Koukaku no Pandora: Ghost Urn – 07

kpandora 7-003

FK YA Kickass Clarion….

We came this close, this close, to seeing Clarion kick all of the righteous ass this episode. Thanks, Nene!!! Next time, just let the LOLi win!

…when you dream you’re flying…

Much like last time around we do get some hints and clues for the larger story to come. I like how they had to back up and explain how the optical camouflage worked. This wasn’t necessarily for the audience as much as it was for Nene, who took it for all the magical girl flash it looked like and little else. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like to be sneaky and weave in some exposition and foreshadowing. If it’s for Nene’s benefit, then that means we might look forward to many of her preconceived notions being questioned.

Going back a step, Takumi is getting right steamed over some black box tech under Nene’s hood, something that her “medical” scan didn’t detect(?). Adding insult to injury is the reveal that Uzal stole that tech from Takumi in the first place and modded it. I’m thinking that Uzal loves to deal in misdirection, so why not have your most ass-kicking cyborg look like a garden variety android, why not have your most stealthy cyborg not even realize how stealthy it is? Also, if Uzal can and will steal and mod tech, is that the track that BUER is on?

you throw yourself at the ground and miss

Well good, I was worried about Amy and Scary Granny; I was worried that when they didn’t reconnect the last episode that bad things were going down, but not so much. They’ve been relocated, and it looks like their new homes are nice and secure. But, something tells me that Officer Big Hero Dude Robert Altman is there for more than just the lending of a helping hand. He’s got police presence there, and a big old red flag warning of more suspicions.

If that’s not a queue then I don’t know what is…I’m loving the new Team Rocket in the Chicken Bros. They look dangerous enough to be a threat, and if they thought a bit beyond the larger form of petty thievery they find themselves in, then they could probably be even more so. Well. CoCCo would be, flash bombs like so many eggs. They look to be in on the many many many network disruptions and have to be the top of the iceberg end of the shaddy business going down, seeing as how they connect to Kurtz’ stolen cyborg collection. Which, to me, riffs hard on his literary predecessor, the figurehead of a cult of personality…

…but gravity is a habit hard to shake off…

But with Nene being kidnapped by Chicken and Assoc. that puts a great burden on Clarion. I love how such a cute small package can pack such a huge punch. This is probably part of the deal that Uzal is cooking up. It made me think that in a realm of Heavy Object like BUER, what do you do? You get sneaky, you get stealthy, oh boy do you get smaller, and you have to be cute while you’re doing it. You just have to be cute while you’re doing it. I said that twice…Now, if that means that you develop a complex about “touch fluffy ears” then so be it.

I really was quite pissed to see Nene step in with magic puppet powers, but that was pure set up. She’s a lot more than she lets on, and I can’t wait to see how all that develops in the future episodes. Right now, I’m ticked as I really wanted to see Clarion kick all the ass.  She’s a great character and has to be more than just the super-power power source. I’m hoping they can “Clarionify” her role sooner rather than later, and have her get some much deserved credit for her fightin’ skills.

This was another good episode of a favorite show. It hasn’t really show any signs of obvious back end strain and looks content to to develop the time to exploit off it’s self made niche. They’re taking their time on the wind up, and that is obvious, so I don’t expect them to broadcast the big punch very loud. But looking ahead,  I don’t know how much source material it’s plowed through; I’ve had difficulty finding a RAW source. So what end game it has in mind, and if that is anime original or one that has to be compromised to fit a single cour is not gonna be my guess at this juncture. Which is fine by me. On average the medium has a tendency to treat endings as quirky oddball little affairs no matter how good the show is. I’m prepared for that or better…

kpandora 7-010


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  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    skylion’s soft fluffy ears!

    Aoki Hagane no Clarion.

    The chicken also has a drill that will pierce the sky!

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