Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – 02

There is no possible way this isn’t Pure Win!

Well this show has gone from a somewhat rushed and un-even first episode to….well, more of the same….but it had a great second half, and some brillaint e so fumble recovered!

“I won’t condemn your quest for revenge…”

…nothing but neck

We begin the episode with Kusunati and Ootori squaring off in mock combat. This is a callback scene to last episode but it provides us with a fairly nice book-end for the end of the episode. At this point it’s all on Kusunagi’s shoulders as he still can’t believe what he actually went and made the bold declaration he made the end of last epiosde “I won’t give up on trying ot be your comrade” Later, this meeting will come to Ootori’s mind, and the tone will have shifted greatly.

35shoutai 2-5

Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas…

This is followed by our reintroduction to the witch Mari, and our first time seeing who I have to describe as a total punch-clock villain du jour. But he gets the job done. It’s pretty easy to see he has a great deal of leverage over Mari, and that she is very disgusted with his necromantic practices. She’s trading her skills for what she wants, aiding Haunted in his summoning of the Einherjar, appropriating the style of King Arthur.

She’s not happy with this arrangement, but she believes he’s the best bet in reaching her goals. Which is something we will see in both Ootori and Kusunagi later. But here, Haunted wishes to free the witches from tyranny and prejudice; a nice wrinkle in both the world building and character building aspects. Sad to see she got left holding the bag….for such high hopes…

35shoutai 2-usagi

Who could be in contempt of Usagi?

We pick back up in the Anti-Magic academy where the headmaster/director is trying to encourage Ootori to fit in with her new platoon. She isn’t hearing any of this. They are beneath even her contempt, and upon hearing that one of their members is a Relic Eater, she’s even more dismissive. Then it’s one quick entrance by the mysterious LOLi, and then Ootori is back with the Small Fries. She’s still on the grumpy side, even when hearing they know of her past, and assosiated nick-name, The Calamity; leaving dead criminals and trails of blood behind her.

Smile. File Under: Disturbing stuff to be talked about later…

Later, in a pivotal graveyard scene she confesses to Kusunagi that this is of little concern to her, and nothing will stop her revenge. She will become the most vile human she needs to be; but still human, which will become important during the big fight scene. Something to keep in mind in that flashback. She lost her parents and little sister in the past. I counted a mother, a father, a little sister, and a younger Ootori. Who wielded the knife and why?

Is this order an Einherjar??

35shoutai 2-13

It’s not soon after this scene that the crap hits the fan. Haunted summons up his monster and the Anti-Magic Institute, specifically the gaol his fellows are kept in, is the goal of it’s oncoming rampage. Freedom for Valhalla!  He’s smart enough to get some grunts on the streets in the form of ghouls to keep the Spriggan assault forces busy. But this causes the headmaster to call all arms to bear, as they will need everything to stop the Einherjar. Not that that does any good, but hey, you have to have your heroes answer the call, right? Or maybe a big chess battle between two dickheads?

Ootori is the first on the scene, leaving Kusunagi to have a chance encounter with they mystery LOLi. As she gets to her target with only a standard issue pistol she’s woefully outmatched. Time to bring on the big guns by way of Devil May Cry! So now we see the first instance of the Anti-Magic forces use of magic. As a Relic Eater she’s able to enter into contracts with a magical force. But, this is where the real bullet hits the bone. Vlad, the enchanted pistols, and her look to be in a long standing argument of full and provisional contracts. There is probably a price to pay for going full contract, and we can gather that is a big price for most; but here is the line Ootori specifically won’t cross no matter what. Some blood to level up the weapons? Yes, but she won’t budge any further. The point is moot, however, as mid-fight the director cuts the mojo to Vlad; looks like he has bigger fish to fry as well.

35shoutai 2-10

This is right when Kusunagi gets to play Big Damn Hero. He busts on to the scene, but he too is woefully outmatched, even with Suragi and Usagi providing back up. This is where we come into the first episodes cold open. He’s blitzed by the rail-gun blast, looking to be well and truly ripped in half. But never fear, the LOLi is here! Looks like they had Kusunagi lined up to be a contractor all along. She makes it short and simple. Answer the questions. 1) Is it your will to become and Inquisitor? Yep. 2) Are you prepared to annihilate witches? Oh, yeah. 3) Are you prepared to abandon what is precious to you in order to achieve your goals? Hell, no! Final) Can you abandon your humanity to defeat your enemy? That brings a flashback to Ootori wanting to do just the same to get revenge. So he can’t say no can he?

35shoutai 2-8

What follows is basically a big old mop up. All he really has to do is listen to his on-board LOLi navigator and he cleans up with ease. After that is was a simple matter to rejoin Ootori and count coup. He feels at ease, and has a better understanding of what she may have gone through in the past, and she is finally able to catch up with him to his earlier flashback about their first meeting, maybe even realizing that first impressions aren’t the most important. Of course he has to lay it on thick about helping her with revenge; trading one cliche for another.

Who Killed Cock Robin?

