Amagami SS – 05

Ai rabu yu~ Furomu mai haarto~ Ai rabu yu foeba wido yu~

Following the disappointing first arc that was Haruka, I started this new episode with my expectations high. Let me tell you, I think I’m going to enjoy this arc. The opening scene was enough to make me think “All right, this is going to rock!” I thought the first arc ended sweetly, but the lead up wasn’t exactly memorable, nor believable. (See my knee rant) This new arc is focused on Kaoru Tanamichi, a friend of Junichi’s whom he’s known since middle school. She’s eccentric, a tomboy and has awesome hair. Does this sound like a recipe for awesome-sauce romance? You bet.

We start this new journey on the night Junichi was stood up. He’s depressed (once again) until by chance, Kaoru shows up, giving him a friendly smack on the head, asking what’s up. She jests that he was stood up, and when she sees the look on his face there’s that kind of awkward silence (You all know the one). She laughs it off and offers that he spends Christmas with her and her mother, telling him that she’s off to buy a cake. ‘Cause that’s what you do on Christmas Eve. You buy cake.

I don’t know whether he enjoyed this, or not…

As we skip forward, we can only assume Junichi and Kaoru have become great friends. They joke, they are quite close and all of this really builds the characters. Something that didn’t really click in the Haruka arc. Umehara is still there as a friend of Junichi’s, and all three of them seem to get on well. After a little quarrel between Junichi and Kaoru, she of course gets a little frustrated (or jealous?) and takes a swing at Junichi. Kaoru hurts him, but he gets a look at her panties. SCORE.

He wakes up in the infirmary with Kaoru all worried about him. We get a sense that she has some feelings for him, but she doesn’t really realize them herself. They reminisce about the past, then Kaoru heads off to class quickly telling Junichi to meet her behind the school after classes have ended. We get to see some scenarios playing through Junichi’s head, the majority of them leading to Kaoru being half-naked. What could she possibly want?! Will she confess?!

Nope. Turns out she just wants Junichi to help a student with some love problems. As he gives her advice, Kaoru starts looking at Junichi differently with them sparkly eyes. (D’awww, feelings~) As Kaoru walks to her part-time job, they discuss various things, building up a backstory for Kaoru. Her Dad left her and her mother, she works hard to bring money into the house and we find that Junichi and Kaoru were quite the duo in their old school, always causing mishaps. They part ways and Junichi mentions that when Kaoru called him out, he thought she was going to confess to him. He laughs it off, as does Kaoru, but we see her tense, smack Junichi with her bag and run off blushing. Junichi notices this and follows her to her part time job as a customer. An awesome uniform ensues.

Junichi hangs around, staring at Kaoru in her skimpy little uniform (zettai ryouki!), making her spill coffee everywhere and get all doki doki over him. She starts questioning her feelings for him, and they are both thinking they might like each other. She repeatedly looks in the mirror at herself and remembers earlier in the day, hitting him for praising another girl. (Yep, jealously!) Meanwhile, Junichi absentmindedly drinks his coffee and looks at some girls ass. An odd way to end an episode, to be honest.

Does anyone else hold their pinky like that when they drink? It looks really weird!

End Thoughts:

Rihoko looks to be a bit of a ditz. I bet her arc will be interesting!

Junichi finally understands what it’s like to be cock-blocked….

Junichi, you sly devil ^^

Large face is large! D’aww face is also d’awww.

If only life were as awesome as Junichi’s, yeah? So many choices! This episode was so much better than the first four, making up the Haruka arc. The characters meshed a lot more, they actually got along! I think this arc gets me a lot more because Junichi and Kaoru have been friends for a long time, making their progression from friendship to friendship a lot smoother. In the Haruka arc, it was a chance encounter that led to Haruka being naked in the span of four episodes. If relationships were that easy, I’d be Casanova.

As I guessed the side characters are getting a bit more backstory story and dialogue as well. Junichi’s sister, her friend Sae, Umehara along with others. Small references to the first arc where in there as well, eg, Haruka waking up in the infirmary, as she did in the second episode. I’m a little worried at how the relationship between Junichi and Kaoru will play out. They seem to be realizing they like each towards the first episode and they will most probably start acting awkward around each other. I hope they really will act like normal people in confessing, and hopefully they wont indulge in each others knees.

