2010 Year-Ender: Supporting Male Character

Fifth in line: Supporting Male Character nominations for 2010~

*Add appropriate unintelligible noise here*~ Because my throat hurts… >.<’’ This all happened because I had a singing binge with my buddies and then ended up on two podcasts this weekend; not to mention loads of presentations that I had to lead since Monday… So, basically my throat literally feels like jelly. Ugh… Anyway, before starting off, let me reiterate that all my nominations are from titles that began airing in the year of 2010; therefore, the ones that started last year and finished in 2010 does not count (like, how I had to let go of my beloved FMA: Brotherhood because it started airing in 2009). For an update, I have covered the following:

Before getting to the main and popular categories, let us first consider the characters that make our main protagonists’ life easier by helping them achieve their goals directly/indirectly. These are not specifically sidekicks because in some stories they are as important as the main protagonists. Again, the list is not in any particular order. Here we go:

1. Hinata – Angel Beats! He’s the happy-go-lucky guy, who makes it all seem so easy for Otanashi, when it’s not. He’s almost ready for anything and got his friends’ backs (getting him hurt, oh so many times!); not to mention what he did for Yui. One of the best scenes in Angel Beats! and I’m not going to spoil it for you.

2. Hoshi – Arakawa Under the Bridge /x Bridge

I love this character so much! HOSHIIIIIIIIIIIII. He’s a very persevering man, stooping to many levels to get the girl he likes. He keeps on trying even if his heart aches every time he sees Ric and Nino together and knows for a fact that he has no chance. Part of the Arakawa support team, give him some love! Who knew Amazonness would hear me so soon…

3. Sister – Arakawa Under the Bridge /x Bridge

SUCH MANLINESS! Even in a habit. Who can pull that off? Our very own SISTER! A covert operative, who still has battle scars. He is the one who will devise plans for defending the Bridge-residents. He can do almost anything but fails miserably in front of the woman he has lost his heart to. Part of the Arakawa support team, salute this guy for bearing through so much!

4. Chief – Arakawa Under the Bridge /x Bridge

The head honcho of the Bridge people. He is a youkai Kappa, who protects the villagers with his godly powers… Yeah, right! But I was somewhat right about the latter part because he is indeed the protector, so what if he wears a kappa suit and goes crazy in heat during Summers? He’s still one of the most dependable guys out of the bunch of weirdoes. Part of the Arakawa support team, drumrolls for the leader!

5. Shinra – Durarara!!

As Jun Fukyuma voices him with such jubilation, he’s like a kawai nekko with excitement to match. However, the kind of father he has, his closet is full of skeletons; not to mention he’s an underground doc, treating the special and untreatables. He is famous for his patchwork and is head over heel for Celty, a supernatural being he can’t get enough of.  You can see him getting beaten around by her on different occasions… M much? Now I know the reason for Taro!

6. Dotachin’s gang – Durarara!!

Kadota, Yumasaki, Togusa and Karisawa make a deadly group. So what if they were not part of the Dollars in the beginning? This nomination is specifically for the guys, whose work is not just hanging around Ikebukuro but taking care of some srs bsns. Just don’t face them when are busy or else Togusa might just run you over.

7. ETU’s Cream de la cream – Giant Killing

Murakoshi, Gino, Tsubaki, Kuroda, Sera and the gang. These guys make the East Tokyo United what it is. Of course, under Tatsumi’s guidance but the combined effect of them all makes Giant Killing, one amazing anime to follow. It converted me, a sport-anime disliker to a liker. Yes, it is that good and you are in luck because you get to marathon this rather than me, who followed one cliffhangered episode to another… >.>

8. Kouta – Highschool of the Dead

The gun-happy, crazy geek. You could imagine him as that overweight nerd, who sits around and tinkers with his stuff and a very close relative of Yutaka Itazu. BUT, dude, don’t typecast him because he knows his stuff and is more brilliant than you could ever be. Kouta becomes an asset to the zombie-killing squad with his expertise in weapons. Yeah, a weapon-otaku in a zombie flick; marriage made in heaven.

9. Tsuchimikado/ Styil – Index II

The young Heiwajima Shizuo… Oh wait, young Oshino Meme…. Tsuchimikado is powerful and resourceful both. His bleached blonde hair and glasses would give you the impression that he’s another highschool misfit. Wrong! He’s a secret operative with the backstabber codename. Be his best friend or else he might just turn you in. Styil… he’s so HOT! Ahem. I mean, his expertise is actually fire and he’s one helluva sorcerer. He has been tamed by the Necessarius but he would do anything to get Index out of harm’s way. Someone stop him from smoking though or else he would be the youngest one to get some lung disease because he’s just 14!

