Jitsu wa Watashi wa – 07

Jitsu wa - Surprising things

The surprises just don’t stop for Asahi

winter15-highwIs there a better name for an episode of TV than “Let’s Get Sexy!”


Horny Girls Want Attention

Jitsu wa - Illusion

You thought I’d show Shiho?

The main point of this week’s episode was to introduce another new character (maybe even the last new supporting character) in Akane. And with Akane’s introduction, it feels like they’ve put the whole background of the show into place. The secrets that Asahi has been trying to protect are things that are known already by both Akane and Akari (aka Koumoto-sensei). And on top of that, Akane has the biggest secret of all: she’s a thousands-year old demon who runs the school. Too bad that she acts like a little kid. She teases the people who see her by appearing to pull her horns off, but really that’s just an illusion. And despite being millenia old, she’s not very mature acting when it comes to being challenged about anything, throwing temper tantrums where she busts up the school and insults everyone around.

Jitsu wa - Battle Time

Neither one is going to lose, because they’ve already both lost

And maybe the worst part is that she pulls Youko down to her level. Maybe it’s another sign of Youko’s dense nature, but she doesn’t seem to get the message that Akane is much older than she is. Not that you could tell by Akane’s personality, since she does act like a bratty kid. But that leads Youko to propose a contest between the two of them in the realm of adult seductiveness, which Akane readily accepts because, let’s face it, both of them are pretty delusional about their own selves.

It’s Really No Contest

Jitsu wa - oh youko

Oh… Youko…

Of course a sexiness contest between Akane and Youko is going to be played for laughs. Her overt sexiness is not at all what Asahi is interested in(and if that’s what he was after, he would be far more interested in Shiho). So for him it’s kinda painful watching their ‘contest’, which is nothing more than two kids doing what they think is sexy, and being constantly upstaged by Shiho. But he plays along, because they’re not going to quit unless he does. He even had the barest hope that he’d get to see Youko being sexy, but that’s quickly dashed by her actual actions. And I like that Akari actually has to placate Akane as much as she can to keep the entire shebang moving.

Jitsu wa - Shiho wins

ALL of my posts turn into MetaFap posts this season…

Of course, the big winner of the sexiness contest is Shiho, the only one who actually knows what overtly sexy is. She’s also the only one who’s willing to do the ’embarrassing’ things. I have to say I was surprised by Youko’s swimsuit, but not at all surprised by Akane’s, perhaps the most predictable thing in the entire show. And the real point in the end is that Akari wants to encourage Asahi to keep Youko’s secret safe, even if it’s “100% for ulterior motives”. I think that Asahi’s not lying when he says it’s not 100%, and like their friendship throughout the show.

Jitsu wa - Teasing Asahi

I think more class antics would be fun


I thought Nagisa was used pretty poorly through this episode, and also the last one, even though her jealousy that Asahi didn’t get a nosebleed when he fell on her was pretty funny. And maybe now that we’ve gotten all the characters introduced, we’ll get more of an ensemble action happening, with Shiho and even Mikan getting more friendly with Youko and Nagisa. I’d definitely like Nagisa to be brought out of her current ‘outsider’ and ‘punchline’ role, because I think the show’s been at its best when it’s had her be more of an equal.


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2 Responses to “Jitsu wa Watashi wa – 07”

  1. skylion says:

    I love that Shiho just keeps manipulating. I mean, if she helps break Youko out of thta dense shell, then her childhood friend wins the AsahiBowl. But if that doesn’t happen, it’s a new game. I rather enjoy her confidence.

    But damn, that Akane. In her defense, I’ll go with the wisdom of the Fourth Doctor, “What’s the point in being grown up if you can’t act childish from time to time”. Besides, conducting the affairs of a school of misfits has to take it’s toll. Give her candy, she deserves some.

    And yeah, poor usage of Nagisa. Nice Ship, though…

    • Highway says:

      It’s a game Shiho can’t lose. And if Youko and Asahi end up together, she can keep playing it for a long time.

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