Durarara!! – 04


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13 Responses to “Durarara!! – 04”

  1. fill says:

    i bet it’s the love triangle xD since the preview showed the trio :3 maybe we’ll know more of them, hoping to see the other chara too XD i.e: shizu chan and izaya~ celty and shinra too :> 😉

  2. Xiao says:

    Shinra is so much megane adorable cute doctor love that I want to hug the life out of and HHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNGGGG!!!!!!!! <333333

    I really liked how they delved into the background for these two. Especially since Shinra didn't make such a significant appearance until now and Celty was just riding around town doing deliveries under the guise of an urban legend. lol, their little homey life is amusing to watch. And yesh, I so support CeltyxShinra, too~ :woo

    And I would've laughed at the boobs/shining nipples if she wasn't being sliced open like that. That left a big scar on me. :scared

    lol, as far as love story goes, I think it's going to get even more twisted. XD; And I'm not sure if I want too much drama or not but next week's going to be awesome, nonethless. Can't wait! x3!

    AAARRRGGHHH, did I mention I loved the full version for the OP SFM?!?! :aww:

  3. Shi says:

    Oh, the OP full version rocks, I love it to bits! at the beginning I thought that the singer’s voice was a bit of miscast, but then it turned out that it’s perfect for this song.
    Shinra is so cute! D’awwwww @ his love for Celty. I totally ship them together~
    and oh yeah, SHINING nipples. Even though I’m laughing right now, it was a very creepy scene. WTH is with that doctor, torturing Celty like that.
    I’m glad that Shizuo and Izaya appeared in this episode, even though it was focusing on Celty’s story <3
    Also nice to see that Shizu-chan isn't stereotypical hot-blooded guy and he actually IS calm(like his name says)~ but his GARtender mode is love of course =v=
    This anime season is really boring, but Durarara!! totally stands out and saves it with its awesomeness.

  4. Tara says:

    I squeaked when I heard her name was Celty Sturluson XP Being Icelandic I love the last name, despite it meaning she is son of Sturla lol
    Shinra is awesome, I so hope Celty will realize he likes her. Also want more Ireland >w<

  5. meteorhouse62 says:

    Awesome episode again. Not as much in the level of awesomeness as the previous one, but it’s still good. My Celty love just increased more :love:

    And lol yea I also love how the OP recaps the each previous episode as well.

  6. screensave says:

    I love Celty and Shinra <333 Kyaaa~

  7. Bob (joojoobees) says:

    Actually I think that was the exact moment that Shinra lost the ability to have a healthy relationship with a woman. 😛

    Shinra’s dad has a lot in common with Izaya; who else would say to their child, “Hey, while I’ve got her strapped down, I want you to practice disemboweling people.”?

    • Sedona says:

      Actually I think that was the exact moment that Shinra lost the ability to have a healthy relationship with a woman. 😛

      No kidding. Shinra actually comes off as rather creepy to me, because it’s quite clear that he doesn’t want Celty to find her head ever so their current living arrangement can be extended indefinitely. He knows that if she gets her head back she’ll want to go her own way.

  8. kewldude says:

    Totally awesome as usual XD

  9. Shipper says:

    Well that was a nice experience for a 4-year-old /sarcasm

    During that entire scene I was like NUUUU CELTY WHIEEEE :sad4 Because it looked plain excruciating

    SO shipping CeltyxShinra <333 I've shipped them since episode 2 where Celty was going out to do her job and he waved her goodbye :3 I just knew. Also the one-sided relationship will probably blossom into something better ^ ^

    She just needs to focus less on her head and more on the fact that a hot doctor wants to take her wherever she wants on her life

    Also we get Kida-kun in the next ep~ :woo Ohhh how I love his FABULOUS

    I know what you mean about the smeeeexy OP, I replay it like 50 times each episode, and it’s most definitely her head, in the small shot of her head I managed to see, the hair was identical. Plus, it’s inside a glass case, so it’s affirmative :omg:


    Love the post~ Can’t wait for the next, and can’t wait for the OP single to be out

  10. CyberPixie says:

    shinra cute freak doctor! ah love him

  11. sa3-3 says:

    Cute Shinra is Cute. :cute: New fave character for me.
    But That thing with the noone-remembers-what-Celty’s-head-looks-like thing just got me excited to keep watching this.
    can’t wait for next ep :kyaa2: luv durarara.

  12. LuluChan92 says:

    After Izaya and Shizzy-chan, spread the SHINRA LOVE!!! He’s so damn cute in this episode!!!

    But even if I root for Shinra, I don’t think he and Celty look so cute together… Just think about it, how is a headless human supposed to be CUTE, for Christ’s pants?!!!

    No matter what, I like Durarara to the bits!

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