Phantom -Requiem for the Phantom-: 26 [END]


What is this I don’t even… FCUK YOU BEETROLLS!!


LOL poor girls~ This is why you shouldn’t mess up with the original Phantoms. Tsk tsk~ Action in this episode is totally awesome, it’s still funny how the “Phantoms” SM made are still proven to be real useless~ XD.


And here goes Scythe Master, looking fabulous in this final episode. LOL I guess he had been one of the villains I love to hate this year. He deserves the right to look fabulous in the finale as well~ 😛

But I gotta mention, I think I saw Scythe Master’s long lost love…

I bet Lady Gaga would be pleased that someone is agreeing her taste of style. These two are soulmates!

Let’s disregard the fact that Lady Gaga has a c0ck… Whaddya think? Don’t these two make the cutest (not to mention fabulous) couple in town?


LOL anyways, time for SM to die, by the hands of his prototype Phantom~


Aww~ Elen, don’t cry~ He’s not a waste for your tears.


Bye bye DOM (Dirty.Old.Man)!!! XD



Oh wait.. It’s still not over.


So we get to see what happens to the other characters. I included Shiga in here though because I gotta wonder where he is now? Is he still alive or dead? He didn’t showed up in the epilogues. Also, Mio, as disappointed as I am, is still alive till the end. UGH.


Anyway, we’re back to Reiji and Elen six months later. They’re now heading off to search for Elen’s past.


So those who had played the game, this is the “Cerulean Sky” end, right? Yup~


D’awww @ Elen. She definitely had one of the most shining character developments on all Spring anime Phantom debuted at the same time. Nice to see her going back to the sky she belonged in ^___^.


Ok, so yay for a Happily Ever After ending!!!

Oh wait.


Watch the carriage…









Bitch, your boyfriend is dead. Y U SMILIN’???

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! *throws keyboard* *breaks monitor screen* kgfbdddfcsvcsfvbfb

*goes to my laptop to continue making this post*

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT??? Will there be some OVAs following this to explain what just happened? WHAT THE HELL? I’ve got trolled hard XD! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!ghfbdbdjndbckgfbc *goes outside and kills cats*

*tries to calm down*

Well that wasn’t an ending I was really expecting to be honest, but it sure opens up a lot of questions.

Ok, Beetroll rage aside, Phantom had been a fanastic solid series all through out, and I’m really confident to say that this one’s surely one of my favorite shows of the year so far. It has been quite impressive, for a BeeTrain show. I’m definitely recommending this if you’re into shows with heavy atmosphere and action, but you might as well just try and avoid the last damn minute of the show if you’re expecting a happy ending 😉


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33 Responses to “Phantom -Requiem for the Phantom-: 26 [END]”

  1. hakuyukiko says:

    Oh YES I totally agree with you! What the hell was with the last minute of the show? I had a totally bad feeling when I saw the carriage, and then bingo, the trigger of a silent gun is pulled…

    Poor Elen and Reiji…I seriously wanted a happy ending so bad..after all those things they had to go through to be together…

    Beetrain, what in the world are they thinking? Are they trying to make some epic ending or what?? This is so upsetting…Oh well, since when anime like these have endings that are happy…I just finished Canaan today..and gosh…Canaan and Maria never were together in the end, so I decided to watch Phantom instead to ease the emptiness that hit me everytime a good series ends, because I was so positive that they are going to find Elen’s hometown and settle down happily together…And voila, this stupid minute ruined everything…

    • Superchick says:

      At first I thought that only Reiji died and I was thinking “What the crap kind of ending is that!!”, but then I read that the flowers were poison and she obviously ate a peddle. So since both of them die happy, how could there not be a better ending than that. I guess you just have to get used to it at first.

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    I have no idea what happened in the ending as well. Did Elen knew that all along when she smiled? Screw those Beetrain writers. :rage:

  3. fenixdown110 says:

    I’ve been waiting for you to blog this so I can express my disappointment and anger with killing Reiji. WTF!!! :red: :baww: :baww2: Your expression of anger at the end matches my own. They better have OVAs to explain what the hell just happened. I’m hoping *fingers crossed* that the assassination of Reiji was a failed one and he survives. PLEASE Beetrain. PLZZZZ :nosebleeds:

  4. xkyox says:

    Everyone thought the man on the carriage kills Reiji… sorry but no. I am not 100% saying I must be right but if you try to think this way. What if the purpose of carriage that on the scene is to obscured something important. After the ending song, there has a scene or picture shows a bullet shell on grassfield close to Elen. What I am trying to say is Elen is the Killer </3 None of the others but only phantom can kill phantom. Why? because she probably remember who she was and what's imporatant in her life such as family. As long as Renji is with Elen, Renji will suffered for commiting sin;therefore, she chooses to kill her loved one to end his suffering. And Elen probably is going back to inferno at the end in order to protect family. That could be the primary reason why she became the phantom.