There without a doubt will be some awkward romance, it’s something that will pop up over and over again in this series. I’m not exactly going to be a fan of that, but I guess I can get past it. Other thing I’m hoping for is some sort of cheating scandal, as I mentioned in my first post. One girl gets so annoyed at Junichi for talking to some girl that it turns into a cat fight (kind of like that Toradora scene? Yeah, you know that one). They have six girls to get through, so how will they make each story different and unique? Haruka was a chance encounter. Kaoru is an old friend turned lover (I assume). What about the others? Lord only knows what they’ll do with Sae, Miya’s friend. Some sort of weird forbidden love thing with his sisters best mate? That’s gotta be awkward.


The Preview for the next episode is a little confusing. We get a few lines of dialogue with Kaoru pestering Junichi about who he was staring at (obviously her) and some shots of Haruka talking (wtf?) and Kaoru going back to her old self and being all touchy-feely. Also a very weird shot of Kaoru either taking her skirt off, and lifting her shirt up in front of Junichi. Hmmm. I wonder what that could mean. -_- Awkward situations on the horizon? I hope so. Those are so embarrassing to watch >///<


I'm Hato, born and raised in glorious New Zealand and a self-proclaimed awesome person. I started writing here in July and I'm loving it so far! I'm Metanorn's go-to Moe Man (lol) and the games guru, so don't be shy to say hello!
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12 Responses to “Amagami SS – 05”

  1. Flags says:

    The cake is a lie.

  2. gwern says:

    > Does anyone else hold their pinky like that when they drink? It looks really weird!

    When you drink hot tea, you pretty much have to. If you stick as many fingers through the loop as you can, you will *burn* yourself.

    (Once, I foolishly picked up my travel mug fresh out of the microwave, and was walking down the hall back to my room. You know how when you touch something really hot, there can be like half a second where the sensation is still sinking in, and you suddenly think OH SHIT? That happened half way down. I was too far from either the kitchen or room to set it down, and dropping it wasn’t an option. So I dived for the floor and dropped the mug about half a foot above the ground. That compromise cost me a nasty red spot that last a few days, but at least I had my tea.)

    • Hato-kun says:

      I never usually have hot drinks in a mug. But not that you mention it, my hand usually never fits through loop. What is that thing called anyway, and handle?

      xD I can imagine someone just diving to the floor in slow motion with tea going everywhere. I shouldn’t be laughing, but I am :3

    • anaaga says:

      uh, i hold my pinky like that when i drink something with a cup like that. i even type while holding my pinky like that…

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  4. Kyokai says:

    I definitely like Kaoru better than Haruka. Let’s see how another of this superfast arc goes.

  5. LuluChan92 says:

    Hey, wassup! Amagami seems to be quite alright, but to be honest I’m not in the mood of watching any anime now, so it’ll have to wait untill I decide to end my vacation/hiatus…

    And Hato-kun, I also hold out my pinky like that when I’m drinking, is that a problem?!!! XD

    Anyway, see ya!

    • Hato-kun says:

      Yo! Remember, Lulu! Anime soothes the souls and cleanses the mind! It’s good for you! ^^

      It seems a lot of people do drink like that. I feel ashamed now! I apologize, everyone! >///<

  6. vang665 says:

    Junichi is the man. teasing on his best girl friend and then staring at another girl’s butt when she runs off. he acts more realistic than most harem leads. do you really think half of all anime harem leads would have even followed the girl after she runs off?

  7. Gantoris says:

    oh.. ME! ME! I do that pinky thing! I know its lame and all, sticking out of nowhere, but! I got used to doing that without me realizing it. Its like…. your drinking from a water bottle and right infront of your eyes you see a pinky sticking out of your hand grabbing the bottle. And you go “WTH am i doing?” seriously, its unglam and weird, plz don’t learn it and regret! May looks awesome in anime, but it isn’t in real LIFE!

    PS: Don’t even try it, it will grow on you even doing a few times.

  8. nagi says:

    i do that pinky thing too! *raises hands* 😉

    oh, first of all, welcome to metanorn Hato-kun! :omg:

    Amagami SS is a new taste of anime for me because this is the first time that i’ve seen a plot that resets for every 4 episodes. i mean, that’s so short right? so i’m hesitant at first to watch this because i know every arc would be rushed but it seems that they’re doing a good job! 😀

    one thing though, the kissing fetish scenes are kinda.. err.. disturbing. back of the nee, navel, then? what’s next? the armpit? XD

    though i have to agree with most of the people here that Kaoru’s arc is better than Haruka’s. looking forward to more of this anime! 😀

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