35shoutai 2-9

I did, said the sparrow, with my bow and arrow, I killed Cock Robin

Well, there was quite a bit of derp going on, but this one delivered on some things I much wanted to see. Namely some crispy-crunchy magic bits. They have a pretty tight set of terms going down, if I’m any initial judge. First we have the Valhalla side. Along with that name, and the mention of Valkyries, we have the Einherjar, meaning the warrior that fights the one battle, waiting for Ragnarok, the chaos that ends the world. Please keep chaos, appropriation, and Thor versus the Midgard Serpent in mind. Also, looks like Haunted grooves more on the works of Type-Moon, than say Le Morte de Artur or the Poetic or Prose Eddas. Freakin’ Moon-tards are everywhere…

On the Anti-Magic side we have the already mentioned contracts, but we also have the term hallmark magic. If you can put the greeting card company out of your mind, a hallmark is just a stamp of authority. Since this is used by the “good guys” (and appropriated by Haunted with the King Arthur clone) we can probably assume that this is the accepted form of magic outside of whatever darkness the witches get up to. I mean, contrast that with trashbins full of dead folk.

Finally we have Cock Robin. Well, besides being a curious little chant to chant, one of the meanings of the poem has to do with the accidental death by hunting arrow of William II of England. We have a crafty Lapis that can change that to lance and sword to kill this one rouge clone-King. But that pales next to Kusunagi’s final blow, Yamata-no-Orochii. This is a big hero vs. monster/battle of order vs. chaos, bringing back that aspect of Thor I asked you to keep in mind. Heroes fighting chaos, man.

A Couple of Extra Rounds

Show ▼

“Let me share half your burden….”

35shoutai 2-14

Let’s just chill…

OK, I went on for quite some time there, but there was quite a bit to pack in. Yeah, there was a ton of derp going on, and really even if Kusunagi gave up on one cliche, he just traded it for another. Our two leads are still getting high, smoking tropes, but it’ll work. If I have any other complaints it that the combat seemed rushed, both in setting it up, and in getting to the various locations. Also, it felt a bit to much over before it was done with the Armor/LOLi combo bringing way to much OP to the table. But it was entertaining, and in the wash, that’s what I look for. What I liked most was the crunchy bits (which grooved on my love of myths and speculative fantasy pretty darn nice!), and the parallels between both Kusunagi and Ootori, and how that will dovetail into Mari’s story coming up next episode. It’s all about what you have to trade away to get what you want.

35shoutai 2a-2

Woot! More lovely Kanae Itou voice!


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19 Responses to “Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – 02”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Better episode with the addition of contract based weapons and the requirements that come with. Blood in exchange for power… I’d like to know how exactly that’s measured. If for a devastating blast, the user would ultimately end up anemic or worse.

    The indications on what Ootori’s weapons are based on are obvious. The need for blood and the entity needing a contract’s name is “Vlad”. We all pretty much know what mythology is being used.

    Ootori’s motives for what she does are clear enough but hopefully we get Kusanagi’s. He’s lucky to survive at all.

    The next episode’s title is the definition of ironic. It’s a school specializing in defense against witches but they’re going to allow a witch to join the platoon. Ootori will throw a fit. The old fashioned “Fight fire with fire” route.

    • TheRogueInquisitor says:

      They are many stuff that the anime skip. this episode and episode 1 are basically volume 1.

      Outori hate magics. Vlad being a magic weapon doesn’t help thus required a compensation for not being able to contract with her which is her blood. if the contractor has full contract he basically became like kusanagi without any repercussion other than fatigue.

      Kusanagi past may be reveal in episode 9 if they keep going 2 episode per volume. clue the oni chan scene in episode 1.

      • skylion says:

        Yeah, I don’t have access to the LN, and have only read a few chapters of the manga online, but I have heard that they are planning on burning thru the source material quick. There is some talk on reddit that the writer of the LNs himself has said they plan on getting through nine volumes. I see comments elsewhere that it feels rushed, but I only half agree with that. I’m of the opinion that an anime has to tell it’s own story, and the source material should only be a guide.

        If you do have any insights to offer from the LNs you’re free to give them but please use a spoiler tag.

        Thanks for stopping by and making a comment. TheRougeInquistor is a rather sinister handle for commenting on this show. I like it!

    • skylion says:

      Well, we can only assume that Vlad’s conditions are the same as Lapis’…it’s questions three and four that strike me as sticky points. Goals can change over time, having to suit needs as they come up. So, what is precious to you once, may not be so in the face of changing circumstances. Besides who gets to make that call? The contractor or contractee? As this show doesn’t seem as derpy dumb as say, Chaos Dragaon, hopefully that will be fleshed out more.

      …and prepared to give up humanity to defeat an enemy just feels really sloppy. At most they can become an immortal jerkwad that we saw in Valvrave…at the least, nothing much it seems…

      I don’t think the lines between good guys and bad guys and how they use magic are as clear cut as a straight line. Besides, a witch joining the loser team seems like it’s a perfect way to craft some drama; hopefully not the lulzy kind…

  2. zztop says:

    Ouka’s past was elaborated in the novels.

