Who will WIN this BATTLE?! – Izaya Vs Light

Trick or Tricked? Who will trick who!?

Yagami Light can be called the Knight in Shining Armour or a Ghoul in the Attic. He was bestowed with a Shinigami’s Death Note, which he uses to attacks from the dark, pillaging all crimes. But is that right? Would there be no stopping him?!

Orihara Izaya the famous Information Broker of Ikebukuro, who has slithered into every significant community with his cunning. He sells valuable information and knows almost everything. Can someone hide from his strategies and schemes?!

Random Story:

As usual, Izaya was spending some of his valuable time surfing the net and visiting his favorite forums when a certain topic caught his eye. The title of this post was about a notebook that killed people, the man behind it all was Kira and he was being pursued by a world renowned Detective, L.

Omoshiroi,” Izaya swiveled in his chair and stared at his screen. His curiosity was piqued and there was no one, who could stop him from finding out more.

He traced the address of L and soon the two of them began emailing back and forth defending the truths and lies of the mysterious Death Note and the mysterious man behind it. After a day’s worth of the same cat and mouse game, the messages began to sound more like threats. Without any conclusion, the two agreed to meet face to face and ‘talk’ some more.

However, Izaya was not ready for the extra company, which the brown-haired youth provided. He was almost taken aback by this fortunate meeting and detected an edge of sharpness emanating from this Yagami Light. He knew instantly, who the real threat was; playing many scenarios in his mind for the ultimate checkmate. However, he had to tread lightly on these grounds and find a conclusion to the long research he had done on both of these men.

Light on the other hand was highly disturbed by the dark presence this lanky half-Russian presented in L’s vicinity. He wanted to excuse himself from this meeting but was relegated by Watari to fetch a special book from the library. In the short period of three minutes, the orderly living room had turned into a complete mess of cake and paper. Izaya was languidly eating bits of L’s favourite strawberry cake off his own head, while it seemed that L had left in a huff after throwing it caused by an argument with the man in questions.

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Kira-san.” Izaya stared up, while biting on a strawberry.

“How do yo–?!” Light was interrupted by a laughter that chilled him to his bone but he quickly shrugged off the feeling. He could handle this guy even without Ryuk’s help. Nobody was a match for his genius and the innocent visage that he had worked so painstakingly on. This man in front of him was simply guess-working and nothing more. It was simple that he had to win this face-off by hook or by crook.

So who do you think would actually win?

Who will WIN this BATTLE?! - Izaya Vs Light

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76 Responses to “Who will WIN this BATTLE?! – Izaya Vs Light”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    YAY! The post is up xD

    These two would be so awesome to see together, choose Izaya based on how he loves to toy with people. I recently showed my dad and sister Durrrr and my sister really liked Izaya, but also hated him too guess he always gets so much love and hate.

    Nice works on the pictures!

    • Kyokai says:

      I ran with the storyline this time around after finalizing the graphics. The face-off between these two has to be something very EPIC! xD

  2. baka_girl says:

    Aww, never imagine Light vs Izaya! lol
    I think Light is still too difficult for Izaya though :p
    Light is on a different level!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep we all had some great suggestions for this match up! And some other ones we are saving xD

      Right if we gave Light his deathnote then things become harder for Izaya xD

  3. Balloon Thief says:

    This would be fun to watch. Personally I think Izaya would win because of motivation. Izaya’s motivation stems from his “boredom”. He thinks of it as a challenge and that it will be fun. Light is different because he’s motivated by fear of being found out and the delusion that he is god. Izaya will win because he’s having more fun, and people play sports better when they’re having fun.

    I find the idea of them fighting each other kind of hilarious because of how similar they are. They both sit in there rooms and have the “general contractors” do their dirty work.

    Great post =)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah agreed great choice in a battle xD

      Right Izaya gets bored = does things for fun!

      LOL yes their fight would be quite funny 😛

  4. Overcooled says:

    In a fair fight where Light doesn’t have his Death Note, he would be miserably defeated by Izaya’s skills. If Izaya attacks him now, he’s toast. But if he so happens to have his Death Note with him…Izaya doesn’t stand a chance. As a famous information broker, his name would be very simple to find to kill him off. Sorry Izaya, no level of wit could ever stand up to a death god.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahah yes agreed there! Izaya would have no problems fighting Light after all he has to deal with Shizuo all the time.

      Agreed if Light has his deathnote it’s over for Izaya xD

  5. Amutofan123 says:

    Ohoho~ Izaya all the way, man!!! >:D

  6. Reaper says:

    Love it when you start hearing the character’s voices actually speaking in your mind when reading. Light might have a Death Note, but Izaya already has the underworld. Information is his weapon, and if he really wanted to, he could just show up in front of a certain ex-bartender and run all the way to Light whenever Yagami’s passing through Ikebukuro. The Fortissimo of Ikebukuro isn’t going to put up with someone pulling off murder in his city 🙂 Yagami, please meet Stop sign XP

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahahah yes I agree there! We are so used to our favorite characters we love or even the ones we hate.

