Shimakaze Vs Iona


Time for a heated battle!

 Wow it has been forever since I did one of these silly versus posts! If you want to see the previous ones that I did with the help of a few other writers check out Izaya Vs Light and Index Vs Haruna, but feel free to add your suggestions to future battles and ill try to come up with something. To make it different I decided to draw the battles, but let me know if you want more than one page…


Main Battle


Gotta love Battleship~

Bonus Art


Ship la ship


Iona loves ME!ME!ME!

Who wins?! Vote!

Shimakaze Vs Iona

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Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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9 Responses to “Shimakaze Vs Iona”

  1. skylion says:

    Gotta support my LOLiSub!

  2. It’s obvious that Iona wins this. We’ve seen Iona take on two battleships at the same time and defeat them both; so a silly destroyer is no threat.

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Kongo. >_>

  4. skylion says:

    …a challenger appears…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Eventually I will think of a good match for her, but I kinda want to keep it more about actual anime characters for now xD

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