Awesome AMV made by Shikume Kyro

10. Grell, Lau and Undertaker – Kuroshitsuji II

I was glad to see almost the entire supporting cast of Kuroshitsuji return in the second season. Grell was funny as usual, Lau his mysterious self and Undertaker pretty much at par with his creepy standards. It’s always fun when these guys are on screen.

11. Ganryu – Otome Youkai Zakuro

The lucky bastard who has not one but two sisters falling for him. The icing on cake is the fact that the sisters are twins. Yeah, let the twincest ensue. Though, am I glad that this is not like Yosuga no Sora! >.>

12. Smile/ JK – Occult Academy

The inseparable duo. Though, PLEASE, ONEGAI, no one write/draw a fanfic/doujinshi on them. Oh wait, someone already did at pixiv…. >.> Fandom is strange indeed! These two sure need your love because even after being so awesome, they were pretty much neglected in this series.

13. Tohru – Shiki

The only good-looking human in Satoba… Oh damn, he’s not human anymore and has been okiagarified. Even if he has turned into a crybaby vampire, he’s still adorable in a very lost-puppy-dog kind of way, making you want to take him home. I want his plushie NAO!

14. Shu – Kuragehime

Mr. Goody Two Shows, the thirty-year-old virgin political protégé. If you were me, you would stay away from this dude because for him outwardly appearance is what matters, while he spends his life on a strict rule book. He definitely needs to lighten up and soon. Sad fact is, our Tsukimi-tan is infatuated with him… >.>

15. Ozu/ Higuchi/ Jougasaki – Tatami Galaxy

One of the weirdest characters you would ever come across while watching anime. In the end, every one of these makes Tatami Galaxy, one awesome series to catch!

  • Starting from Ozu, he’s your scheming devilish friend, who would literally catch you with your pants down and at the wrong time. Just hope that while you are blundering about he has something constructive on his mind or else you are done for!
  • Higuchi the philosopher; he loves Captain Nemo’s story and can open your life in front of your eyes with a new meaning. Very learned and might be a youkai. His motives are still quite dubious though he likes to learn new things and travel around the world.
  • Jougasaki, the pervert. He is that handsome guy you sometimes interact with a weird quirk. In his case, it’s boobs. I’m not kidding; he has a wall full of them… Though his true love is another matter altogether.

16. Working!! Dudes – Takanashi, Satou and Souma

The under-powered civilized guys, who make working!! enjoyable as hell. Even when they have very less say in how things should go, Satou and Souma are the teachers who show Takanashi ropes of how to go about the continuously bungling female staff of Wagnaria. Cheers for the guys for still having their sanity intact.

Honourable mentions:

  • The whole Angel Beats! guy gang (Noda, TK, Matsushita, Ooyama, Chaa, Saitou, Fujimaki, Takamatsu, Naoi and Takeyama). I mean they were great in every way. And those awesome Engrish lines from TK. Classic!
  • Soma and Agni – Kuroshitsuji II. They always amuse me and my favourite bit after Sebby’s “Yes my lordo” is actually “Jo Agya~”.
  • Awesome bishies of Hakuouki , Sengoku Basara 2 and Togainu no Chi. Very awesome to look at and with an actual story rather than mindless fight scenes and no plot. Er… this makes TNC look weak but no fear, the amount of screaming-red blood and Shiki-appearance will keep you busy.
  • Takagi – Highschool of the Dead. That’s Saya’s father for you. I just wish he got some more screen time because Nakata Jouji deserved time! Hoo~
  • Shintani – Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Give this guy a medal for leaving an impression even when he was introduced in the last few episodes.
  • Emonzaemon – Katanagatari. He sure was dedicated and mysterious. That is all.
  • Garter belt and Brief – Panty & Stockings. I would wish for Brief to never be alone with the preying maneater. 0.0

TIME TO VOTE! Vote ON! Just to remind you, don’t forget to vote for the previous category nominees because that is how the final Fan-favourite Awards would be arrived at. Now, time to show for your favourite Supporting Male Character of this year. Again you get SEVEN (7) choices so, let us know which of the nominees you voted for and why? Till my next post, ja ne~ ^^



The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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25 Responses to “2010 Year-Ender: Supporting Male Character”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Hinata was a great character in Angel Beats love him with Yui very cute together, and the loads of fan art of that pair.

