Urara Meirochou – 07

Heeeeeere’s KOUME!

This is starting to remind me of one of my own old chestnuts. Whenever I am asked which one version is my favorite Doctor, I always say “Whichever one I am currently watching, that one is my favorite“. So with that in mind, Koume is my favorite Urara


Study takes it’s toll

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So, over the stretch of years, our words have a tendency to go all colloquial; synonyms of synonyms become attached to the roots, and the original meaning becomes just a touch more obscured as time moves on. In modern times, the word incantation has fallen out of favor for the most part; perhaps being substituted with the word persuasion or, if used as a perjorative, nonsense. This is Koume’s initial understanding of the process that the gang are currently studying. While we can see incantations as figurative language as easily as she can, Nina reminds us that it really does mean something deeper and more respectful than is perceived on the surface. Power is something that you draw upon, to ask from a source greater than yourself; with respect to yourself and that power, and as Nina is quick to point out…the fundamentals. This is how we learn and develop our own sense of our own power…getting right to the source.

Nono (and Matsuko!) leaves an impression…

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Now, in the context of the lessons the girls are learning in Meirochou, it’s the gods. But for Koume, she’s remembering a very important first influence. Sometimes those influences effect us in ways we never expect or even see coming. That is true of Koume and one other character. /So before we move on to the witch, we have to stay with Nono for a spell. She’s made references to her and her sister’s departed mother before, but this is the drop that take us deeper, seeing Nono use that legacy of and from her mother to her sister unto herself to learn and grow. That song from one to the next to the next lifts her up, and takes her past her obstacles. That was sweet and endearing, but most of all…enchanting! So gods, parents, and sometimes a rare friend – or four! This is good…

Inspired and Embarrassed (warning: clip has sound)

Enchanté, mademoiselle!

Marie: I am the Squirrel of the Duvet

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So, we’ve learned that Kon is as studious as the day is long, and can give a perfect definition for a what a witch is. She has a good handle on the scholastics. But first hand experience cannot be beat, and I think that Koume’s “nasty, glamorous, mean-spirited, and elegant, contrary, crude, intellectual, and all-around unrivaled” take on the matter is far superior as a result. Which is a great way to bring up the subject of Koume’s upbringing and the story of Marie Quispiroucouette.

One good way to learn, is to teach…

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It seems that our urara-witch, when she was much younger, had a sheltered and very pampered, some would argue spoiled, home life. In that respect a contrary, vain, vivid character that didn’t give in to her, that made Koume work to understand her, is just the thing to shake the young girl out of any potential complacency. They both took to each other like ducks to water (just not that kind of duck), and soon became best of friends and allies. Along the way she became the prime mover in influencing little Koume’s goals. She came from France to Japan to study a new form to magic, and along the way she became influenced as well, creating a student and eventual rival. It was a lovely relationship cut all to short by misunderstanding. As a result of Marie taking on that responsibility, despite doing no wrong, I fell a bit in love with her for realizing that she could cause harm by staying. While it’s true that she’s a bit naughty and so very contrary, she has a heart that she knows how to use well. She was a good teacher.

…and she inspired them all to take the world on riding a broomstick

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This was the first episode of the show not to feature any of the interstitial image cards that they usually employ to go from thought to thought or scene to scene or transition to transition. It was one of the first too flow rather seamlessly from one part to the next without a major transition shot. Is this departure from formula a sign that the story is going to become more plot based and linear rather than the rich but slower character driven stories we’ve had to date? Who knows, but I’m sure we’ll see in future. Until then…

…Chiya is all in for some fanservice for when we come back…

Tune in next time!


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