Log Horizon 2 – 15 – 18

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Time for a really long road trip!

 Welcome back to the MMORPG fun of Log Horizon on Metanorn! Yeah we haven’t been posting these much because the lack of interesting things going on, but yeah I don’t really hate this current arc because it is filled with some fun things!


Extra MMORPG Fun

log horizon (4)

Minori is super excited to go questing!

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yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy cake!

log horizon (3)


log horizon (5)



log horizon (6)

Touya kicks ass


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9 Responses to “Log Horizon 2 – 15 – 18”

  1. skylion says:

    OK. Is the music bit a mind screw? Players hear the soundtrack….when they play the game, like normal people. Or do they hear the soundtrack as it’s playing on the show? Why do the PotL hear it? What? I usually like it when shows or movies switch between non-diegetic and diegetic music. But this feels like a third option, and I wonder if it’s a clue to the world’s background.

    It looks like the price of the portable Cathedral may be that the user’s turn into massive arses, if that one guy was any indication. Or does it make monsters appear with more frequency?

    • Foshizzel says:

      The music part is a bit of a mind blown thing! I guess the NPCs only know “gods songs” aka the OST so like I assume when they visit a town or bar it has the game music playing? Then again maybe they constantly hear the music every day in their heads over and over again!? OH THE HORROR!! Imagine only having one OST used in every movie, TV series and game? Wow…that would suck.

      Portable cathedral sure is handy! I want to learn more about that.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Portable cathedral sure is handy! I want to learn more about that.

        It’s an object of interest, indeed. I wonder if you have to register yourself to it temporarily or something since as basic rules state, when a player dies, they revive at the cathedral of the town the reside in or as a last checkpoint.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    I’m trying my best not to be heavily critical here. In my opinion, since the focus went to Touya and the group beginning their separate adventure, the pacing has slowed somewhat. Because they are characters that are only now getting development other being on the sidelines, they’re struggling with carrying the series themselves and keeping things interesting.

    I’m still in disbelief over the arrival of Roe 2. You have no idea how dumbfounded I felt finding out what she was. Anyway, it explains who that person was across from Shiroe that looked like him at the start of the OP. A thing of curiosity for some time.

    Side note: You won’t believe this but right now on ANN, there’s an article stating Sword Art Online II has been dubbed and it’s set to air on Toonami soon. Calling that “fast” doesn’t cut it.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      LH has run out of Round table material.

    • HannoX says:

      Focusing on the kids has done much more than give them character development. We’ve learned that the People of the Land only have 42 songs and that they’re incapable of creating more. We’ve learned that many People of the Land have headed to Akihabara and why they have. We’ve learned that not all Adventurers accept being stuck in the world of Elder Tales–they want to return to their world. And we’ve only had a few hints so far about Roe2; I’m sure there’s more to learn about her and it’ll be major.

      So once again Log Horizon has taken a seeming detour away from the main story, but it’s a detour telling us more about the world and one that’s sure to play a major roll in the world of Elder Tales and the lives of the Adventurers.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Update on the last part of my comment above: The English dub for Sword Art Online II is set to air on Toonami beginning March 28th, 2015. Michelle Ruff will join the returning cast as Sinon.

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