2010 Year-Ender: Supporting Female Character

Sixth in line: Supporting Female Character nominations for 2010~

Holidays… Please come closer so that I can finally relax for a few days!!! Yeah, Christmas is around the corner and have you completed your shopping? Don’t depend on those quick dashes because they only work for the lucky ones. Anyway, just to repeat, the following nominees are in no particular order and taken from the series released in 2010.

I’m surprised to find less females to nominate when I had such a hard time doing the male support list. Or I guess, my standards got too high? Still, vote as per your liking. So far for the record, I have completed the following:

1. Maria – Arakawa Under the Bridge /x Bridge

Sawashiro Miyuki makes Maria so WIN that even words get scarce. Her character is one of the most interesting out of all the females in Arakawa. Taking joy in torturing others, specifically Sister is her favourite hobby. She’s a force to reckon with. Indeed, be afraid.

2. Stella – Arakawa Under the Bridge /x Bridge

“Such a cute girl! Can I tweak your cheeks?” *hand get bitten* Eeeeek! A little girl? Don’t make me laugh! Sister has trained her to have two-sided personalities that switch from a loli to a wrestler in a jiffy. She will stomp on you repeatedly, your only refuge is Sister; though don’t expect much from him because he would be laughing his heart out seeing you get beaten rather than getting in between.

3. Yui – Angel Beats!

She’s one of those cute, moe characters that you want to take home. She’s adorable! Not to mention she’s the leader of the amazing Girls DeMo. After going through all that and still keeping a smile on her face? You gotta love her, ne~?

4. Iwasawa – Angel Beats!

She had such a short role but even then left quite a big mark. I always liked her versions of songs better than the rest. Her “Last Song” and how it was placed in the anime is what made that scene one of the most emotional and memorable of the season. Did you get goosebumps while watching this?

5. Miya and Hibiki – Amagami SS

These were the girls who were neglected by Junichi Tachibana and I’m so glad that was the case. Why? Because they didn’t get a four-episode quickie hookup! I like Hibiki for being the sensible and confident self; If I was a guy, I would so date her. While Miya’s nishishishi~ won me over, how is not that cute? She’s a sly one too. :3

6. Celty – Durarara!!

The most human character of Durarara!! So what if she’s a supernatural being? She can kick your butt with the snap of her finger and can transport anything. On the other hand, she’s afraid of traffic police and cheesy horror movies. Yes, adorable indeed.

7. Karisawa – Durarara!!

She deserves a spot of her own because of being part of the Dotachin gang! A pure otaku, she obsesses over animanga and everything related to it. She relishes it with her partner in crime, Yummachi and some other extracurricular activities. Like any true fangirl, she sees BL when there is, case in point, Shizaya~

8. Ruri Kuroneko – OreImo

She overshadows the screen, whenever she arrives. Her deadpan expressions and voice to match are things that set her apart from the over-mouthing, Kirino. She only shows her cute side in the Kuroneko form. Her interest in Kyousuke sure peaked by the end of first season… because I’m banking on for moar, yeah!

9. Ringo – Ookami-san

The only character that left an imprint on my mind after slugging through this average series. She is seriously that friend who you go to, while going about a friend indeed. Some cheers for this loli, red-riding hood.

10. Original Amars (Banba, Chieko, Jiji, Mayaya, Mangaka) – Kuragehime

The otaku awesomeness! I can only wish I could go to their level but it’s basically impossible. The most interesting fact is that they are not all animanga otakus but have different genres that they obsess over. That is why people say, diversity is always good!

11. Kaya and Miho – Bakuman

These girls are sadly not very important in the series even being the main heroines. But they don’t draw manga, do they? Shove over. Being completely opposite from each other, they end up complementing each other as perfect best friends.

12. Kuroko – Index II/ Railgun OVA

She is something alright. Lusting after her onee-sama and quite diligently too. After some initial annoyance, you actually get to like her as you progress in the world of Academy City. She’s a powerful esper, so if you happen to like Mikoto, don’t show it in front of her or else you would be teleported to an unknown place with a very unfriendly wildlife.

13. Ami/ Kozue/ Chihiro – Occult Academy

The trio, who are the female shoulders over which Occult Academy became a reality. Well, not specifically RL but you catch my drift, right? Ami is the sensible one, while Kozue, the typical megane girl-next-door; the only difference being her obsessed over Occult. Chihiro deserves all the praise, seriously for doing what she did. That ending fight was amazing; black verses white? I would always support white.

14.   Ritsu – Shiki

Ritsu has all my respect for being such an upstanding citizen of Satoba, nurse of Ozaki clinic and one of the very few vampires who could actually control their bloodlust after being awakened. Would she survive or die painfully? I hate cliffhangers!

15.   Dudettes of Working!!

One of the most interesting bunch like the guys already mentioned in the previous nominations. Everyone has their own typical little problem and it’s unique to them for sure. These girls rule the world of Wagnaria and the guys better watch out for them!