    Shinra of course! he was always so fun to watch with Celty probably one of the best comedic characters, and of course the Dotachin gang!

    Good choice with Styil and Tsuchimikado, they actually do more this time 😀

    Dudes of working!! excellent choices.

  2. Overcooled says:

    Mmm Lau. Taking advantage of my weakness for cute chinese boys. I am stealing that picture now…

    I’d have to say Dotachin’s gang and Hinata make the most useful and lovable side characters. Of course Arakawa would be on the list 3 times, it’s just that awesome XD

  3. Namika says:

    Wow, most of these series are the ones that I passed lol I’m really guilty now, but still ^^”
    So, I voted for:
    Tohru, because he’s the most adorable male character I’ve ever seen… *O* omochi kaeriii~!!!
    Shuu, because he is the second most lovable and innocent male character I’ve ever seen ^^ he has his ‘downsides’ like not being able to pass the barrier of appearance. But he’s still ADORABLE! I want a plushie of him *O*
    Lau and Undertaker.(am I forgetting someone???…) The two characters I absolutely LOVED in Kuroshitsuji (after Sebastian), especially undertaker)))) I just love dark humor and dark male characters like him :3
    Shinra, because he’s just amazing *_* I can’t say anything more, besides – “An amazing character”
    Kouta, because….. Comraaaaaad~! He was my #1 fav character in whole H.O.T.D! And somehow I get the feeling that this character and I are alike. No, I’m not a weapon-obsessed otaku….no, really! >.>
    Well, that’s about it)))) Aww, Shintani was just beyond! Too bad he got introduced near the ending of the series… T_T HE NEEDS MORE LOVE!
    Can’t wait for the main male character ratings!!!! ^3^

  4. Ness says:

    Hinata from AB – The episode from that youtube clip posted was awesome indeed.

    ETU Giant Killing guys… yes, I like sports anime.

    Styil/ Tsuchimikado – Interesting, funny and cool.

    Grell/ Lau/ Undertaker – Grell and Undertaker are so funny that there’s never a dull moment.

    I’d vote for more but I’m behind on some of the animes. But hands down, I’d go with Hinata all the way for supporting male character.

  5. raionhime says:

    Hinata -even if I didn’t like him, I would probably vote just because of that clip xD

    Grell & Undertaker (+Lau) -I just love the two of them <3 And Lau is great too, just not as great as the others <3

    Sister -Koyapin~<3

    Kouta -He's the only reason I watched HOTD :'D

    Shinra & Kadota-gang -They're awesome. AWESOME

    Tohru -I love my little crybaby <3

  6. Xiao says:


    Giving Arakawa characters their separate blocks while others have to be grouped under their own title. xD;

    Hmm…I guess it comes down to four for me. One for Hinata because he’s still a cool buttmonkey even when demoted from his main lead role in Track Zero. I love you, Hinata~ <3

    Dotachin gang, their awesome "persuasion" skills…and their van. xDD

    Smile and JK. They were the only reason why I managed to sit through Occult Academy for so long.

    And…the other Shizu, Izzy and Shinra. Harhar.

    Can’t wait for the next poll. ;D

  7. wonton jr. says:

    Kadota’s gang definetly. They were awesome, not to mention their hilarious skills to get someone to spill the beans.

    Also Shu, because I like bishies that wear glasses XD

  8. anaaga says:

    I’M SO CONFUSED. like all of them, ecept 7-9, and 12. i hate number 8. i hate everything involved with highschool of the dead. and as for number 12, haven’t seen tatami galaxy yet.
    i guess i like number 1 the most. i don’t know why, but he’s always attached in my heart until now. he’s someone i want as my best friend. supporting, understanding, funny, faithful, loyal, and very romantic. i with they could make an extra story about hinata and yui :'(
    the second one i like the most is hoshi. in the first season, he didn’t really catch my attention. i only saw him as ric’s rival. and a pervert for smelling nino’s room. but in season 2, i see that hoshi’s character really developed. he’s actually closer to ric now. and they can actually agree in lots of things. i guess ric and hoshi are actually friends now, but they don’t realize it yet. and what’s more HE’S A MEMBER OF MIRACLE KAMEARI
    and the third one is tohru!!! <3 why i love him? because he has lots of yaoi scenes with natsuno xD i wasn’t really impressed with him (i used to like his face only) until he decided to let that ugly nurse escape. he officially has my respect now.

