Eden of the East: 01 – Johnny Exposed.


Honey and Clover? Nope.


OP: “Falling Down” by Oasis

“Can I change my Fave OPs list again?”, that’s what had come to my mind. The OP was really good. Oasis is a plus, since basically it’s something mellow-rock. The visuals are stunning. The use of CG, kinetic typography, and the still images flashed here and there are really awesome.


Saki Morimi gets her feet on the White House, Washington D.C. in the US of A. Taking her first look at the White House isn’t what she’s about to expect though, so she just threw in money to the fountain. The police came in because of mistaking her for doing something stupid (well, she really did something stupid), but what’s more unexpected than that is encountering a naked guy holding a gun and a cellphone. Having that questionable appearance, the police chases after him but he was gone already. When the police gave up on searching for him, the naked guy was just hiding himself somewhere. Showing a sign of appreciation for getting rid of the police, she gives him her hat and her coat. The now-dressed guy parted ways with Saki, but he realized that he doesn’t remember anything. Though his cellphones has a special number, to be answered by a girl who calls herself his concierge Juiz. She tells him that his memory is erased, and who he really was is classified information as of now. The only information she can give him yet is his apartment address so the guy goes there.

As he enters his apartment, he finds his room full of weapons and passports. He also noticed a picture of him, with lots of guys naked waving. He was immediately visited by Saki in his apartment, which actually put in her passport in the coat she gave him, so she followed him immediately. While he manages to go get it, he took the chance of getting a fake identity, and now he will be known as Akira Takizawa. Akira now leaves with Saki immediately, after packing up all the necessary stuff. In the hallway of the apartment though, they were asked by an officer if they ever saw suspicious looking guys around because they’re caught in the security cameras, and after that, showing a blurry picture of Akira naked. The officer then asks Akira to show his “Johnny” and Akira pulled down his pants, letting he and Saki go.

The two went to the airport. Probably because Saki’s needed now to go back to Japan, and Akira has no choice but to join her. Miraculously, the passport was valid so he had access. While on it, Saki asked why is he naked when she saw him at the White House. Akira said that he’s a terrorist, in a jokingly manner. He continued making up a story that it’s only a game played by transfer students abroad. Akira then returned the question to Saki, then Saki said that she’s on her graduation trip. After that, the two seems to get along pretty well. Saki even discoveres that they were born right next to each other’s dates (January 7, 1989), after Akira showed his (fake) passport to her. And also the date symbolizes the change of Japan’s Heisei period to Shouwa period. Their small chat is interrupted with a news of Tokyo being under a missile attack.


Before you laugh at the company name, believe it or not, it’s real.


God created man, and here’s Adam. Uh, too late.


Why the hell did he just gave him his pants?




>.> Girls really like to do these stuff a lot.


ED: “Futuristic Imagination” by School Food Punishment

This anime really has the most awesome isn’t it? Even for the ED. It’s unique, since they used a paper-mache style for the animation. The song was also good and it’s really catchy.

Screencap spam!


Wow. Just impressive. It just exceeded my expectations (which was, to be honest, high already). And I guess this has got to be the best one I’ve ever watched this Spring. Great concept. I think everything was used so damn well by Production I.G., so great job for them with this premiere episode. It had the perfect mix of humor, mystery and a possibly brewing romance as well.

As for the characters, Akira has a striking resemblance to Morita of Honey and Clover (both from the same character designer). He seems like an enjoyable character with a deep story on the side. The premiere episode haven’t thoroughly introduced the characters yet though, so I can’t say more about that.

The animation was great, in terms of how detailed the backgrounds, and the overused-CG (which I think isn’t bad, compared to BeeTrain’s use of them -_-) in the OP, and the unique style of the ED. Something notable though is the Engrish, which is really amusing, at least the Americans don’t talk in Japanese in there unlike in other anime.

What is really good is that it kept me hanging on possibly for the rest of this series. The story looks very intriguing. Before watching this, the trailer reminded me of the film Bourne Identity with the multiple passport thing. The setting was also realistic as well. So overall, this series looks so much fun to watch and this is something not to pass up.


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4 Responses to “Eden of the East: 01 – Johnny Exposed.”

  1. Pjal says:

    this is an anime version of Jason Bourne
    :XD: :XD: :XD:

  2. Lacri says:

    Definitely the best anime for Spring. -Is not counting FMA-

    The opening~! I could fangirl over the opening for hours and still not praise it enough. The same with the ending.

    Definitely a good way to start an anime. I like the fact that they actually use English rather than Engrish. Yes, they did in fact use native English speakers in this episode.

    I love Saki throwing things at the White House. :XD: I would have done that with the last president if I ever went there.

    Akira is major love. Can I turn him into a chibi and keep him? Please? :aww:

  3. kanzeon says:

    This was so darn good! I also had my expectations set somewhat high for this one and it’s a surprise that it surpassed it ^.^…

    I love the OP!!! I love Oasis for singing my favorite song ever (Wonderwall) and this song will definitely get stuck on my head XD. Screw the Shangri-la OP already! This one’s the REAL best this season! The ED was also good and unique ^^.

    Akira is :<3: . Everything about him just oozes mystery, even why did that frikking guy gave his pants of Akira XP. And Akira's really so Morita. They're both fun characters for sure ^^. On Saki, she's so adorable and cute and I love her voice acting lol.

  4. SUKEBAN says:


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