  5. Logar says:

    I might have a solution. If we look carefully, what can we say ?

    1 From the beginning of the animation, producers didn’t stop to use symbols to express things
    2 When Eren remember her sky at the end, she says : “I think we don’t need to go on anymore”, Reiji asks if she’s sure of that, she says yes.
    3 Reiji remembers that the only one thing he wanted to do was to fulfill his promise to make Eren smile truly.
    4 Reiji is shot, we can’t know by who, and he keeps smiling.
    5 Eren says to herself that she can know truly live, her past doesn’t matter anymore. The only thing that’s important is her memories of being with Reiji.
    6 Eren is laying down, we can’t know if she’s still alive
    7 A petal is missing on one of the flowers next to Eren. Theses flowers are probably Safran, which is the symbol of life and reincarnation.

    To me, this end could make sense :

    Reiji and Eren planned way before to kill themselves once Eren would have found her past, and Reiji would have seen her smiling, because they want to start over in a new life (3,5).
    That would explain why Reiji keeps smiling after the shot (4). Of course to me Eren is dead too, maybe by another bullet, or by poisoning herself, actually the way she dies doesn’t really matters.
    When Eren says “I don’t think we need to go on anymore”(2), she means go on with these lives.

    It may sounds weird, but what really made me think that is that fucking missing petal (7). Why would the producers put that petal on middle of the last screen ? Just because this is not the symbol of death or of any ending, but this is the symbol of life and reincarnation (1,7).(actually the very last screen shows a bullet, probably the one which killed Reiji, but it can still symbolize the Ein’s and Zwei’s assassins lives.)

  6. Anonymous says:

    quote from hongfire

    “At first I thought she died but the problem with that is that there wasn’t any blood. As for Reiji, it’s more like a 50% chance he died (I’m leaning more to his death). Why? First, he wasn’t shot in the head. Second, he got point blank range in the past and didn’t die, although I thought I heard his death gasp.
    Another theory floating around is that Elen poisoned herself using the flower. First thing, that isn’t a nightshade flower. It looks like a form of Geranium (like the Alaskan Geranium), which ARE native to Mongolia (they aren’t poisonous).

    Next big question, if Elen did not die, did she know if Reiji died? From the way I look at it, the ending seemed to be hinting that they were both quite far away. Before sunset, you can see Reiji walking away from Elen (and take note of the bags as landmarks). DUring the sunset scene, however, the bags aren’t near Reiji (meaning he’s very far away). It’s quite possible that she couldn’t hear his death.

    The only real flaw I see with the ending is Reiji actually getting shot. I mean they’re top notch assassins. There’s no way that he could have been done in so easily (it’s more or less a contradiction of them being the greatest assassin vs an ordinary one). The ending just has too many flaws and too many loopholes.

    It’s obvious whoever wrote the final scene wasn’t really thinking. It think he/she was too focused on the fact of them being phantoms and the symbolism of being transparent, but he didn’t have to go full 360 around that idea.
    Everything in the anime was straight forward and down to earth so in the end I was left to wonder, “Why in the world would the writer put that final scene?” Beats me. Maybe he/she just wanted to surprise butt sex everyone. OR another possibility is that the subs could be missing some sort of symbolism or maybe a dual meaning lost in the translation, who knows.”

  7. kimura says:

    I hated the ending as much as the next guy but I can’t make myself believe anything good happened. I still have my doubts, though.

    Notice that Inferno says (from fansub, but the nouns do match up) “…flowers that fade away, ghosts that don’t exist. Even if it’s just a fleeting dream, we have things we must do.”

    Later we see Zwei fall over after being shot. Is he smiling? Ein, from another location, says her memories are enough to continue living. Seems she dosen’t want to die. The background song screams “transparent” repeatedly. Transparent my #&&.

    After, we see Ein is laying perfectly still despite the moving environment around her. One of the flowers Ein was holding earlier is missing a petal. A reference to “flowers that fade away” possibly? Maybe she was just holding it when she got shot and tore the petal off as she fell over.

