Happy Birthday, Ness!


We are going out with bang for this last January party!

 Horray Ness! Happy Birthday and CONGRATULATIONS on another fun year at Metanorn even though you only work on the seasonal anime charts and creating our amazing icons and I heard that you are sadly leaving us? I wish you luck in whatever you plan on doing next. I am sure you will go on to do some amazing things, but I know I can always know chat with you on Skype and talk about all things video games, movies and anything else so again Happy Birthday and good luck! You will be missed <3


Hey, what can I say, you make Shinobu look good, and that makes me look adorable. LOL. I hope you find your birthday well and hearty, and I wish the very best one to both you and all you hold dear Thank you for all the work you’ve done. It really does make us look great! My best to you in all your future endeavors. Fly safe and have fun.


Happy birthday, mysterious woman of the shadows! Thanks for all your hard work up until now, Ness! Thanks to you, Metanorn has looked beautiful with amazing headers, custom icons, anime preview pictures and probably more than I’m even aware of. I remember when you first applied to Metanorn and even your resume was beautiful. We’re going to miss your wonderful graphics, but most importantly…we’re going to miss you! So with bittersweet feelings, I wish you the best of birthdays and success in whatever lies in your future. Thanks again for everything, Ness. (P.S. Your voice was always the cutest.)


Happy Birthday, Ness! Thanks for all the great work you do for the site, our nifty new banners and icons, and everything else that makes it look good. Hope you have a great birthday and best wishes for the year to come!



Happy birthday, Nessu! My cute little imouto! I never realised your birth date is same as Hiroshi Kamiya but yes, that is a fact and it is quite a nice coincidence! I hope you do more than your share of partying this year and many more to come. We are definitely going to miss you around here but we will be in touch and keep bothering you for updates on skype, viber and what not. Stay awesome as always and have loads of fun on your special day! <333


 Happy birthday, Ness! You really went to town with those banners and avatars! Excellent work on all the graphics. I’m not sure if you’re now in the US, Philippines, or Japan. But wherever you are, be sure to enjoy yourself or spend some time with friends and loved ones if they are around.


Ahh, Ness. What will we do without you and your awesome icons? They were certainly a perk of writing for Metanorn. But more importantly, hope you have a very happy birthday and that you find success and happiness in your life from here onwards~. We’ll miss you!!


Happy birthday, Ness! Thanks for all your hard work with the visuals for Metanorn. It will be sad to see you leave. I hope this next year proves to be your best yet!


 Happy birthday Ness! Thank you thank you SO MUCH for everything you did. The awesome banners and graphics, the tag teams long time ago, the bishies, everything, hehe. Time might pass by, but I will never forget all the memories we made together in Metanorn. Happy birthday Ness! Celebrate lots and make lots of memories in your birthday!



Come and join the party yo!


We are the deadly team of Metanorn. When together, we usually come up with long, informative reviews and commentary. After all, we take fangirling seriously!
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  1. BlackBriar says:

    Happy Birthday, Ness! Congratulations on another year and best wishes for the future.

  2. Kyokai says:

    Happy birthday again Ness and good luck with your future endeavours! 🙂

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