16.   Hitei – Katanagatari

She was definitely annoying! She kept on giving Togame the slip and her pawn, Emonzaemon was a slippery one as well. In the last episode though, she did redeem herself somewhat. Not a whole lot though. She gets a nomination for turning the tables.

Honourable mentions:

  • Shiina, Yusa, Hisako, Hitomi, Irie and Sekine from Angel Beats! They were good, that is all.
  • Amazonness, P-ko and Queen Bee from Arakawa Under the Bridge/x Bridge.
  • Bonbori/ Hoozuki from Otome Youkai Zakuro because they are double, amazing duo. That haunting song just won me over.
  • Hanuki and Kaori from Tatami Galaxy. With such strong male characters, they still help up their place. Does anyone else remember Hanuki licking Watashi’s face in a drunken haze? Also, Kaori actually finding voice? This anime is awesome; I will keep on saying that.
  • Yuri Nagata from Giant Killing. The only girl with so many unruly men! She gets loads of props being their PR Manager.
  • Kyousuke’s harem: Ayase/ Saori/ Nanami – OreImo. Not technically but you catch my drift. These girls were cool in their own way. I can’t wait to see the real Saori though. :3
  • Saya – HOTD. I don’t like her that much but at least she is better than Rei, who annoyed me quite thoroughly.
  • Kaori from Shiki. Another character that was pretty adorable from the beginning. I just hope she survives! Dx
  • Maids from Soredemo Machi wa Matteiru. Because they are not getting any main nominations. They were still funny when they tried at least.
  • Touma’s harem from Index II… Who were they again? Where is the awesomeness of Index I, damn it!!!
  • Haruka’s harem from Yosuga Porn-Yes Sora. What else did they do except from taking off their clothes? Oh well, no wonder guys enjoy this series so much… >.>


Time for those clicks and show your support for who should be the Fan-favourite top Supporting Female character of this year. Like all previous categories, you can vote up to SEVEN (7) choices! So, let us know which of the nominees you voted for and why? Till my next post, vote away~ ^^

PS: Can you guess, what would be the next category? Everyone who guesses right can get a custom title here. ^^



The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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39 Responses to “2010 Year-Ender: Supporting Female Character”

  1. Karin says:

    Lmao, I like how I voted, then clicked, anticipating, to see the results and I see that I’m the first to vote >>.

    Heh, if Bonbori and Hozuki were on there I would’ve totally voted for them :P. It’s too bad that the only series I’ve watched from this list are Durarara!!, Kuragehime, Angel Beats!, Bakuman, and Ookami-san.

    • Kyokai says:

      *first post cookie!*

      They were there in the beginning but ah well, there are too many other good nominations for their role to diminish.

      Also, this means, you gotta catch up to this year. ^^

  2. Namika says:

    Celty on the 1st place for now. And ever! MWAAHAHAHAHAA!!! Celty is such a badass character!!!! ^3^ Also I voted for Ritsu, Kaya, Miho and the Amars team. They’re all so awesome! *O*
    >_> what’s with the next poll??? Will it be the main male character??? oO” Either way, want to know the final results of all the polls O.O

    • Kyokai says:

      Celty is awesome indeed! She deserves this actually. But like before, it was damn hard coming up with the list.

      Btw, 8th category would be the main male character. The results of all polls is definitely something to look forward to by New year’s!

      • Namika says:

        Boy, I imagine how hard it was *,*
        And the countdown is somewhat nervewrecking *______*

  3. Dan-go says:


    I’m sorry durarara!! i’m so so sorry, but you’re competition was too tight,
    after watching that stella clip i remembered how awesome she is,
    Yui is a shoo in for being the only supporting character to ever make my heart twitch,
    Kuroneko-i’ll never forget the moment she hid behind the curtains in a maid costume
    Kuroko…what can i say…ONEEE SAMAAAAAA
    Ringo, cuz she’s got loli appeal and KNOWS IT
    Dudettes of working-they’re all so quirky 😀

  4. Dan-go says:


  5. Overcooled says:

    Hitei needs more love. I loved her so much! I voted for Hitei, Maria, Iwasawa, Ringo and Celty. My number one is Maria, of course. Can’t deny that sadistic charm kekekeke~

    I see a lot of characters I find annoying on here…(Yui, Kuroko, and Kaya). Why are girls in anime prone to being so graying on the nerves? >_<

    • Kyokai says:

      I know right? But she was misunderstood till the end so well you know. I love Maria and the reason she’s one of the first to show up.

      They are grating because they are anime-girls and very type-casted. I feel sad for them.

  6. baka_girl says:

    Aww, Celty definitely going to win this for sure! She’s just… awesome!
    And my other vote goes to Maria (yes, really love her sarcasm :p), Stella (she never fails to amuse me :D), Karisawa & Ami/ Kozue/ Chihiro 🙂

    • Kyokai says:

      I agree! Celty FTW~ Also, I’m very biased for Arakawa girls and maah Durarara!! Occult girls need more love!

