MetaFap: Fall ’14 – 06

Warning: Rocket boobs ahead.

OreTwintailnNarimasu – 06

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu - 06 (19)

This girl just doesn’t know how to take a compliment.

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Madan no Ou to Vanadis – 07

Madan no Ou to Vanadis - 07 0739

Mind stepping outside for a second? I need some private NTR time.

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Grisaia no Kajitsu – 07

It’s OK, she’s just taking a bath. Really.

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29 Responses to “MetaFap: Fall ’14 – 06”

  1. CarVac says:

    I think that could be Souji’s thumb simply visible between his middle and ring fingers, not an extra non-thumb finger.

    But indeed the faces have been…off the past two episodes.

    • lvlln says:

      Could be, but if that was the intent, it was a pretty big fail, because then there’s a huge finger-sized gap between his middle and ring fingers.

      • CarVac says:

        There are only 4 knuckles, though.

        The show really could do with some better key animation, though. The latest episode…

  2. skylion says:

    Vivid Twin-Tails: LOL. Take a compliment…

    I’m currently in rebellion over Tail Yellow. They take a perfect LOLi and make her a dime a dozen bishoujo. This is not acceptable! LOL (actually LOLis are a dime a dozen anyway).

    Agreed on some of DAT QUALITY. Souji better watch out for Inigo Montoya!

    But all kidding aside, I did a spit take over the boob missles…just wasn’t expecting it!

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu – 06: Being a child of privilege may seem luxurious on the surface but it must suck big time if it’s to overbearing parents who micro-manage every aspect of that child’s life.

    Erina’s masochistic and exhibitionist traits I’d say are definitely the results of deep-rooted trauma from a stressful life of image maintenance. As she said, no one knew the real her. Only now, Souji’s brought it to the surface due to him giving her leeway. She’s exposing herself both physically and psychologically. I wonder what would’ve happed had she suppressed such desires any longer. Okay, most of the Tail Yellow attacks can pass, even the canon assembly was cool but missiles from ports exactly where her bust is? That’s just ridiculous. No doubt about it. Thouars had some screws loose designing that suit.

    So the enemy’s boss is a girl fitted with a suit powered by her love for glasses. Now I’ve seen everything. Bring in Kyoukai no Kanata’s Akihito Kanbara with his obsession for glasses and all here will be leveled.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Grisaia no Kajitsu – 07: In simple terms, that maid was a crackpot. Rigging explosives just to help someone evade a test is overkill. Clearly, she didn’t account for the possibility of her friends walking in on her. Accident or not, I really fail to see that as justification for her taking such extreme measures.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Madan no Ou to Vanadis – 07: Interesting enough developments. I guess Roland surrendered because he acknowleged Tigre’s conviction to protect people whereas he, himself, said he had doubts from start to finish. Plus, I believe he could no longer turn a blind eye to Thanadier since he can’t ignore the fact he’s up to no good.

    I’d say that mysterious temple is where Tigre’s ancestor first got that bow if it radiated and lead him there. The spirit that possessed Titta must have known who he’s descended from since she never asked for his name. That was a pretty cruel way to test his resolve, though. The poor girl was scared out of her mind.

    • HannoX says:

      I doubt Titta was scared out of her mind since the only thought occupying her mind is Tigre and there’s no room for anything else in it.

  6. Highway says:

    Vanadis: The ‘war’ part of this show feels just so irrelevant. I complained last week about the incomprehensibility of the whole deal, but there’s another issue that’s been bugging me about it also. If the war is solely going to turn on “Whose Mascot Character wins the Mascot Battle”, then why bother having the rest of the army actually fight? Population control? So far the fights have been “I’m gonna send Elen / Tigre / Sofy against Roland / Thenardier / Ludmila and we’ll see who wins.” But while they’re doing that, the other guys are slaughtering each other. But to what point? When the Mascot Battle is done, the mascot would just go slaughter the other army back, even if they had wiped out the winning mascot’s army.

    Why don’t the two armies just send their mascots out to fight, and enjoy the show?

    • lvlln says:

      Why don’t the two armies just send their mascots out to fight, and enjoy the show?

      Lol, I think that’s kinda what happened in the case of Ludmila vs. Eleonora in the previous episode. It looked like while they were duking it out in the pit, the rest of their armies were just standing above watching them. Can’t blame them, I guess; if LeBron James and Kobe Bryant showed up at a local pickup game and started playing one-on-one, I’m sure everyone would stop and watch too.

    • belatkuro says:

      Actually, before the mascots fought, there was a lot more clashing of the armies that involved tactics and stuff. The mascots were fighting the fodders enemy soldiers first before they met amongst the fighting and pulled away from the main battle.
      Just chalk it up to the anime making the soldiers feel irrelevant.

      • Highway says:

        But they always do that. “Let’s do all this fighting and strategy… and ultimately it means zero because the side that wins is the side whose mascot wins.”

