Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis – 09

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Medieval kung-fu is my favourite fighting style too

Bahamut has continued to be a wildly entertaining show. It’s really indulging on the fantasy aspect by giving us dragons, zombies, angels, demons and the whole concept of saving mankind from the forces of evil. There is no limit to where we can go, what can happen, and who we’ll run into. This week, we just so happen to stumble into another dimension in a mystical forest and talk to a 2000-year old dragon about the fate of the world. See? Things get better every week.

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Over the past few episodes, it’s been nice to see Favaro and Kaisar have become friends…sort of. They’re friends in the loose sense of the word in that they hang out together, share certain goals, and harbour vague feelings of concern when the other one is in danger. They’re all working together to ensure that Amira is safe and will find her mother. For all the times Favaro tries to appear that he doesn’t care (he tries too hard to look disinterested sometimes, actually), I still can’t help but see him as a big ol’ softie. It’s like a non-annoying tsundere.

So although they plant the seed in our heads that Favaro might try and kill Amira to save humanity, I find that incredibly unlikely. In fact, based on his visions, I think he’s more likely to end up getting hurt trying to sacrifice himself in a heroic act. I don’t know what it is about him, but we’ve gotten several hints that Favaro is special. His visions, his ability to pull out the barb, and the fact that the dragon singles him out for a very important conversation all lead me to believe that there’s something more to Favaro than meets the eye. Something magical that even Favaro isn’t aware of.

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The great thing about Bahamut is that I’m content to wait and see what that “something” is because there’s so much excitement in the mean time. All they did this week was walk around a forest and talk with a dragon, but I still loved it. It’s the grand sense of adventure and wonder that you get from these wide-scale events. They don’t just land in a regular forest – they land in a huge, sprawling forest full of all kinds of interesting plantlife. And this is only a side quest compared to the gigantic dragon that’s being revived as all this is going on down below. Don’t even get me started on the demons. The scale of everything in this show is so grand, and I appreciate how they manage to tie it all together so neatly and without confusion.

Another big moment is when Jeanne is accused of attempted murder by a jealous King and sent to burn at the stakes. She’s always been a bit of an ornament to the story, appearing when needed for battles and never taking the spotlight away from Favaro and Amira for more than a few moments. But she’s been interesting. How could you ignore someone fashioned over the historical figure Jeanne D’Arc? Just hearing her name makes you want to see her as a main character. So once again, I doubt they’ll actually burn her and succeed in killing her. She has a greater role to play here…and that will be fun to see. Especially if she succumbs to temptation and drinks the “truth serum” that reveals the truth about the Gods to her. It might just be a cheap way for us to get some quick and a dirty backstory without resorting to flashbacks. Not that this would be much better.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I’ve been having a wonderful time with Shingeki no Bahamut. Unfortunately, not much happens this week aside from talking to a dragon as things continue to get worse around Bahamut. But it’s always such a pleasure to see Fava and the gang get into all sorts of trouble together. This episode would only be better if Rita was alongside them. So although this episode is short on action, we’re nicely set up for a finale now. Everything has been put in place and we’re ready to move on. Sometimes I worry about the finale being a mess (I always do), but dare I say it…Bahamut looks like it will deliver on that note. Let’s hope I didn’t jinx it now.

Shingeki no Bahamut 905

Pretty sweet for a side quest


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7 Responses to “Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis – 09”

  1. Irenesharda says:

    Oh gosh, I am finally finished with finals! So I finally now catch up on all my shows that I had to take a break from for a couple of weeks. I loved this episode too, as we’re gaining speed to the climax. Both the gods and demons are preparing for war, the gods to defend their home, and the demons to take it over.

    Poor Jeanne is once again being threatened with being burnt at the stake, and he guardian archangel, Michael doesn’t even know as he’s a little busy right now trying to stop Bahamut. That whole scene with that demon haunting her, reminded me so much of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, or the temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden. I really hope that Jeanne keeps her faith, and doesn’t fall to the demon’s lies. Satan told Eve that she would see the truth that God was hiding from her if she ate the fruit. Jeanne is being given a similar line. Demonic forces love to not just stop Jeanne from fighting against them, but what to twist her mind too, just to spite the gods and say “This was the one you had so much faith in? Look how easy it was to turn her!”
    So, I’m really hoping that Jeanne hangs on to her faith and who she is, and she’ll be able to last long enough for help to come. (Which I have to believe it will. Don’t put Jeanne to the stake, not again! 🙁 Michael, get over there and save her!)
    However, it looks like Rita is on to the demon, but she’s been caught! What shall she do?

