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Kanz: Summer Anime 2009 Catalog post finally fini.. err, I mean published! Let’s see if Summer is really that hot~

Tsui: Uhh yeah, but what the hell’s up with “Catalog”? You could’ve just said “Preview” or “Line-up” or just like the regular and it’s not even complete yet -__-;;

Kanz: Oh, you innocent little slave~ “Catalog” sounds wayyy more fabulous so mind your own ass and let’s get it on with the list!

Mimi: Mimi-channn ~desu!!!! ~<3!!! 😉

Kanz: Mimiiii!!!!

*three hours of repetitive dialogues between Kanz and Mimi*

Tsui: Oh boy, here we go again -__-;; While Kanz is busy squealing, I’ll introduce to you the Summer Anime Line-up..

Kanz: CATALOG!!!

Tsui: Uh ok, …Catalog of 2009. We did some changes for the better and you can now watch trailers on this site, instead of clicking a different link ^^. Just press the shiny “Show Trailer/Teaser” text on the anime that already has an available trailer. Also the pictures are also cropped so it’ll look more neat. Each page has 5-6 shows for provided better navigation. There’s also a page where we compiled all the OVA/Movies as well. The list isn’t finished yet though. Lol were still not yet thru the half of Spring so lots of updates will take place soon for sure. Sigh, yeah… it took a lot of effort than the usual ^^…

Kanz: >__> Soooo, now you’re saying that you made all those freaking efforts huh?! Are you saying that you’re already cool because of that?! Are YOU demanding a salary payment? Think twice, jerk! Do you know that poor little co-authors like you have no place anywhere?! Haha yeah that’s right so keep your head on the ground, kiss my foot, serve me tea and be the little slave you’re born to be! Hahahaha!!!


Tsui: ^*image in mind*^

Mimi: Miiiiiii~~~~!!!!!!! 😉

Kanz: Yeah right… OKIEZZ~!!! Let’s get back to our cuuutte~ readers! Let’s now proceed to the Line-up!!! Shall we? <3

Tsui: I thought it’s “Catalog”?… Nevermind.


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39 Responses to “SUMMER ANIME 2009”

  1. meteorhouse62 says:

    I got stunned at how early this is O__O…
    Will read first before I comment again ^^ (just saving the first comment of honor :P)

    • meteorhouse62 says:

      Ok, thanks for the early preview… Or err, catalogue as kanzeon said xD;; The only show that stands out this season in my opinion is Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. I think it looks really great, judging by the preview and the studio behind it. Scary concept ftw–

      A change of studio regarding Spice and Wolf is something that’s hard to adopt in, but I’m prepared for it anyway if it’s for the better. I haven’t watched episode 00 yet though, and maybe I’ll save watching it when ep 01 airs on Summer.

      :XD: Lots of school/slice-of-life eh? I think Kanamemo (did i just spelled it right?) looks cute and Seitokai no Ichizon as well. I’m hoping that any studio would animate it except for Studio DEEN but it’s too late lol.

  2. Gareth says:

    SPICY WOLF 2! :nosebleeds:
    Hooray for more furry moe Horo. Looking forward to summer! :runs:

  3. b says:

    :huh: So… is the second series of Haruhi true or not? I still don’t get it.

  4. warriorhope says:

    My Picks:
    1. Hetalia season 2
    2. Hetalia season 2
    3. Hetalia season 2…(shot)

    Seriously though, I’m want to watch SoraManiMani, the baseball show, Hetalia, and Aoi Hana. I’ll probably also try the random mermaid show and the one that’s taking over Eden’s timeslot.

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Hetalia Axis Powers-Episode 15

    • kanzeon says:

      Summer season screams PASTAAAAAAAAAA~!!!

      I lol’d so hard when you mentioned “random mermaid show” for Umi Monogatari XDDD OMG lolol XD!!! I don’t know why but I just laughedmao at my table like an involuntary action ^^ (yeah, I’m crazy XD). The one taking over Eden’s timeslot is Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 ^^.

  5. ShiryuKaren says:

    I lol’d so hard on the Needless comments and the Cobra. Lol I don’t even know what that is either even though it’s airing for so long 😆

    The only shows I’m looking forward to next season is Hetalia 2 and Spice and Wolf 2. I’m not sure enough to try out the new series, since nothing almost appeals to me. Well except for Tokyo Magnitude, but I can’t take tragedies with my weak heart.

  6. wow.. wait a second.. I though Hetalia 3 were to suppose to release on autumn <.<‘ Since the first season is rather finish on 19 July… so it would be hard to believe that they would continue the week after that as Hetalia 1 finish.

    btw.. you didn’t mention xxxHOLiC Shunmuiki xD

    Mimiko ♥’s last blog post..Hatsukoi Limited episode 4

    • kanzeon says:

      Hetalia 2 is confirmed on Summer ^^. Yay~ that means no break *so happy*

      Umm, we still have no news for xxxHolic but we’ll keep you updated ^^

  7. Dude_anon says:

    Definitely watching:
    1. Umineko no Naku Koro ni
    2. Spice and Wolf 2
    3. Aoi Hana

    I’ll be looking forward to:
    4. CANAAN
    5. GA
    6. Princess Lover
    7. Tokyo Magnitude

  8. June says:

    Daaaang. This really is exceptionally early. Most of the Spring animes are still in their early stages! But July isn’t that far away either, really…

    Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 definitely looks interesting, I think I’ll be checking that one out. That, and elementhunters. (haha, just for kicks. And to see if it can do anything for my sucky chemistry…)

  9. mikan-sakura says:

    :kyaa: Lol thank you so much for the early review!!! Yay~ Finally I will not get lost when the new season comes ^^. Keep the updates coming~

    I’ll be surely watching Aoi Hana because I LOVE the manga. The main may not look very bishoujo like Strawberry Panic or Candy Boy but I really dig the story ^^. Hope you guys would try it as well ^^.

