Koukaku no Pandora: Ghost Urn – 11

Reunited! And it feels so good….

Yeah, I typically have this one out on Saturdays, but I was finishing up part two of my Daredevil season two binge, and then got lazy enough not to want to write for it. So without further ado…

Nene’s Adventures in Space and Cyberspace

kpandora 11-002

Subvert the dominant paradigm and insert your own

Well for a villain, Kurtz isn’t exactly going outside the, “All Time Bad Guy and General Ne’er Do Well” Play Book. He wants world domination cause he thinks he better/smarter/more punctual than anyone else, and that’s a perfect qualification for all world leadership; the only thing missing is making people scared sh*t-less of him and for that he needs the ultimate weapon; aannd not getting noticed by his higher ups I guess, that seemed to concern him. But that’s all part of the aforementioned ATBGaGNDW Play Book. Be predictable and find the most subtle ways of giving up your weaknesses. Underestimating the good guy is another part of the Play Book. (For those keeping track about this sort of thing at home: he did mention Poseidon, which is some sort of country/corporation/bunch or aresholes in both Appleseed and GitS, but I’m not really all that hep to the deeper cuts, so….)

The revolution will be wireless, Bunny….

This is why both Nene and Clarion are perfect to take this villain down. Neither one of them fit the typical mold of what a hero is supposed to look like or even act like if Kurtz’s constant break-down’s are any indication. Which is good, as hero’s shouldn’t be predictable in how they look or act. They should look like all of us, and I think that’s the point. Now they got “typical” hero Robert Alt-man taking care of support at this moment, and both Bunny and Vli__ filling that role too, as well as additional exposition. So the show has this cake made and ready to eat.

Gonna crush the world, metaphorically speaking….

All we have to do it bring the chompers, so to speak. It was quite refreshing see a new version of combat cyberspace. This is pretty much a cool logical extension of the new gaming that comes from our own world and timeline. Saying that, it doesn’t have to be murder death kill when we talk about how we visualize this virtual space. Do we need the same old metaphor’s given to the data, mapping out things with bullets or sharp edges or impending violence? Maybe not…Does that make it more feminine? Sure, maybe? What’s important is that another viewpoint can be vital, and can spell out a different way of achieving a goal; just don’t treat that as axiomatic, there’s heavy lifting yet to be done…

Speaking of lifting….

I don’t quite know how Nene’s Pollyanna sort of attitude fits the rest of the plot, but like much that has gone on, I’m willing to suspend disbelief long enough to see her appearance as something subversive and underhanded in it’s own right. I think Kurtz acknowledges this as well, as he refers to Nene not by name, but by “Sahar/Uzal’s successor”. But it’s what he isn’t seeing that is more than likely going to be his probable undoing. Buer was sneaky, but all he really did was mask Takumi’s presence enough to let her get the job done. That makes me wonder what she really has in mind. I’m guessing status quo, but who knows at this point.

Dude, you so gonna lose….

Extra viewpoints…

Show ▼

Well, we’re here at what is probably the penultimate chapter (MAL says it ends on March 25th), and one step close to the end of this particular story. I’ve really loved this sort of cyberpunk moe-loli reinvention. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Did you see how they literally give the girls something to FEAR at the end? That is way to obvious not to subvert the hell out of. With Takumi secretly in control of BUER, I’m willing to bet that big thing goes down in short order. Unless Uzal really has one heck of contingency in place, it wouldn’t be the first time….

kpandora 11-021

Face your FEAR


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    Playing too much XCOM2 since Monday. Unfortunately, no nekomimi mod. 🙁

    Claring = Ranger or Grenadier?

    • skylion says:

      I can’t say anything about vidya (don’t know, don’t care) in general or XCOM2 in specific. But Claring is closer to Rangers of the airborne variety than classic grenadiers….

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