Hetalia Character Single Vol. 2 – Germany


A lonely big German guy can be emo too…

Hiroki Yasumoto really does a great job on Ludwig’s character single. Ludwig’s first character song, German Anthem, is soooo… Ludwig, duh~ XD and that means deep huge voice. It has a marching beat, and it’s accompanied by Ludwig’s strict military voice that’s makes the song really catchy.

The other character song, Einsamkeit, gives a more alternative rock touch. Einsamkeit means loneliness and in this song, Ludwig expresses why he can’t express his happiness that much. The part where he mentions that his heart is finally opening on being with someone gives a huge hint that he’s talking about Veneziano and he really is his special someone ^^ So sweet~. Overall, it’s a really sad song that makes us wanna hug Germany-san or give him a pat in the back. But still, the song is so amazingggg!

The next singles up is Kiku’s (Japan). So I can’t also wait for his character single to be released >__<!!!

[Lyrics and Translation]

So here’s the download link for everyone ^^. [updated with .zip format links]

>>Download .rar format<<

>>Download .zip format<<


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19 Responses to “Hetalia Character Single Vol. 2 – Germany”

  1. CS says:

    Can I ask you something stupid? Would it be possible to post the file in .zip format? ** It would be awesome ^^

  2. Ashelea says:

    Einsamkeit is a really sad song but I like it! Germany’s like a Linkin Park fanboy XD. And omgomg yeayeahh!!! It’s really a HUGE hint that it’s Veneziano that he’s referring to with those lines about opening his heart XD!!! Kyaa~

    Thanks for the download link ^^

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol Linkin Park XD. Yes ^^ for sure the one he’s reffering to when he mentioned that was Veneziano of course~

  3. Pillow-Chan says:

    Thank you
    I frinkin’ love Ludwig :aww: :runs: :cute:

  4. stellaheart says:

    Einsamkeit is such a lonely yet beautiful song… Which makes me love Ludwig even more~… Thanks for the download link ^^.

  5. Grace says:

    :kyaa: Thanks for the download! :kyaa:

  6. teddybear says:

    Pls pls pls if it doesn’t burden you, can you upload it on websites that aren’t megaupload? Like you did on the italy brothers’ songs. Cos megaupload keeps saying I exceeded my download limit tho I didn’t so anything… T^T Pretty pls?

  7. reena says:

    U-um, the link to the .rar version doesn’t work. :doomed:

  8. kanzeon says:

    Updated the .rar link and changed my host to mediafire ^^.

  9. Kuu says:

    Huwaa, Ludwig-sama~~ :nosebleeds:

  10. fufufu~ says:

    …uhm, this is a bit late but I just have
    to say that I really love this song and that I’m very grateful to you for this download link.
    Thank you!

  11. Gami says:

    The album cover art certainly sexifies all the Hetalia guys, this one especially.
    Einsamkeit is awesome, by the way. Very GermanyxItaly lyrics. <333333

  12. Cy says:

    Thank you so much for this!! After listening to Germany’s “Made in Germany” song on repeat for 2 days on yt, I was thrilled to find it here. You have saved my life–thank you!! XD

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