    Lol Element Hunters. Sound like a very interesting premise but when I checked the site, it looked like a kiddie show (lol a kiddie show that’s about chemistry is really educational XD!). But yep, it may get really helpful in chemistry ^^. :megane:

    And yay for another season of Hetalia. YaayyY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

  10. Xiao says:

    I was ROFLMAO throughout the entire catalogue. XD

    Argh, I’m still too scared to watch Higurashi but I’m definitely going to give Umineko a try. The character designs and setting of the story look really interesting.

    Watching Sora no ManiMani purely for Xiao’s beloved Kanae-san~! <333

    Whatwhat?! Nana-sama singing an OP?! OMG, will watch! 8D
    & main guy reminds me of Daisuke from D.N.Angel…which I sorely miss. Why aren’t the new chapters coming out anymore? T_T

    As for the others, I plan to try CANAAN, Yakyuu Musume, the show after that (lol) btw, you put the Yakyuu trailer under that one, just wanted to point that out ^^;, Umi Monogatari (I got the Mermaid Melody vibe from it, too…only I don’t know which one looks more pervy), Bakemonogatari…and like, 5 others. o.O; I’ll probably drop several before I even watch them, though. Just like for spring. xD;

    But thanks so much for the awesome review! I’ll keep checking back for updates! ^^

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Watashi ni xxx Shinasai! Ch. 1 & ARISA Ch. 5 RAWs

  11. Ashelea says:

    Thanks for the epic fabulous funny catalog or catalogue… or whatever how that’s spelled >.> lol. I really can’t stop laughing from the Needless comments to the Cobra silence XD lolol~

    “Kanz: …….Are YOU demanding a salary payment?……”

    >>LMAO! Poor Tsui… So his services are free? XD O dear the two of you are SO funny XDD.

    Omg anyway, I have a lot to watch on the next season! Though I’m getting the feeling that most of them will end up being dropped like dead flies after a few weeks or so. I’m torn apart between Umi Monogatari to Yoru Wamaru Thingy Show (forgot the name XD) and I’m also choosing between Aoi Hana and the Baseball Girls. It feels like there’s a natch for every summer show lol. Will watch Umineko and Hetalia 2 for sure. I still need to watch the first season of Spice and Wolf to understand the hype about it though.

    So yeah, thanks for the preview! (Or catalog/ue XDD). I’ll wait for more trailers and updates to come ^^.

  12. gungrave32 says:

    CANAAN will definitely be good. I can’t wait for it. :cute:

  13. TJ says:

    Wow, early previews FTW! Nothing looks too interesting though. Kind of curious about spicy wolf but I have to marathon through the first season…

    TJ’s last blog post..One Piece 541

  14. maya-nee says:

    Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, gonna watch this one

  15. FuyuMaiden says:

    Woo! The super awesome early Metanorn anime preview…er…catalog is ftw is always! I love the new layout of things. Even a preview (catalog? lol) post just looks so cool when it’s on Metanorn.

    As expected, you guys had me laughing the whole way through. Too bad I have to wait for Fall anime for another one of these. (Ooo~ Or maybe a new show will get announced?)

    As for shows I’m watching, of course Sora no Manimani is at the top of my list. It is my officially adopted fangirl series for the season! Which reminds me that I need to go check that scanlation group and see if they’ve given me any more chapters of the manga that I can love~

    Other series I’m probably going to at least check out are Canaan, Taishou Yakyuu Musume, Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou, Umi Monogatari, Kanamemo, and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (the “duh” show on everyone’s watchlist!). Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, more Hetalia~ I may not talk about it much, but I can’t resist those bishie-fied countries~

    There seem to be a lot of things I have interest in, but not much is totally grabbing me like Sora no Manimani. I think I’m just spoiled and expect to have a show to add to my favorites OF ALL TIME every season for some reason. Which may work out anyway if Sora no Manimani surpasses my own hype. And then I never have to learn a lesson. Yay!

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Mistress Fortune – Extra

  16. Auntie Heng says:


    i see plenty of boobs for the summer release… :ehh:

    the only anime that catches my attention



    :runs: :oha: :love: :kyaa2: :nosebleeds:

    *lets the emotes-spam do the talking*

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  18. Michel says:

    Spice and Wolf 2 is a guaranteed win for me! :runs:

  19. faer1edust says:

    I think Summer will be definitely better than Spring, but there are still a few shows that I’m guaranteed to check out. I can’t wait for Umi Monogatari and Aoi Hana :kyaa:

  20. xcvb says:

    Summer looks better than Spring. Looking forward to lots of shows like Umineko, Spice and Wolf, Cobra, ElementHunters, Aoi Hana, Needless and Yoru Gendai Mahou.

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