        Since the winner of the ‘battle’ is the winner of the eventual mascot fight, you’d think they’d figure this out and just send the mascots out first, then declare the battle over. I could see if the other guys actually came and helped, or had any relevance at all, but they don’t. As such, it’s just “Meat grinder until Elen / Tigre and Roland / Ludmila / Thenardier / Dragon get off their asses and get up to fight.”

  7. Di Gi Kazune says:

    !!! Do not underestimate the power of MegaNeko! Err.. I meant MeganeKo! (Slight difference between the two). What would even be better is… Grade S Zettai Ryouiki + Tsundere + Twintails + Meido + Megane! (Now where in Fate’s world have I seen that combo recently…)

  8. belatkuro says:

    Vanadis: Well, Roland did say why he surrendered. He can’t fight anymore in his condition. Plus the situation of the main battle had actually turned against his army before he engaged Ellen and Sofya. Too long to explain but it involved knowing and breaking the famed formation of their army and using the mud of the terrain. The narration in the anime did say they lost nearly half of their army in this battle. It was the only decision he can make then.
    Plus as touched briefly, he was already doubting the purpose of this battle since it wasn’t the King who directly ordered him but Thenardier and Ganelon. And he knew of Tigre’s motives and proved his resolve with that final attack(cliched I know).

    Speaking of that final attack, they got that wrong(again). It wasn’t suppose to be just Tigre firing it simply like that. Ellen and Sofya’s weapons actually emitted countless lights and the arrow absorbed all of them just like in the siege against Ludmila’s castle. That was a hint that it wasn’t just Ellen’s weapon that reacts to the bow but all of the Vanadis’s weapons. It’s a crucial plot point of the bow that’s pretty much one of the core mysteries of the series.

    The part where Tigre met the goddess wasn’t so much as a powerup as just him willing to use the power. He was always reluctant to use it because it’s a mysterious power. And one thing the anime neglects about the bow. It also has a side effect of him feeling weak after shooting it. It supposedly sucks out his life force when he uses the bow’s power. He actually shot and intentionally missed one against Roland to threaten him to retreat since he has such a power. He was feeling very sluggish after doing that.

    Oh and Tigre’s hand was actually in the opposite direction in that part where Ellen was talking to him while he was asleep.

  9. belatkuro says:

    Grisaia: At least this episode resembled the route somewhat more than Yumiko’s. The framework and the gist of the story anyways. It was basically just the bare bones and lacked the meat of the story. And as they were aiming for continuity with how Yuuji mentioned him helping Yumiko, they couldn’t exactly do what was done in the VN.

    Several points missed:
    1. After Sachi’s accident in the bath, Yuuji and Sachi interacted more and were doing some tutoring to challenge Sachi’s knowledge. During those moments, the hints of their connection got dropped here and there so it wasn’t as sudden.
    Yuuji then got a call from his ‘part-time’ before their next session and he said to Sachi to wait ‘at their usual place’ which was the classroom. Sachi then disappeared for a full day because she interpreted the ‘usual place’ to be that park. This made Yuuji pay attention to Sachi. They became a couple so he could solve her problem.

    2. Sachi’s flashback missed a crucial part. Her mother actually said “Sachi…why…” before she fainted. That was more traumatic to her than the accident. She then suffered PTSD which disappears when she thinks to herself to become a good girl.

    3. Sachi didn’t actually set up something that intricate to get rid of the test. She was actually at her wits’ end thinking how to fulfill that request. In the end, she resorted to just spraying kerosene and burn the place since that was what she did before(what Yumiko said to Yuuji). Yuuji thwarted her of course but he actually did some preparations himself.
    And what he did was…blow up the school. Don’t ask how, he just did and he was thorough in his preparations behind the scenes. It was to create a contradiction in Sachi’s mindset. She did fulfill the request to get rid of the test but then she lost the place precious to her.
    And the best part of this was that they had outdoor sex afterwards.

    I guess I still liked the episode even with this butchering. They gave me Sachi in bloomers after all which didn’t happen at all in the VN. Plus they animated the sleeve tugging part. Anything that’s better than the Yumiko episode is fine. You can’t go worse than that.
    Makina is next but unfortunately I haven’t even started on her route yet. I was about to but then the Yumiko episode happened and I lost motivation.

  10. zztop says:

    Vanadis: The goddess that possessed Tita is integral to later plotlines, esp. the world’s religion.

    Note also Tigre sees a Tir na Fa statue wieldingShow ▼

    ,not unlike his own.

    On religion:
    The LNs say the world worships a pantheon of 10 Gods. Tir na Fa is the counterpart of Perkunas,god of sun and light. She is “his wife, his older sister, his younger sister, and his arch-nemesis in the cycle of life”. No priest or shaman has been able to explain why she is part of the Pantheon.

  11. zztop says:

    Twintails: A list of Elemelian Guildies and their fetisheselemeras:

    (MILFs?Transexuals?Female abs? The Guildy deviancy list keeps rising.)

  12. JPNIgor says:

    Twintails: Is that tentacle… actually… a penis? And I thought tentacles couldn’t be more lewd…

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