Secret Santa 2012 – RideBack

RideBack 007

Santa might want to think of trading in his sleigh for one of these babies

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Winter Anime OP Digest – part 2


Tsui here again on another OP digest for the Winter Anime season! Note: The OPs listed below are only from the Winter anime early episodes I’ve watched so far. This post contains OPs for MARIA+HOLIC, RIDE BACK, Viper’s Creed, Birdy Decode: 02, Kemono no Souja Boy Erin,  Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou, Munto, Minami-ke Okaeri, Tower of DRUAGA: Sword of URUK and Asu no Yoichi. So here we go…


Quick Bits: 12/08/08


So much anime to watch out for on Spring next year.

  • Fullmetal Alchemist anime is confirmed for April 2009
  • Sequel to Kiniro Corda -primo passo-, Kiniro no Corda -second passo- is confirmed to air on Spring. Three new bishies are introduced in the official site.
  • Nodame Cantabile 3rd season is confirmed to air on Fall 2009
  • CLAMP’S Kobato. will be getting an anime adaptation on Spring 2009. Direction by Masuhara Mitsuyuki, composition by Ookawa Nanase, character design by Katou Hiromi, animation production by MAD HOUSE.
  • New BEE TRAIN anime titled Phantom -Requiem for the Phantom- is confirmed.
  • Kawamori Shouji’s recent upcoming work BASQUASH! is confirmed to be a TV anime for 2009. Character designs by Yoshimatsu Takahiro, production by Satelight.
  • Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo’s former staff will be working on a new animated theatrical feature titled Summer Wars. [Newtype]
  • RIDEBACK Preview
  • Aarinfantasy had taken interest in subbing Hetalia Axis Powers (Yay!)
  • Ani-NTM UPDATE [Spoiler]: Shana is still on the lead. I also finished making some pics for the next episode.  Spoiler: The theme for next week’s photoshoot is that the girls should pose fiercely with their eyes above the water [idea from RL ANTM]. Weird huh XD

PV: Haruka Tomatsu – Musuhi no Toki [Kannagi ED]