Hetalia Character Single Vol. 3 – Japan


“I love new things, I love trendy things, even more I can’t say I’m in the minority… Excuse me, I am sorry!” — OH GOD, I FCUKING LOVE JAPAN!

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Music Digest – Everyone ready for the MANLIEST MUSICAL EVER???


In the digest:

– Sengoku Basara Musical details
– Abingdon Boys School
– Hetalia Axis Powers’ 3rd Character Single Preview
– Billboard Top 50
– Pink

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Hetalia Character Single Vol. 2 – Germany


A lonely big German guy can be emo too…

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Soul Eater Character Single – Death The Kid and The Thompson Sisters

The third character single of Soul Eater is finally uploaded! This time, it’s the uber-perfect Death the Kid (with the uber-hot Miyano Mamoru as his VA), along with the Thompson sisters, Liz and Patty. I really like the song, though Liz sounds out of place between Kid and Patty but I ignored that. It’s less hardcore than Mauve-Iro no Sympathy by Soul and Maka but still, Miyano Mamoru makes up for it!

[DOWNLOAD Sore ga Bokura no Michishirube MP3]

[DOWNLOAD Sore ga Bokura no Michishirube Remix MP3]

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Character Songs 02: Nogizaka Mika


Nogizaka Mai… the naughty and experienced sister of Haruka… Hmmm XD. I found her character song way better than Haruka’s as well as her rendition of Hitosashiyubi Quiet! It’s very cute and you may notice that it fits Mika’s character really well. Good Job for Gotou Mai. So you can download her character song and her rendition of Hitosashi Quiet! below the jump.


Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Character Songs 01: Nogizaka Haruka

PhotobucketThe Character Albums of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu are out and I first uploaded the first one, which is Nogizaka Haruka herself. I’ll admit that this is the most unusual that I’ve heard of Mamiko Noto. It’s up to you if you’ll like it or not but for me, I think it’s too much moe that it sems that she’s trying hard. Well, I love Mamiko Noto and Nogizaka Haruka btw. You can download some of her songs from her character album below.