Mechanorn – November 12, ’14


Which girl had the best week?!


Wooooooooo! Time for my favorite post of the week! MechaNORN and what giant robot series did you like this week? I am still loving Gundam Build Fighters TRY and Reconguista and Cross Ange is well Cross Ange ….


Time stamps

Gundam Build Fighters TRY 00:30

Gundam G Reconguista 10:56

Cross Ange 19:06


mecaNORN (3)

Awwweee yeah best older sister ever <3

mecaNORN (2)

Monday is so wise~

mecaNORN (1)

Watch out for this angry maid!

Bonus Fun

mecaNORN (4)

She is so lively!


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7 Responses to “Mechanorn – November 12, ’14”

  1. Highway says:

    Cross Ange: I thought this was an excellent episode, with the point being the growth of Ange. She’d gone from her original state (at the beginning of the series) of not believing that others are worthy of being around her, since she was the princess, to someone who doesn’t need anyone and doesn’t care about anyone. This episode was the point where Ange went from someone who was asocial to someone who was social, realizing that other people’s lives have value and that it’s not all about Ange. You guys (and I’m sure lots of people are) joke about “Oh, they let them buy people now”, but I think that that glosses over a couple points. One, sure Jill has said that “everything can be bought”, but she could easily have said, when Ange brought out those shopping bags of cash, “That’s not enough.” What Jill was acknowledging when she said that Ange could ‘buy’ Momoka wasn’t that Ange could buy a maid, it was that Ange had grown as a person, because the point was, as everyone knew (I think even Momoka might have had the thought at that point), to save Momoka.

    Before, Ange didn’t care if someone else died. Wasn’t her concern. And here was a situation where someone who was important in her past, but no longer. Someone who she actively tried to get rid of. But she didn’t want to get rid of her in that way.

    We’ll see how they fit Momoka in now, and we’ll see what her attitude shifts to.

    • BlackBriar says:

      We’ll see how they fit Momoka in now, and we’ll see what her attitude shifts to.

      If anything, considering they’ve been officially reunited, Ange will have a whiplash dealing with her while maintaining her current self.

      • Highway says:

        We’ll see, but I don’t know why one would assume that Ange would do all the changing back. She’s adapted to the place that she’s in now. It’s not like she’s gone back to Misurugi. Momoka’s now in Ange’s world, not Ange in Angelise’s world.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Cooling down, yes but I wasn’t talking about changing back. More like getting Momoka to accept the new reality while deflecting any past mannerisms she brings up. Because it seems Ange hates that because she knows an important truth was kept from her for a long time, possibly making it now feel like she never belonged but was put there out of pity. Especially when Momoka knew from the beginning. I feel she wants to hate her for it but can’t bring herself to do so due to the relationship they had.

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        Maid Ange.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Cross Ange: At least Ange has a link to some happy memories with Momoka at her side now. Honestly, I was put off by Momoka’s refusal to accept the current reality Ange came accustomed to but her good nature did well to work out a few more kinks in Ange’s new personality.

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