Phantom -Requiem for the Phantom-: 26 [END]


What is this I don’t even… FCUK YOU BEETROLLS!!


LOL poor girls~ This is why you shouldn’t mess up with the original Phantoms. Tsk tsk~ Action in this episode is totally awesome, it’s still funny how the “Phantoms” SM made are still proven to be real useless~ XD.


And here goes Scythe Master, looking fabulous in this final episode. LOL I guess he had been one of the villains I love to hate this year. He deserves the right to look fabulous in the finale as well~ 😛

But I gotta mention, I think I saw Scythe Master’s long lost love…

I bet Lady Gaga would be pleased that someone is agreeing her taste of style. These two are soulmates!

Let’s disregard the fact that Lady Gaga has a c0ck… Whaddya think? Don’t these two make the cutest (not to mention fabulous) couple in town?


LOL anyways, time for SM to die, by the hands of his prototype Phantom~


Aww~ Elen, don’t cry~ He’s not a waste for your tears.


Bye bye DOM (Dirty.Old.Man)!!! XD



Oh wait.. It’s still not over.


So we get to see what happens to the other characters. I included Shiga in here though because I gotta wonder where he is now? Is he still alive or dead? He didn’t showed up in the epilogues. Also, Mio, as disappointed as I am, is still alive till the end. UGH.


Anyway, we’re back to Reiji and Elen six months later. They’re now heading off to search for Elen’s past.


So those who had played the game, this is the “Cerulean Sky” end, right? Yup~


D’awww @ Elen. She definitely had one of the most shining character developments on all Spring anime Phantom debuted at the same time. Nice to see her going back to the sky she belonged in ^___^.


Ok, so yay for a Happily Ever After ending!!!

Oh wait.


Watch the carriage…









Bitch, your boyfriend is dead. Y U SMILIN’???

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! *throws keyboard* *breaks monitor screen* kgfbdddfcsvcsfvbfb

*goes to my laptop to continue making this post*

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT??? Will there be some OVAs following this to explain what just happened? WHAT THE HELL? I’ve got trolled hard XD! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!ghfbdbdjndbckgfbc *goes outside and kills cats*

*tries to calm down*

Well that wasn’t an ending I was really expecting to be honest, but it sure opens up a lot of questions.

Ok, Beetroll rage aside, Phantom had been a fanastic solid series all through out, and I’m really confident to say that this one’s surely one of my favorite shows of the year so far. It has been quite impressive, for a BeeTrain show. I’m definitely recommending this if you’re into shows with heavy atmosphere and action, but you might as well just try and avoid the last damn minute of the show if you’re expecting a happy ending 😉


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33 Responses to “Phantom -Requiem for the Phantom-: 26 [END]”

  1. Devvido says:

    Okay, So it’s like 5:42 AM right now, I just finished and I have to say… WUHT DUH FUHK?!!?!?!??!?! :rage:

    I was hoping for something less MINDFUHK’d like… I mean cmon, Now I’ll never be able to fall asleep :sad5:

    I hate this show I hate this show… but i love it… RAWR WTF MATE?! I feel like raging now 😡

    Here’s my speculation…

    Okay you see… This all happened and it can be explained by one short scentence… “This”.. “Is”… “A”… “WTFMYBFFJILLBBQ ending” I dunno… I cant think of anything to say except for this ending makes me extremely mad… :orz:

  2. Kazuma says:

    At least he died with a smile on his face…I just hope that he had the chance to see her smile before fading away.

  3. Maxlurifax says:

    after watching a couple of episodes from this anime I knew this was that kind of anime and this ending was probably going to happen. :smug I don’t know why but japs seems to have this thing for killing off the main character and/or the love interest. Sure it was sad the first few times but now I’m bloody tired of it, :sigh especialy when it comes completely out of the blue (like now) :shrug

    Another thing that bugs me is that in the Visual Novel Ein ending when they go to Mongolia and look at the sky they don’t die just before the credits. :XD: In other words when they made the anime they added this random shit just so they could satisfy their fetish for tragic endings and be a little “deep” :rage: :sad3 :sad2

  4. thebot says:

    Show ▼

  5. Kurtis Deakin says:

    Just finished this series myself & have a theory to voice, if anyone still reads this.

    They reach Eren’s “home”. She says this is it, she’s sure & they can stop searching, “we dont have to go any farther.”

    Reiji smiles, relieved, & WALKS AWAY! This is key for my theory. You see bags on the ground & the sky is a brilliant blue.

    Next scene & Reiji stands seemingly alone, sky is a sunset, theres a tree now near him & no luggage. Time has passed, shown by the sky, I think he’s wandered away from Eren. Reiji is now talking regretfully, his past full of shattered dreams, yet how he could not deny this one promise to Eren.

    (I paraphrase a bit here)

    Scene switches to Eren, “Ive found what I needed.”

    Reiji “I promised (past tense) to make you smile.”

    Eren “I have memories”

    Reiji “You’ll be truly happy, I know you will” (He thinks you’ll, not WE will. Listen to the way he’s speaking, its almost like he’s saying goodbye, making peace with himself.)

    Eren- smiling.

    Reiji- cart rolls past, a single silence shot. He’s smiling.

    Eren “These things are my own. I can take them & live, they’re all I need.” (She’s truly happy, fulfilled & whole, or so it seems.)

    Reiji- falls.

    Eren-stands & turns, smiling.

    I believe Reiji shot himself. All thro the series he speaks of regret & guilt, right up to the end he laments that he’s had to kill to live. He hates himself & his life. At first Eren kept him going, then Cal, & then his promise to Eren.
    When Eren smiles I think she see’s Reiji gone. She knows or at least guesses at his course of action, that he is now happy, at peace with himself.
    Then she fades. Her old life, her Ein side, fading from her? Or is it time passing?
    She lays on the ground, lost in that perfect moment. Maybe she collapses there till she dies. Then you see the flower, its “perfection” flawed by a missing petal. Metaphor to Eren losing the perfection (so Scythe thought) of her Ein persona? Or is she merely damaged, yet, like the flower, alive? End of credits & you see the bullet, the death of & peace for Reiji.

  6. 1oblation says:


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