  7. Xiao says:

    Pfft, Hitei FTFW~ Nobody did hawt sexy villain like she did. xP

    Hmm, very good list but the ones definitely coming out on top will have to be Celty and Ringo for me. RINGO RINGO RINGO RINGO RINGO RINGO RINGO RINGO RINGO-CHAAAAAAAAANNNN~~~~!!!!!!!! <3

    • Kyokai says:

      I totally agree! She was amazing till the end. My eyes literally widened, when she said, you can kill me now.

      Celty is awesome and Ringo made that anime sooo watchable for me. My favourite character from Ookami-san~

  8. Foshizzel says:

    Iwasawa And Yui from Angel beats were great characters! they had the best stories of all the characters, loved Iwasawa’s last song so amazing 🙂

    And of course the Durarara girls! very fun to watch them.

    Kuroko gets a vote mostly because she brings a lot of laughs to Index/Railgun even thou she isn’t a die hard favorite of mine.

    Great list! 😀

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks! That Last Song always gives me goosebumps. So good! And I knew you would vote for Kuroko, big Index/Railgun fan right here. xD

  9. Mizorui says:

    Celty is winning, too bad I haven’t watched Durarara yet.

  10. xochandaox says:

    I think Katanagatari Should be getting more love.

  11. Tofu says:

    Farrrr!! So many good ones, no fair at all! I want to pick like 12 of them but well I had to sacrifice some to make it 7 but anyways, the ones I’ve picked are:

    Iwasawa – Angel Beats!
    Yui – Angel Beats!
    Celty – Durarara!!
    Karisawa – Durarara!!
    Kuroneko – OreImo
    Kaya & Miho – Bakuman
    Ami/ Kozue/ Chihiro – Occult Academy

  12. anaaga says:

    my choice:

    – yiu –> she’s actually a really strong girl. behind that crazy act of hers, she actually holds a strong desire to be able to do her wish. that’s why i like her, she’s really dedicated in fulfilling her wish. BTW anybody watched Angel Beats special, the one with the lame ending? yui’s so crazy there! xD

    – iwasawa –> she made me cry real hard and made me depressed for a week.

    – miya –> because she’s actually smart. and she has a unique laugh, nishishishishsihi. you do know that they’re gona make miya’s incest arc in the blu-ray dvd right? ^^;

    hibiki –> i have a lesbian crush on her. that’s how awesome she is

    – celty –> she’s an irish fairy. you really can’t ask more than that.

    – karisawa –> if she’s real, i can see that there will be a special bond between me and her because of yaoi and how sadistic she is >:D

    – original amars –> they’re so ORIGINAL

    – ritsu –> she’s actually someone i can admire. she’s really dedicated on her belief, even when she has to go against it.

    – hitei –> even if she didn’t make that declaration in the last episode, she’s still gona be one of my fav. she’s cunning, smart, pretty, and is actually fond of that mask dude. she also has that pride that every girl should have

    • Kyokai says:

      I loved, loved your explanation of each choices. And to tell you the truth, I feel the same way for Hibiki. So, awesome! ^^

  13. Lacri says:

    I’m sorry to correct you on this, but Celty is the main character of Durarara, despite the show’s misgivings. It may be about the gangs and everything, but the entire storyline is revolving around her and her head.

    • Kyokai says:

      Don’t feel sorry but if you notice, Miho, Kuroko and few dudettes of Working!! are all main characters BUT they are here because there are too many awesome females in the Main character nominations already, also they got less footage than the other main characters of that particular series.

      Specifically for Celty, she definitely is a main character if you take only Durarara!! but compare her to others’ footage in the series + overall summer. You catch my drift?

  14. Amutofan123 says:

    My votes:

    -Iwasawa – Angel Beats!
    -Yui – Angel Beats!
    -Karisawa – Durarara!!
    -Celty – Durarara!!
    -Kuroneko – OreImo
    -Ringo – Ookami-san
    -Amars – Kuragehime

    Yes! 😀 Celty is in the lead! Man, I miss Durarara… GIMME MY 2ND SEASON ALREADY BRAINS BASE!!! D:<

  15. amado says:

    well obviously I voted for all the arakawa, durarara and angel beats girls in here.
    the other one was ringo, she was the cute evil mischievous loli and also showed some yuri.

    well for the next poll, im guessing best side character?

  16. Yi says:

    Some really good choices on this list. I definitely agree with Maria, Kuroko, Yui, and Kuroneko. They are probably my favorite characters from their respective series.

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks! I love Maria’s sadism for sure, Kuroko’s inventiveness, Yui’s jumpiness and Kuroneko’s flair. We sure had a good year. ^^

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