Anne Happy – 08

Anne Happy - Fairy Timothy is the best

It’s time for Fairy Timothy

winter15-highw A lot of times we see parties after the final exam. But maybe this is the first time we’ve seen a party during the final exam.

Extra Tests

Anne Happy - Casino Time

Just like at a real casino, lots of faceless people

On the one hand, when you’re an honors student, you end up with more tests and assignments. But when you’re in special Class 7? Well, you just have one extra test: To determine how your luck has improved. It’s not one you can really prepare for either, so it doesn’t really matter that they didn’t tell the class beforehand. So it’s time to go back underground, to a level even deeper than TimothyLand was. And what’s the iconic place to test your luck? A casino, of course. Well platform like judi online are more popular for casino, gambling, betting. Well when it comes to betting then Sbobet could be the perfect choice. Online popular slot in Singapore allow you to gain bonuses such as free spins, which make your game even more exciting.

Anne Happy - Cyclops has arrived

Cyclops has arrived


The test is simple: You have 100 points to start with, and after playing 10 games of chance you have some number of points left. It is fun playing like pkv games. That’s your grade. Or maybe, in the case of Hanako, you don’t have any points left, and fail. I’m not really sure if taking a whole class of students who are supposed to be the bad-luckiest of the bunch to a casino even for a test is the right thing to do, but that’s where we’ve ended up. And it’s not looking good for anyone except Ren, whose luck gets the girl in the game to let her win. Of course, there’s no telling how all of these games are programmed, because maybe we see one person win at the slot online, but doesn’t look like there’s a lot of other winning going on. Well Online slots (สล็อตออนไลน์)are easy to play and earn money.

A Chance To Make Back Your Points

Anne Happy - So shady

Would you trust that face?

Whenever a casino (or anyone) offers you this, you should run the other way. But some people just can’t resist when they’re on a losing streak. And when Timothy, who gets shadier in every incarnation, offers a way to make back their points, Hanako’s all over that, because it’s probably fun. And she’s usually right, she just always loses. At first, I thought they were going to be playing Baccarat, a game that’s even easier to lose than Video Rock-Paper-Scissors. But instead, it’s time for some LARPing! They made sure to emphasize the random nature of the selection of class, to keep it grounded in luck, but even then it seemed like there would be a way for either player to win.

Anne Happy - Not going to let her lose

Botan can’t just stand by and watch her summer plans go down the drain

Unfortunately for Hanako (how many times can I type a single phrase in a single anime cour?), there’s noone left to play against her when it’s her turn to go (although why don’t Hibari and Botan count, since they only played one game each before going into the special area?) so she, in that time honored tradition of the last person on the athletic field, gets to pair up with the teacher. But the dire circumstances of Hanako’s fight, where if she loses she’ll get a zero and have to go to summer classes, galvanize Botan into action, bringing her into the fight with Hanako, and causing a cascade of the rest of the group joining in as Miss Kodaira gets more and more incensed at the impertinence of her students breaking the rules.

Anne Happy - Team Up

Hanako never quite gets in the same moment as everyone else

Eventually it ends up with the 5 girls fighting as magical girls against a demon Miss Kodaira, each with their own reasons for joining in (like Ren because it looks fun, or Hibari because she wants to protect Botan and Hanako). And even though they lose, and get all their points taken away for a penalty because they broke the game rules, Miss Kodaira gives them all at least a passing grade of 2 points so that they don’t have to go to summer classes. It’s an interesting lesson that even though they weren’t right to do what they did, they weren’t necessarily wrong either.

Anne Happy - Lucky Happy Miracle Love Attack

Lucky Happy Miracle Love Attack!!!


I think my favorite part was Botan’s reasoning for jumping in to help Hanako in the test. This is the first time we’ve seen the personal wishes of Botan come out in a way that informed what she was doing, and acted with some initiative about it. I found the idea that she’s planned out a lot of things to do with Hanako and Hibari to fill up the summer really charming, even without telling the two of them (although she was bringing it up at the beginning of the episode before they found out about the last final). And I think that both Hanako and Hibari would probably be thrilled to spend the summer doing things with Botan, even if Hibari is a little taken aback by the presumptuousness of it. I think we’ll get to see a little of that next time.


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  1. Namaewoinai says:

    Wow, I never notice that this school has a even deeper facility there, so I wonder where did they get the budget for that…? 😛

    Somehow i was thinking of that teacher (1-7), No wait. not just her but the rest of the other teachers before her (or perhaps the other section 7 teachers), it seems like the section 7 had a special reason for it. test of luck or something…well probably, Oh, i can’t talk too much for this really…sorry guys anyways

    as for timothy…hmph, one day he will had a match…well, may not be seeing in this show but in this one

  2. skylion says:

    Well, it’s looks like you’re covering a magical girls show now. Those things always turn dark…I’m electing Botan as the Mami

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