    One part of me realized:
    No visible exit or entry wound on the front of Ein’s body. The casing was likely a 9mm so if shot by that, its most likely she was shot by a lightweight hollow point. That’s really unlikely… Just a thought.

    I’d like to see them both alive in some OVA and happy ending. If I could take back watching the last few minutes, I would…

  8. NitroplusFanboy says:

    You guys keep saying “Beetrain” this and “beetrain” that. You do realize this anime is an adaptation of a Visual Novel by Nitro+, right? This annoys me so much with people who just watch anime. Give the credit where the credit is due. Nitro+.

  9. NitroplusFanboy says:

    You guys keep saying “Beetrain this” and “beetrain that”. You do realize this anime was an adaptation of a Visual Novel by Nitro+, right? Give credit where credit is due.

  10. giraku says:

    The ending is just pure nonsense.

  11. Vando says:

    Well I find Reiji death perfect because it does fit, he was an assasin and killed heaps of people and Inferno was again’t him. So it no wonder that he ‘could’ be assinated. Yea the scene was animated a little strange.. but just by going on the events.. It fits. But Reiji killing Cal doesn’t fit well.. If Reiji thinks the best way to deal with cal is to kill her, then this is going to come back to him.

    I’m surpized sometimes how so many people like Reiji after what he did to Cal… He swore to protect Cal and be together with Cal and ‘come back’ to her but in the end he never! even try to explain anything to Cal and just Emo over it that it was his fault.. and decide the best way to fix it was killing Her? lol

    The one person he needed to repent for he ended up killing. Reiji has the IQ of a rock.

    Cal impacts in chapter 2 is lost to some people, While Reijij was all alone! The one person who helped him climb out of the darkness so he ‘doesn’t feel like a dead person’ was Cal. In his time of need.. when he felt nothing Cal was able to comfort him, help him. Cal cooked food and helped him out so much.

    And what did Reiji do When Cal needed him most? When Cal was the one in darkness? He killed her. While Cal had certainly lost it, still Reiji never said anything to help her.. Never thought that Cal is alot of pain so I should do something to help her.. And killing someone is never doing them a favour (unless it such that they are! dying and shooting them for a immediate painless death.)

    Still I think the end of kill them all off is great, but I have a bad taste in the way they done it. They made Reiji out to be a Fuc*** idiot.

    • BleachOD says:

      His promise to Ein was more important than the one he made to Cal

      He felt guilty for Cal becoming Drei. He cared about her. But she F-cked up when she wanted to kill Ein

      I love Reiji.

      I think they both die. Reiji wanted to see her smile. She smiles for him before she dies

      She dies smiling in the’s the last thing he sees before he becomes Phantom

      I think they paid homage to the ending in some freaky way. Because Reiji wanted to die with Ein and she didn’t shoot…

      This time they die together and she still dies smiling.

    • BleachOD says:

      Reiji thought Ein was dead. Cal was there for him but she didn’t go through the same thing with him. Like it was with Ein. They had no choice. Cal wanted it. She embraced the life, he wanted to run from

      He and Ein had a different bond and it was stronger–that is why he chose her over Cal

      He should have shot her ass, she would have shot him and Ein

      Self Defense

  12. IsdatwatUcalledMe says:

    Man..wat kind of ending was dat??there i was infront of the pc…watching diz anime… :oha: happy go lucky!n then suddenly!… :ehh: Zzz a gun equipped with silencer shot reiji! :red: wtf!!dat wasnt the ending i wud want!!mann they better do a sequel or ovas to explain wat had happened! 😡

  13. Karen says:

    Okay . You know what I think ? Reiji and Ellen knew that Inferno was closeby . And after looking so long for memories , they finally find something that satisfies ellen , that makes her smile . So , tired of running away so much , they’re like , this is enough , let them kill us , at least we’re happy . And then as the carriage passes by YOU HEAR THE SILENCER GO PEWPEWPEW ! D: But he’s smiling . Which is him happy ? And ellen probably goes looking for him later , and is like OMG . D: And kills herself cause he was her reason for living ? o_o

    Idkk , this is how I see it . D:

    • Rain says:

      I think that what happened in the end was like this. The boss guy from inferno says that it must be taken care of. When Reiji got shot, it symbolic of the ending of the life of assassins, this would explain why the petal symbolizing life and resurrection is gone. However you don’t see any blood or wounds on him, so it looks like it was a nonfatal shot, possible in the lower part of his body. It is way of saying that they are dead in the assassin life and will be able to live peacefully now.