      Agreed there Izaya has plenty of people to send after Light so he wouldn’t have to face him alone, then again Light has the death eyes 😛

  7. Anya says:


  8. Carla says:

    Everybody in Ikebukuro know Izaya’s face and name, He even has his own Office…
    Supposing that Light Doesn’t know about Izaya’s name and face; Izaya is definitely the winner!
    Light has his intelligence and a shinigami on his side, but come on… Ryuk is not a big help.
    Izaya (like reaper said) has the underworld. Information is his weapon. And he has an incredibly intelligence too. Izaya also has a great capacity for handling people around him… And Light, Well, I only saw two (not really smart) girls being manipulated by Light.
    And also we have Light’s mental instability xD, and Izaya is an expert using these things in his favor.
    I’m sure Izaya will force Raito to write his own name xD.

    Now… I would pay for something like “Lelouch vs Izaya” or “Johan (from monster) vs Light”

    Sorry about my english U_U

    • Foshizzel says:

      Right Izaya has that for an advantage on his side, if Light had the connections he could find Izaya easily however he doesn’t have that on his side. Besides Ryuk! That could be the biggest help xD

      Hahaha well we got things in the works! Stay tuned.

  9. zabobinator says:

    Yah, I’m pretty sure practically everybody agrees that it would be Izaya. Light’s really intelligent and clever and diabolical and all but he just doesn’t have that spark of creative mischief that Izaya has. And thus, he loses. xD

  10. Moni Chan says:

    omg u know im not a fan of chosing. there both HAWT AND EVIL

  11. amado says:

    I dont know much about light but I think izaya’s fast enough to throw a knife at his throat before he can write his name.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh you have to check out Deathnote! Such a great series, true thou Izaya’s knife might be quicker than Light’s pen well maybe….

  12. Jrow says:

    At first thought, Light was an obvious choice for me. He’s smart beyond his age and he’s got the Death Note. But what if Izaya could somehow talk Light out of using the Death Note and change Kira’s views on how to use the Death Note and change the world? I think Izaya’s tongue would be sharp enough to change Light, which is really his best opportunity to win.

    • Balloon Thief says:

      I didn’t think of Izaya changing Light’s point of view but now it seems like a possibility. Since Light believes he’s morally right in his actions, Izaya could make him feel guilty for people that were framed but he had killed anyway. What would Light do if he found out that he had killed someone that didn’t have an ounce of evil in their blood? Mental breakdown FTW. This would be a great OVA.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Deathnote and Durarara crossover! Hell ya even just for one episode this would be epic xD

  13. Elyon says:

    IZAYA FTW!!! 😀

    But this would be perhaps the most epic fights in the history of the universe.

  14. Starry says:

    Izaya!Even if Light whip out his notebook, with his skills he can easily snatch it away from him. If not, he with his sharp tongue and charisma, he could offer to ‘help’ Light in his ‘mission’. Light being a genius and all would then think that there’s no harm allowing him to help out since he could easily eliminate him if he betrays him. BUT THEN,Izaya backstab him, and make it such that he would be unable to target him/ helpless. AND IT S ALL BECAUSE IT’S FUN!.

    Izaya all the way!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahahha yes Izaya would love to play around with Light’s mind just to see what makes him angry 😀

  15. umi_no_mizu says:

    I’m thinking Izaya would win. he has an advantage in the above scenario of already knowing Light’s identity while Light’s key strength was his ability to keep said identity secret. Izaya also isn’t going to walk into a situation where he has a small chance of winning. I’m guessing he would already have safety nets in place incase Light decided to kill him…

    • Foshizzel says:

      True that Light does keep things very quiet on his side about who he is! Which is very good, Izaya has connections so I don’t think it would take him long to find something out on Light.

  16. Sebz says:

    so many Izaya lovers. Oh, and it’d be awesome if Light teamed up with Kida *seiyuu fetish*

  17. Hato-kun says:

    Who to choose, I hate both!

  18. Captain says:

    How..how.. HOW IS LIGHT LOSING?
    Damn you, DRRR! fans. Light is more epic than any character from an up-to-date anime ; A ;
    Captain is disappoint.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know what you mean! Durarar is new school while Deathnote is old, sometimes the new always beat out the old xD


    • baka_girl says:

      seconding Captain, still can’t believe that Light is losing to that ‘flea’ aka Izaya ;p

  19. Namika says:

    Omoshirooooi~ *0* though the outcome is pretty much obvious 😀 Light is much more epic, than Izaya, but still ))))
    But…… how amazing must a person be to make L furious enough to throw his favorite cake at them oO”

    • Foshizzel says:

      Light is quite fun once he gets on a roll with killing people off! And doesn’t think twice if they are truly bad like Izaya.

      • Namika says:

        I was really disappointed in that character. He was epic, but I was disappointed.

  20. Dan-go says:


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