Bakemonogatari: 10


School swimsuit fetish ceremony time!


OP: Ren’ai Circulation by Kana Hanazawa [Sengoku Nadeko]


This OP is too freaking cute it’s criminal! Definitely my favorite OP of this show along with “staple stable”, but I guess this one obviously wins on the animation. The song’s just adorable. And for a second there when she’s rapping, it felt a little bit HALCALI-esque.


So it turns out that Nadeko had been cursed by someone who likes the person who confessed to her. It’s childhood jealousy gone bad to shorten it up. Nadeko rejected the guy who confessed to her, because she already “likes someone else” coughsKoyomicoughs. So after finding out that she got snake-cursed by the girl, she read up several books on how to uplift it, so it lead her on killing snakes, but that just led her to something worse.


The deal with Shinobu is quite interesting. So it seems like Araragi had been giving blood to Shinobu all along? I can’t wait for his arc and to read the prequel to get to know more about it.

Also, I seem to agree with Meme again. Araragi’s actions of helping people is getting too martyr-ish.


This scene should have been taken seriously since it’s the ceremony of Nadeko’s snake in her body to get out from her. But I can’t help but lol at the obvious fanservice it shows.


I just got disappointed in the action scene on the second half of the episode. It seems like SHAFT did not finished the animation in time before it airs so I’m hoping they’ll be fixing this on the DVDs.

Yeah, the flashing still got a bit annoying this once for me. It’s only like a Drama CD and you’re watching a slideshow presentation of some sorts. It was a disappointment for this episode, after seeing Kanbaru’s bloody awesome action sequence. Probably because the company lacks staff already, which worries me about their future projects. But yeah, still have hopes that the DVD version would fix this.


I’m not quite sure if I really like Araragi’s character. The more I think about his actions, the more my head hurts and the more I found him annoying, in a way that he’s even doing “good”. Ghostlightning did a really nice post with some thoughts on Araragi so I suggest you to read that because it matches my thoughts as well.

So overall it was a very lacking episode. Not in the story nor the seiyuu department, but on how SHAFT executed the animation. It got pretty boring and annoying with the stills of Araragi’s eye, the moon, and some other random stuff including those annoying red and black stills. And some stills they used on the first half of the episode are just plain reused from the previous episode too. So yeah, it’s quite sad to see that we don’t get the crazy-in-a-good-way SHAFT-ness. I find it painful to watch. The ending was a little different, since we don’t get the usual Araragi getting owned by her sisters part, instead, we have the regular ED.

It’s quite a shame though, since Nadeko’s my favorite girl alongside Hitagi. Her arc seems to be presented weekly. Cannot blame though since it’s scheduled for two episodes only, so we get problem introduction + problem solved already >.> It surprised me that Kanbaru got a decent amount of screentime in this arc though, while it made me depressed that there’s no Senjougahara at all ;__;.

Summing it all up, it only seems like the OP is the only thing redeemable about this episode AND the Senjougahara in an apron art on the last part. But just like what I said earlier, I hope the DVD/Bluray version would fix this.

Hanekawa arc next, which has the last two episodes to be seen on television, Koyomi Vamp would probably be on webcasts but some people say that Hanekawa’s arc consists of 5 episodes instead. I don’t know…

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6 Responses to “Bakemonogatari: 10”

  1. Xiao says:

    I want that OP song so badly. So cute!!! Nadeko~! Kana-san~! :aww:

    haha, well, despite her arc being so short, I still liked the story. Poor girl, though. Hate from jealousy shouldn’t be taken that far this is all your fault, Arararagi but guess it wouldn’t make for interesting plot otherwise.

    Other than the concern of Araragi’s good-intentioned nosiness, NO! Meme, don’t leave~! :huhu:

    And the snake fight…*sigh* Well, I expected a mile better at least. The stills got on my nerves so much and I wanted to smack some SHAFT employee even after the snake shot off. And I thought Araragi’s mouth not moving was my own computer’s fault for being slow. Not. -_-#

    Hope the DVDs will be fix this as well since I already plan on buying them.

    Anyways, can’t wait for Tsubasa’s arc. I don’t really remember if it’s been mentioned before but is Araragi aware of her oddity?
    Well, hope Hitagi comes back as well. Her not being in Nadeko’s arc is understandable but it’s only proper they bring her back for Tsubasa’s…just for the fact that they’re classmates. *don’t really care, just bring her back* 😛

  2. TJ says:

    So disappointing that they ran out of animation during the episode’s climax. The rest of episode was fine, but the end kind of ruined everything.

  3. Ernest says:

    what us this about a webcast and prequel i hear?

    nice review btw and i love the OP also.

  4. Yeah too bad about Nadeko not being much of a character.

    She does little else but round out the fetish set for the harem dynamic. Her back story is there to present and justify the “onii-chan” business and to play the role of “childhood friend” fetish. Otherwise, she doesn’t give anything the way Hachikuji and Kanbaru did.

  5. Rawr says:

    The op song was really HNNNNGH, but otherwise it was quite soothing, actually.

  6. LEED AP says:

    Thank you for a great post

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