Eden of the East: 02 – The Ultimate Death Phone 2009™


Sick of your cheap, lame phone? Come one, come all here!

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New Banner: Eden of the East


Small blog update! I’ll keep this one fast… New banner features Eden of the East, since that show is also being featured in this blog. I just kept the design simple because I’m being really lazy right now XD… But I think the outcome was really cute. Similar brushes again just like the usual but can’t help it, lol.

Also, I did a major change on the Mio banner. I didn’t made it an animated one anymore since I really got annoyed on it’s choppiness XD. So that’s all~ hope you like the new banner ^^. [Lol remember though that you have to refresh or click the current banner to change it ^^]

Eden of the East: 01 – Johnny Exposed.


Honey and Clover? Nope.

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