Urara Meirochou – 02

Everyone is getting turned every which way…

Sometimes, everyone feels like they’re missing something in their lives…this episode goes a bit beyond the feeling, and starts to going towards some stuff to do about that…

The Things We Search For….

Only Nono declined a turn to make face taffy (see was much kinder)

So, Chiya is pretty much una tabula rasa; save for the mission to look for her mother, who is somewhere in town. She’s pretty hapless even when that is concerned. She knows nothing about her mother – not her name, not her age,  nor any distinguishing features – another blank slate, so there is little for her to do for. At first she wanders around the Tenth District of Meirochou hoping to run into her by chance. But this is starting to garner attention; her new friends miss her come morning and it’s just not seen as a good thing to wander around at night. So that brings us to Saku’s interest in the case. Being a peace officer she naturally wants to investigate, but as I already said…With nothing to go on in helping Chiya with the search, Saku has to help out in other areas, it seems. Keeping an eye out on Chiya is a full time job, I guess…

…actually she’s keeping both eyes on her…

But it looks like Meirochou is a place with plenty of restrictions. Saku had to practically beg to keep Chiya from breaking one of them. I didn’t go much into this last episode, but all the urara and apprentices are graded and ranked, and each are placed in one of the town’s distinct districts. You get to go to other parts of town when you rise in rank. So this is enough to give Chiya a major case of dashed hopes that Saku has to pull her out of. She can’t just go looking around any old where, and it’s thanks to the Tenth Districts super-cop that Chiya found her purpose; to become the top-tier Ura. But we also learn of a few, more esoteric, restrictions that have to be obeyed. There a million plus gods out there, and all of them lend aid to divinatory powers. It’s vitally important, if the girls want to keep their gifts, to not look to far beyond the veil of mystery and attempt to “divine” their nature. Which is just a massive, huge, big old chunk of clue! Especially when Nina is the one to issue that warning and it’s her Shooting Star divination class that brings Chiya right to the line of sight of the drawstring of that veil.

…water…fire…she’s almost an R&B outfit…

…must feed the god in my belly….

So we wrap up the episode in the finest tradition of the best anime – face first in a plate of curry. Hurrah! Well it does give me a bit of time to catch up with some of the flavor of the episode. First off, we had plenty of discussions about mothers. Chiya is the obvious one, but we also learned a touch more of Nina and Nono’s story, with a mother passed on, and new sort of family made with the addition of Saku to the mix – both of the older girls taking care of the younger. We also see Kon musing about her own mother, and the wisdom she had to pass on. This ties us to the earlier clue in as much as Kon was wrapped up in Chiya’s hair. The gods choose who hears them, and if you try hard enough, you might be able to see them. It’s still a mystery, and you still can’t divine the gods true nature, but it’s a big world out there, plenty of things to learn, plenty of other thing to and ways to divine!

So, Chiya does wear underwear?! Also Koume is a cuddle beast it seems…Plus…guess who is missing

Save some room for plenty of extras…

It’s served in an onsen bucket!

Show ▼

Goodness, this show is absolutely perfect for putting moe fuel into the happiness engine. Just listen to that purr! I’m happy to see a few plot points move forward a few notches, and I’m glad they got there with some very endearing character moments. Thematically speaking the nature of the gods and divination can stand in for many things, and I like that sort of applicability. It’s flexible enough to suit the occasion, and honestly most fortune telling practices are there just to allow the client the chance to clear their mind and really focus on the issue at hand. It’s not so much a case of “will my wish come true?”, as “can I solve my problem?” We don’t really want our problems solved for us, by the gods or by anyone else, so we are happy to let someone who really knows how to listen offer a helping ear. Sometimes, just having someone listen to us is good medicine. See you next time!

Fortune-tellers and maids and ninjas, OH MY!


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    I tried…but sometimes a show can really be too fluffy. I can’t watch anymore :/

    …says the one blogging Hand Shakers

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      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I promised I would follow you and you leave me here….alone!

    • Highway says:

      I say we damn OC to having to watch Hand Shakers. (Note, I haven’t seen any of Hand Shakers, because everyone said it was crap)

    • Highway says:

      And you better not try Nyanko Days, cause it’s WAAAAY fluffier than Urara Meirochou. I thought that ep 2 here was a lot better in terms of things being done rather than just “Hey look at our cute cast!”

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