool guy, his red eye really like icing on a cake :p

    Too bad I can’t vote for Zess & Rygart, but at least they’re on Honourable Mentions 🙂
    And Kyokai-san, don’t forget to add Uraboku guys! At least on Honourable Mention =D

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