  14. RastaHenkie says:

    Damm whut a sucky ending. I expected cal to die and if some1 else had 2 die 2 make it more dramatic Elen would sacrfice so Reji could live on or soemthing.
    But this end sucks balls, Elefant balls cuz first of all who shot Reji u would say tha dude on tha chart but then why is Elen smiling so happy that makes u think :ehh: mbay she shot him. when I heard tha shot i was liek wtfack is that ❓
    But I rather have a ending like they get married kill all of inferno,Elen sacrifes hereself so Reiji can live on marries Mio and take over Jap Jakuza then inferno, or they both die and married in hell 🙂

    • RastaHenkie says:

      ow wait perfect ending would be Reji tells cal that he tought she was dead with makes sence. She get a bit back 2 normal they keel SM and top pll of inferno. Reji&Elen get married and adopt cal(btw LOL when she first was grown up cal on tha bike and they made here look like she had dubbel D’s i tought it was cal but could not be then i tought it mbay was Mrs.Mccunen or how u spell here name againXD and then later she has just aa’s that wwas funie 4 me^^)
      Anyway they adopt cal and start some kindah chiarity 4 orphans.
      (since Elen&Cal are one and Reji kindah 2)

  15. littlejinx says:

    what i feel is:
    Reiji only continues living because he wanted to fulfil his promise to elen, to find her memories and her smile… so now that he has done that, he has no reason to live anymore.
    the one who shot reiji should be elen. she probably knew that reiji did not want to continue living anymore. plus he’s smiling even after getting shot, meaning he knows what happened and feels at peace about it.
    then elen did not want to live alone without reiji so she poisoned herself.. that should be it… well they showed the flower with no petal.. i don’t know.. but she definitely would want to die without reiji anyway.

  16. littlejinx says:

    the carriage passing by reiji when he got shot should be a coincidence. that guy in the carriage may be hired by inferno, but they have no reason to kill him. reiji and elen were not involved in mafia anymore. plus, they could have done so a long time ago, if they wanted to, and killed elen as well. other than elen and inferno, probably no one else would know and want to kill reiji

  17. Phrozen says:

    I will tell you what I think the most true and effed up ending was….. well what I think happened, I will make it short…..
    Before the Sunset scene Reiji leaves… you see the luggage as a landmark
    Inferno killed Reiji because once you join the family the only way out is in a box……Doesnt matter how he died…. he is dead.

    So Elen was still where she was touches flower and is filled with all these strange emotions…… gets up and “truly smiles…… reminded of her dreams she WILLINGLY falls to the ground an is awed(frozen even) by the sight of the sky being able to truly enjoy being alive for the first time.Also being able to share that feeling with someone.

    I think Elen finally got true happiness but being unaware of her dead lover laying on the ground some couple yards away. Remember ignorance is bliss. While you know….. when she figures out her only true love is dead she will probably commit suicide or something…. I think up more Effed up situations than most but whatever….. I might be totally wrong I just like thinking the most effed up things…… btw Berserk is my favorite anime 😉

  18. Anime Lover says:

    what the mother effing ending was that?! why do they have to die, after all they went through to try and lead normal lives… i want to know what actually happened! i hate enigmatic endings where there r tons of possibilities. and it leaves you guessing. i finished the series late at night and i knew i would never be able to rest in peace… btw RIP Elen and Reiji, u deserve it after all you two went through. T.T man, i almost cried and i was at the edge of my seat too… i swear if this is based on a true story, ima FRIGGIN KILL ALL THE INFERNO MEMBERS WHO DID THIS TO REIJI AND ELEN! T.T now i have to find another anime show to fill up the hole in my heart that’s created when a good series ends. Reiji and Elen…should have lived happily ever after. *sigh* you can’t get everything that you want. no wonder they called this “Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom” now i know, a requiem is something to honor the dead? or maybe something of the sort. T.T i wished there was a continuation of this. RAWR!!! I HATE SAD ENDINGS! T.T

  19. Anime Lover says:

    i cant believe this! its true theyre both dead but how? reader, for your sake hope that they planned die like dis. i wish that this was a happy ending although my heart says that “they probably killed themselves. even if they could have live ordinary lives, the threat of Inferno will always be there…” i have never felt this strong for an anime probably because this has been different from the other that i’ve seen… i feel like my heart just got ripped out and stepped on. R.I.P. Elen and Reiji

  20. LOVINGANIME says:

    Well, to me I think everything was a dream, in the early part before killing Cal he was in a car with her… And she said something about ” its not bad dreaming blah blah”

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