  9. amado says:

    hinata-he’s the real protagonist, if you’ve read the manga and novels. I just wish he ended up with yurippe or at least the anime could have given them more sweet romantic moments…

    the cast of arakawa(minus hoshi cause I get annoyed of him) because they’re all crazy, funny and sometimes badass.

    the cast of durarara, shinra is quite funny in the novels and I sometimes find his affection to celty pretty sweet.
    dotachin er- kadota’s gang, gotta love walker and erika’s ramblings of anime and creepy side.

    tsuchimikado-he can be both a magician and an esper, styl can sometimes be cool…

    the dudes of working, hilarious in a diff way from arakawa, plus they have they’re own “partners”…

  10. Amutofan123 says:

    Awww! Hinata! I just had to vote for all the Arakawa guys. xD And of course Shinra and the Dotachin gang! And I absolutely, most definitely had to vote for Grell and the Undertaker~

  11. Tofu says:

    HINATA ALL THE WAY MAN!!!!! You gotta vote for the poor guy, his been through a lot (especially in that video when he flies up into the ceiling) If you haven’t seen it yet then I will suggest you do…. NOW!

    But besides that I voted on:

    Shinra (His your typical comedic doctor looking for love)

    Dotachin gang (HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THEM?!?!?! xD)

    ETU (The only soccer anime I’ve seen and I would definitely say nothing will ever top them)

    Kouta ( wo sides to him that you’ll always love ^^)

    Smile/ JK (Best tag teamers EVER!!)

    Shuu (His been through a lot too… those who watch Kuragehime all know what)

    • Dan-go says:

      Hinata’s classroom escapades has earned him a special place for me, not to mention what he did for yui

    • anaaga says:

      don’t really like shuu. he can’t tell that the before-tsukimi and after-tsukimi are the same person! D:
      don’t want a bf who can’t recognize me when i don’t use makeup :S

      • Tofu says:

        @anaaga: To be honest I voted for only 6 but because I knew Shuu and not anyone else he took my 7 ^^ True, I don’t really like him because his only looking what the girl looks like outside ><"

        @dan: Yes! Same here, what he did for Yui was sweet as~ x3

        • anaaga says:

          if that’s the case with everybody, we’re all in big trouble xD

          like example: me proposing to you because i like your gravatar 8D

  12. baka_girl says:

    YAY! Shinra WIN! (when I voted, and I hope he’ll win in the end :D)
    Anyway, here’s my vote:
    – Sister (ArakawaUBxB) => He’s my fave beside Ric, really love to see his scene with Maria XD
    – Shinra (Durarara!!) => Who can hate him when the one voicing him is the mighty FukuJun? Really like it when he tease Celty 😀
    – Dotachin gang (Durarara!!) => Actually, the only one I like is Kadota :p
    – Grell/ Lau/ Undertaker (Kuroshitsuji II) => Only vote this one because of Grell :p
    – Smile/ JK (Occult Academy) => They’re a little cooler than the main character 😀
    – Tohru (Shiki) => Yeah, too bad he turn into vampire >,<

  13. Miyu says:

    – Hinata! > His scenes with YUI were so touching & YES OMG. THE CLASSROOM THING WAS PRICELESS HAHA. (peaceful background music plays *itsumo hitori de aruitetaaa” while Hinata is being blasted to the classroom ceiling)
    – Hoshi > I’m not even taking account of his looks in this one. I mean, I love stars, but I don’t really fancy humans wearing star helmets. Like seriously?! But his personality is hilarious with all his ridiculous songs. (HIMO HIMO HIMOOO)
    – Sister > SISTAA IS AWESOME. A crossdressing nun who’s actually a hot blond macho with tons of machine guns? What more can I say?
    – Grell/Lau/Undertaker > Not so much of Grell, I should say. I didn’t really like him ‘coz of his gayness (even though he makes the show funny) but MOSTLY BECAUSE HE VIES FOR SEBBY’S ATTENTION ARGH. Lau is really cute with his nonexistant eyes and Undertaker is hilarious 😛

  14. Yuzu says:

    Ahhh no votes for Ozu? :O
    Ozu you sly dog xD
    Don’t forget the Working dudes. xD
    they WORK.
    Plus it’s Jun, Ono D and HiroC. What more could you ask for?
    OH AND HOSHI. hafta love him for putting up with Amazoness.

  15. Hinate from AB! Him + Yui is the best side ship of all of the mangas and anime I’ve watched/read… and he has been through so much…hopefully his next life is better….
    plus, it was fun to see him being propelled to the ceiling oh so many times in that episode..

  16. Hana says:

    S much nosebleed-worthy-ness –

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