    Show ▼

    Also, naughty afterwords from Antimagic’s author:
    “Eh? You want to hear at least one serious thing (about my work)?

    ——I’m dead serious.

    I wanted to say here that I love lolis with big breasts, but I’ll omit it as I’ll be (shot in the head) by those who love flat chests. Though, I think the ones who have kindly read my previous work know (that) I love flat chests too.”

    He also states half his inspiration to write Antimagic also came from the worldly desires to “see the eroticism of a garterbelt/gunbelt digging against the thighs of a girl…”Ouch, don’t throw stones at me. Don’t throw E**alibur at me, I’ll cry!”

    • skylion says:

      Thanks for using the spoiler tag; I think that might have been something that could have been figured out, but why spoil when we don’t have to, right?

      So, the author just wants it both ways,huh? He wants giant puff pastries and pancakes? Nothing wrong with admitting that as I also like LOLi with “competitive” assets. But in the end, it will always be Team Chippai.

      Jeez, I’m developing a proposal that will take an established character and change them wholesale, in hopes of crushing a stupid and insulting trope they’ve been labouring under for decades, and this guy is inspired by garters and gunbelts! F*ck me for going about things the wrong way…

  3. Highway says:

    I liked them getting that bit from the first episode out of the way here in the second episode. And the bits with Lapis were the most fun in the episode. I thought that she’d reject his contract with a ‘quit screwing around’ answer on the third question, but apparently that didn’t matter much.

    But like skylion, I’m intrigued by what wasn’t said. What does the contract imply, especially if he’s the ‘Second’ contractor (Makes you wonder what happened to the first). Ohtori was adamant that she would not make a contract. There’s a price there she was unwilling to pay, and Kusanagi doesn’t even know about it.

    • skylion says:

      Yeah, i was expecting them to not play off those bits until at least a few more episodes. I’m guessing the third question will matter much more over time, once we find out what his exact goal is, and what it is that hey holds precious; they’ve an unexploded imouto in the cards, after all.

      As for second contractor? He’s was either the next one in line for Lapis, or he’s the second one they have in stock, with Vlad being first? Dunno quite yet. As for the price and her experience…curious flashback to her childhood is curious…

      • Highway says:

        I thought “Second” meant that the first one is now dead (or for some other reason no longer in contract with Lapis).

        • skylion says:

          That’s the most likely of explanations, yes. But it’s early days, I’ll entertain more than one way of looking at it…

          • skylion says:

            EDIT: According to the fansub,”you have been chosen as my second contractor”. Also, they’re calling Hallmark Magic, Unique Magic….kinda puts the kibosh on my theory about who uses what kind in what way….

  4. Foshizzel says:

    This episode was made possible thanks to all the Ironman movies! Gotta love those heads up displays in any power suit nowadays~

    GhostLOLi was great! Even though her appearance/contract thing was fast, but hey it beats waiting for five or more episodes and fun side thing her name Lapis Lazuli is also in an American cartoon series called Steven Universe.

    Their version of King Arthur looks like he was ripped from Warhammer 40k especially with that railgun weapon which is coooooooooool! I like the blending of fantasy and futuristic and yeaaah with Ootori’s double guns I was thinking the same thing! It was so DMC.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Ootori’s double guns I was thinking the same thing! It was so DMC.

      It would’ve been something if she had the Devil Trigger ability to go with.

    • skylion says:

      It’s funny how Marvel broke the mold in HUD with Iron Man; well it was RDJ really, who insisted on not be outshone by a bunch of CGI, so they developed that HUD just so we wouldn’t forget his mug.

      Yeah, I keep hearing how much this show is rushed compared to the LNs, so maybe they had pages and pages of her wan dialog chasing Kusunagi down. Depending on how well written it is, I think I prefer them cutting to the chase. So are the two character’s alike? This one’s and SU?

      Well the dragoon, from the first episode, was appropriated tech from the Anti-Magic side, so I guess this King Arthur with stompy railgun is their’s as well. Valhalla just loves stealing and re-purposing the weapons that are supposed to be used against them. If I’m right on that count. Yeah, I’m a huge fan of magitek for the most part, it’s all down to how well designed and used it is in a show. If Ootori has swords she would be a perfect DMC clone…

      • Foshizzel says:

        The Lapis from SU tends to cry a lot and is very emotionally unstable and doesn’t like anybody while the one in 35 seems to get along with the humans, but I guess we need more screen time with her to figure out her role and learn more about her personality type.

  5. JPNIgor says:

    I couldn’t help but smirk really broadly, like a psycho, when I heard Kotomine Kirei’s voice talking about Arthur and his Excalibur. Oh no, since when have I become a FSN fan?

    • skylion says:

      I’m sorry for taking so long to reply to this comment. I don’t think it takes being only a Fate fan, just a general anime fan with ears to the ground…or, you know, on a set of speakers…

      • BlackBriar says:

        True. It doesn’t take any effort to recognize the voices of say, Hiroshi Kamiya, Yuuki Kaji or Yoko Hikasa. Though it took a while to tune myself to Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice a few years back given her wide range.

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