07-Ghost: 09 – BROHUG POWAA!


Step back, Sengoku Basara, this is the manliest show this season XD.

This episode is just awesome, and I’m also gonna be stepping my episodic fangirlings up a notch because there will be a few animated gifs scattered in this post ^^!!!

Gif rule: I made them so don’t even try to steal them …or else I’ll come out of your computer screen and rip your head apart. No, seriously, please don’t just steal them without credit because it took a lot of effort ^^. I know I still suck at this thing but that’ll be the rule for the rest of my upcoming posts with gif by me unless stated ^^.

And oh, prepare tons of tissues now because this episode is a BAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW-fest. T_________________T

And again, this post is fangirl-heavy, so have some earplugs ready because I “BAWWW”, “SQUEEE”, and “KYAAA” a lot~

So yeah, where did we left off, oh right~ Mikage turned evil under Aya-tan’s control (Nuuu~~~ MIKAGEEE!!! T__T) and it’s time for a certain someone lurking inside Teito to get awakened. On with the fangirling~


KYAAAAA~!!! MIKHAIL!!!!!!!!! :kyaa:  He’s soooo awesome!!! Too bad he only appeared for a short while since Evil!Mikage pwned him though >.>… But still, I’m such a sucker for those hawt red eyes~~~


This is just too difficult to watch T^T. Two friends battling each other T___T. And what’s more worse is that they aren’t conscious of what’s happening T___T. Nuuuuuu~~~~~!!!


And then Zehel comes in to the rescue!!! Argh! This battle is so hard to decide on which one to side on DX~~~~


NUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!! Evil!Mikage had been totally possesed T ^ T!!! Zehel was quite nice though on refraining on fighting with him, but Evil!Mikage’s fully under control by super-evil Aya-tan now T___T it’s too late T___T.


:dun: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did he killed himself!!! Argh Zehel should have kept that huge scythe away, even though I know it’s so awesome! Lesson learned: KEEP AWAY SHARP OBJECTS FROM POSSESED PEOPLE!!!

NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!!!!!!!!! MIKAGEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OTL.


:rage: *throws millions of tomatoes on Aya-tan!!!!!!!!!!!* :rage:


This is the most BAWWWing moment in the manga so far for me, and I’m so glad that the anime did justice to this scene, and now, let’s prepare tons of tissues…



And this scene is the total exact same as on the manga if I remembered correctly, and I totally BAWWWW’d so much T___T. NUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be the last time we get to see Mikage’s living smile!!! T___________T


T.T NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T

😥 MIKAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😥

*bawws for an eternity*


Mikage memorial flashbacks T__T. Damn, I will so cry eveytime I get to see yakisoba T_______T. And lol we get to discover that Teito is anorexic too because he’s eating pills XDDD.


This shot is beautiful~ It’s like a painting. And I totally feel sad for Teito losing his important friend T____T. *pats Teito* 😥


Everyone close to Teito in the church, including the nuns and the bishops, re worrying so much about him. Frau/Zehel seemed to be the most worried about him, but instead of lamenting, he even joyfully attempts to cheer him up by bringing him a CUTE and pleasant surprise!!!


It’s a small pink dragon that roars “Burupya~”!!!!!!!! It is in fact, a reincarnated Mikage! And Burupya ish just so ADORABLE TO BITS!!! (and with that, I’m spamming with Burupya gifs~)



:omg: OH MY GOD IT’S FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :omg:


And we have Mikage finally living his dream having Man x Dragon p0rn. Ohohoho~ you filthiness! XD.


AWWW~!!! I WANT A BURUPYA AS WELL!!!! Can some of my friends like, get transformed too? XDDDDD Joking! XD But DAWWWW I really can’t help it!!! I want a Burupya plushie to snuggle :kyaa: !!!!!!!!!!!!!


And awww~ T_______________T After that cute-fest, I’ll be going back to baw-fest again just by seeing this scene. Mikage R.I.P. and will always be guiding Teito ^___^.



Probably this is a really strong scene because it shows that life definitely goes on after someone’s loss. I totally cried like hell never before, and Teito sure proves that he’s a very vulnerable character. This show is just touching T___T.


The scene between Frau and Aya-tan is soooo animated so much like SHAFT XDD. With that artistic style and use of shadows~Aya-tan also seems to have a scythe that’s same as Teito too, and I think it’s really nice on how they animated this one because I find this part on the manga confusing.



It’s funny how Studio DEEN is totally driving us insane being after a really really sad atmosphere, they’ll immediately lighten things up with some comedy XD. It all starts with Frau and this stubborn eyed-choker on Teito~


Haha! Lol where did Frau got those scissors all of a sudden? XDDD!!! LMAO~ Haha poor Teito but your slave collar is really stubborn that it needs to get cut (be careful though because your head can get cut too O__O lol).


Kyahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDD The eye bit Frau XDD. Poor Frau~


Lol. Poor Teito too XD.


Haha, and the wackiness still continues~ I really love these bishops for bringing back a smile to our faces. LOL FRAU XDDD. And Castor is love~ Labrador’s always a cute lolishouta XD.


And yep~ This is gonna be a start of a new partnership! Haha let’s all see how things will work out from now on XD. Teito’s so going to be with Frau~


When the two both look into each other, I totally SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Kyaaa~!!! And OMG MIKAGE/BURUPYA LIKE FRAU TOO!!!!!! >////<!!!!!!!!!


Overall, this episode is AWESOME!!! I’m so glad that Studio DEEN is spending lots of budget on these significant episodes. The action scenes are really good. Still not up-par to Basquash or even Eden but it’s still good compared to its previous episodes.

And 07-Ghost still remains one of my favorite shows this season ^^. Since it has been loyal to the manga and they are bringing justice to it so far. It’s yummy cheese, to be exact, and we all love that XP. See you next episode!

Screenshot gallery next page~


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12 Responses to “07-Ghost: 09 – BROHUG POWAA!”

  1. kirapika says:

    Yep, I agree. One word to describe this episode is AWESOME. ^^ While I was watching the raw, in the first half of the ep. my reaction was T.T :freeze2: :doomed: .

    It’s so sad to see those last moments between Teito and Mikage. While I was reading the manga I was weeping inside but the anime made me feel worse yet how they showed it was just so awesome. >.__<!! Omfg it’s so cute~ <33 :love:

    Your gifs were awesome, btw ;D

    kirapika’s last blog post..Pandora Hearts chapter 18: “..Her being like that seems so dazzling to me, but sometimes.. it also makes me feel bitter.. but she’s warm”

  2. Ashelea says:

    *glomps that gif pic*

    And I totally cried so much on that Brohug scene. I cried on the manga and I cried again T___T. Nuuu Mikage~~~~ 😥 I was totally all “WTF” when Aya-tan’s just control him T___T. Nuu if I could only glue back those wings T ^ T lol.
    And I agree that the animation on this episode is uh-maaaa-zing.

    And omg you are abusing your gif-maker for good! BURUPYAAA~ :kyaa2: !!! FREAKING FREAKING ADORABLE!!! I’m sooo tempted to steal those and make it my wallpaper but I’m too afraid to lose my head lol so no thankies XD. But omg *drools at Man x Dragon p0rn*. Rofl.

  3. mikan-sakura says:


    I really love how Mikhail is presented in the anime! I’m just plain glad to see him and his eyes colored and animated :3

    This episode is a total roller coaster. I’m totally BAWWWing so much when Mikage died and I wanna squish Aya-tan’s face.

    But like the second half comes, there’s all cuteness and craziness and Frau is really funny.


    PS – your gifs are awesome ^^. Especially the Burupya ones~ :omg:

  4. Auntie Heng says:

    :dun: :huhu: 😥 :dun: :huhu: 😥 :dun: :huhu: 😥


    thou i’ve seen this coming for weeks… i still need to mourn over it :rage: :rage:

    reincarnated mikage looks so much like a digimon!!!
    I WANT ONE TOO!!!!!

  5. cherelle says:

    I totally cried when I was still reading this part of the manga back then, then now that there’s the anime, I said to myself that I won’t cry when that scene comes. But now I’m crying so much. Agh! Mikage… 😥

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  7. Summary of thoughts of the episode:
    :kyaa2: :cute: :aww: :huhu: :dun: 😥 :cheer: :dun: :XD: T.T :love:

    blame mikage, burupya, teito, ayanami, frau, and of course the love of my life: MIKHAIL 😉

    Sapphire Pyro’s last blog post..07-Ghost – Episode 9

  8. kikami says:

    this is one of those animes that makes you sad and happy
    ep 9

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  10. Amira says:

    I have an assumption after read the manga and watching the anime and wonder whether you guys agree with my statement. Verloren is looking for the chief-of-heaven’s daughter soul right because he loves her. (Eve is her name). What would you say if Teito/Tiashe is the recarnation of Eve… I mean, even Frau/Zehel said that Teito’s soul is beautiful without being tainted(rare). What would you say. 😉

  11. Amira says:

    I know that it would be a chaos… for sure.. Even, Teito is quite easily blushed if Frau said anything like ‘It is because you’re have a kind heart / curse does not save people’. I mean, if we look closely, Eve in the manga is similar with Teito’s face despite gender. Hahahaha…. I don’t mind if Frau and Teito become a couple.. Hahaha I bless both of you even if God’s not.

  12. Bernard says:

    I cannot give you a Burupya plushie, but here’s one I’m making for someone. XD


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