    As for Favaro, I’m actually beginning to think that HE is the legendary knight saint that is to stop Bahamut. I thought it was Amira, but considering everything that happened to him this episode and how he was able to lift Bahamut’s talon no problem. I think that he somehow proved himself to the “I Am” dragon, with the whole going against fate thing, and show that he indeed is the promised one. I think the whole “Killing Amira” thing, is actually a test. Saint are by definition self-sacrificing. I think that how Favaro ultimately responds, will be what proves his true worth. I also, shouldn’t be surprised. While Kaiser and Amira are also important characters, this show is really all about Favaro. He’s the one that’s grown the most over the course of the series. It makes sense that he’s the chosen one.

    • Overcooled says:

      Congrats on finishing your finals!

      I’m really curious to see what Jeanne does with all this temptation. It’s hard since they made it so, so tempting to learn the truth. As faithful as she is, it wouldn’t be easy to ignore something like that. But I hope she remains faithful as well and continues being the badass female knight we know and love. Don’t burn her T.T

      Yeah, I could totally see Favaro ending up as the knight in the legends. With all these hints at him being a secret nice guy who’s more than he seems, it wouldn’t be all too surprising. But I’d still love to see a little rascal like him end up as the legendary hero.

  2. skylion says:

    I felt this episode did itself a great justice. It’s a bridge to the final arc, that is for sure. And that sometimes means a lazy connect the dots script. I’m happy to see they didn’t indulge in that….

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m happy too. This is where things can get really messy/rushed/confusing, but I didn’t feel like Bahamut faltered at all. The way things look now, the finale will be great!

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I know Favaro, the wily fox that he is, will find some way of getting an alternative that doesn’t include killing Amira. It goes without saying he’s the type who’s stubborn to the very end. That and it’s clear anything goes as long as killing isn’t involved. That’s the kind of vibe I get. Plus his visions turn that possibility into Swiss cheese.

    Oh, man, Jeanne really looks to be heading towards a history accurate end and I don’t like it one bit. Also, it pisses me off how easily a person’s reputation can be decimated with a single accusation in the face of humanity. She puts her life on the line countless times, slowly gaining recognition and trust for all that to be blown in an instant from one misdirection. Countless good deeds and gets condemned with one false misdeed.

    So once again, I doubt they’ll actually burn her and succeed in killing her.

    Are you sure? If my history is correct, she was branded a witch and burned at the stake after already saving the miserable asses of those who put her there. Talk about ungrateful bastards!

    • Irenesharda says:

      I know Favaro, the wily fox that he is, will find some way of getting an alternative that doesn’t include killing Amira.

      Oh, you know he will, but I think that’s the point. I think that the dragon knows that Favaro is the promised one, and he tested him with that line about fate and staying in the forest. The fact that he decided to change fact, is what proved the dragon’s suspicions. I think that the part with Amira is also a test of worth. The part about the keys having to be inside a human wasn’t mentioned for no reason. Favaro will have to make a choice regarding Amira and that choice is what will ultimately decide the future of the universe.

      Also, it pisses me off how easily a person’s reputation can be decimated with a single accusation in the face of humanity.

      Actually, most of the people are still with her. In fact it’s too the point that the king is ordering the knights to kill anyone who supports her. The king is against her, and he can scare anyone who supports her from speaking up, and anyone who is ignorant of the true situation, he can convince otherwise. Also, remember that Martinet’s machinations are also being put into play here, so who knows what sort of influence he’s having.

      I highly doubt she’ll die though. It’s too close to the end of the season, also Martinet was hamming it up there with telling her that no one of Heaven is coming for her. Which basically, tells me that she’s going to get saved at the last minute. Anytime the bad guy goes and pumps up that no one will foil his plans, he pretty much just jinxed himself. I’m not sure if it will be Baccus, or if Baccus will just tell Michael and he’ll save her. But yeah, I highly doubt she’s going to die. In this world you can get “saint” status without dying, so really there’s no reason for Jeanne to get killed. It doesn’t really serve the plot.

    • skylion says:

      Well, she’s already a Saint, so that’s a big break from history. But the biggest, to me, is that the real Jeanne was actually in support of a uncrowned, contesting “king”. After many successes she was captured by and English and (a part of France) alliance. They didn’t like that uncrowned king at all, and once they heard her hearing voices, along comes the heretic charge. But really, it was more like treason.

      And so, if writers do want to “borrow” her in future, if you have to sacrifice her, get a few more points right….

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