Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza – 01


Adorable otaku romance fluff is back on it’s second season~

[No steam version ;)]


OP: Chouhatsu Cherry Heart (挑発 Cherry Heart)” by Milan Himemiya and Chocolate Rockers


I really like this OP! Probably way better than the first one. I’m still not a fan of the song though, but the animation is really cool ^^. The magazine style is very creative. Plus, we also get to see the singer in this season now, since I can’t remember her making an appearance in the first season except for the OP Single there. But yeah, overall it’s a really cool and creative OP.


Oh noes it’s Haruka blushingly commands someone not to call her “ojo-sama”~… Ojo-sama! Ojo-sama!!! *shot*


Lolz yeah for the goal!! xD. One thing is, when will this kiss happen??


I don’t know if Himemiya Miran’s character will also play a part on the anime or she’ll just stay in the OP, but it’s still cool to see if she makes a cameo ^^.

Ok, moving on now with the actual show, since this is a direct sequel, I won’t give off a brief summary of where we left off, and just go straight into the fangirling~


OJO-SAMA Haruka is back!! And still as moe-tastic as ever even after losing at the very first round in Saimoe T_T *gets side-tacked with SaiMoe*…oh well, good thing there’s this sequel that qualifies her again for next year ^^.


😛 @ al the jealous people with Yuuto~ It’s so cute how these two go to school together!! Haruka better not get too excited talking about otaku stuff so loudly though or else she’ll slip off her secret~


F*YEAAAHH!!! BLUSHING!!! It’s so nice to bring back what I loved in the first season!! XD. Flustered Haruka just makes her more moe~


UMG!!!! They’re…


about to…



Before we forgot, there’s the cock-blocking squad…


I really refer to them as the Nogizaka Family and Maids Cckblocking Squad of Cockblockingness. It’s funny too how they help Yuuto get on with Haruka but they’re the ones to end up cockblocking them XD.

And oh~


There’s a member of the squad: Alice. She’s the token loliest loli of the show. And she’s voiced by Rie Kugimiya… >.>… Hey, good news is, 1) she isn’t a tsundere, 2) she doesn’t talk at all, except she makes sounds, and lastly 3) she’s the successor of Dokuro-chan. Good things.


And she’s pretty deadly too. Keep in mind that silent lolis can kill you.

Ok, so everyone’s ready for the fanservice??? I know you do, fufufu~


Yeah, I can count how many boys (and girls) who cried~

Probably why the reason this post is delayed is because the fog is indeed annoying, and it looks too unnatural in the first broadcast. I waited for the ones in AT-X to show and they ended up not having them, so here’s what you’ve missed un-“fogged”:





Lol @ how Shiina covers the other girl in the exact positions XDD. The steam is not to blame anymore XD.

But hey~ Looks like they’re balancing the fanservice for both genders lol. We have some man-service in here from Yuuto xDDD


Yuuto has some bod~ XD

Ok, away from the fanservicey part, lets get back to the fluffity-fluff I absolutely love to see~


Yes Yuuto! Finally get your girl some quality time with you!!! This is the main purpose of this story right? Keep away all the cockblockers!!!


And this is when Alice always gets useful.


Sorry Shiina, but you’re just a third wheel used for plot device. There, I said it… So shut up and go home!! XP


King-Of-Akiba-kun (yeah I call him that) is mysterious yet awesome!! Yep~ Go and help Yuuto! He’s mysterious in a sense like he knows about everything it’s weird. When he said have fun “you two” with Yuuto, that kept me wonderin’.


YES!!! Whispering and holding hands!!! Yuuto levels up with Haruka!


ED: Himitsu Suishou! Uruto LOVE (秘密推奨!うるとLOVE)” by N’s


Again, I also like the ED ^^. It’s super cute! And hey, anything with chibis will be automatic win for me~ It’s also nice that they kept the N’s thing seiyuu group too.

Overall, it’s “chibi”-riffic~ Especially the cute dancing parts:


And d’awwwww~ Of course me also loves my OTP in chibi while holding hands. So cute to bits!!

How I’m glad it’s back. I definitely enjoyed the first season, so no wonder my anticipation for this is up. One thing’s making me worry is that how long would it take for this to focus purely on the Yuuto and Haruka relationship, since lots of characters were added, and I worry quite a bit that it’ll stick around a bit for the cockblocking and  the ridiculous fanservice. Talking about the fanservice, I ACTUALLY preferred watching it without the steam because the censored version is just painful and annoying to watch.

Ok, so I’m definitely blogging this and spamming y’all with gifs made of win, since it’ll be a waste not to, for Haruka is one of the early shows I blogged back then. So yup~ Looking forward for more light-hearted, fun, giggle-worth fluff stuff in this sequel.

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9 Responses to “Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza – 01”

  1. FuyuMaiden says:

    Aww…I’m almost disappointed there’s no steam. It’s ridiculously hilarious to note how the “steam” moves with the camera. XD Seriously whoever was responsible for it needs to get fired because they have no skilly.

    But what was the point of the steam if it was just like what KyoAni did with that hot springs episode of Fumoffu. The original animation just covered it up (perfectly might I add) anyway.

    Also…wee! Dancing chibi animation! <3

  2. DrJackall says:

    So good this is back!!!
    Shiina is already getting annoying, hope she realizes what you wrote soon XD
    Lol’d so much at Alice holding Dokuro-chan’s Excalibolg!

  3. meteorhouse62 says:

    :thumb: Nice to see this one back, I enjoyed the first season ^^.
    The OP is awesome, the ED is also very cute

  4. Seinime says:

    Loved the OP. Need to marathon this.

  5. Zella says:

    There’s an uncensored(or un-“steamed”) version?? Must check it out now :runs:

  6. Metalsnakezero says:

    That ED is too cute!

  7. warriorhope says:

    Yay someone made Haruka’s spaz into a gif~

  8. NobleX says:

    I was expecting to like this a bit more i guess…
    Lip syncing seems bad to me and characters/situations seem even more… awkward . Also, have “voice actor” jokes suddenly become funny? ❓ (Kampfer also had one or two)

    PS: The steam ruined this episode for me … So bad…

  9. LuluChan92 says:

    I definately love the new OP just like the 1st one!!! Yeah, the “goal”, lol!!!

    I like Alice-chan, she’s so freakin’ cute, and thank god she’s not annoying at all!

    Of course Nobunaga couldn’t be anywhere else when an anime event’s up… But his appearance like a deus machina and “Have fun, you two”… Sure he knows more than he appears to. Beware of Nobunaga-kun!!! Hahahaha!

    Shiina can get as much jealous as she wants, she’s only a sidelines character. Haruka, do your best and reach the “goal” XD.

    I cheer up for Yuuto and Haruka, they’re the main characters, after all, and they look so good together!!! I’m definately gonna watch this anime, but that was positive from the very beginning! See ya!

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