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Gou: “The director changed the script by adding more yaoi moments to keep the fangirls happy!”

Not only this week is my turn for Free! after Kyo, Kara, Highway, and Hoshi, I am also late for posting it lol. I apologize for the super late post. I was in AFA Indonesia for the past two days, so I was tired as hell. I wrote this in the airport right now, teheh.


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The relay is finally happening, and everybody did well on the relay. Well, everybody with the exception of Makoto since he was a little bit late at the start.  Unfortunately, Makoto’s mistake costs the whole thing since Samezuka beats Iwatobi partly because of that. Though the boys made it into the preliminary to the national, if I remember correctly (someone tells me if this is right or not), they finally taste the bitter taste of defeat. It’s a double blow for Makoto since he feels responsible for the whole thing. Poor guy is already mentally unstable, and now he’s even more unstable because of the defeat. I won’t even be surprised if Makoto takes off his Nice Guy personality and went all batshit crazy on everybody. But maybe this happened for a reason, which is obviously character development. Too bad we didn’t get to see the resolution on Makoto’s problem in this episode, but I’m pretty sure this will add depth to Makoto’s character. Maybe we’ll get to see more than his Nice Guy and Yandere personality. Maybe he’ll even fall deeper into his obsession of Haru. Whatever it is, I have a feeling this will play a big role on Makoto’s character.

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Is this how boys fight? Holding hands and all that? Seriously?

Though Samezuka won the relay, that didn’t stop Sousuke from being emo. Seriously, what’s with this guy? He’s negatively possessive [of Rin], mean, rude, and pessimistic. I’m tired of him being such a pain in the ass, acting like a girl in her PMS and all that. Thankfully, this episode gives some hints of Sousuke’s reasoning for being such a jerk. Finally we’re getting somewhere. My guess is that he has an injury or something that prevents him from swimming in the future; his timing was a little bit off during the relay and all that. Maybe his scout is cancelled too, thus reason for him responding awkwardly on RIn’s scout. Still, those are not good reasons to get mad at your ship roommate for no reason. Poor Rin is being shouted at for no reason. What happened with all your possessiveness of Rin, Sousuke? Though I’m starting to suspect that Sousuke has a hidden crush on Haru. Everybody wants Haru.

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Sousuke should be like Rei who is fucking amazing in this episode. Seriously, this dude is so amazing he literally outshine the main character and all the homos in this episode except the Haru x Rei homo. I mean, he was able to cheer up the gloomy apathetic Haru and gives Haru the solution he has been looking for! That’s really amazing, considering how hard it is to persuade Haru. Asdfghjkl I can’t even find the words to describe Rei’s greatness. He’s just so…  Awesome. As a character, he really really developed. He started as a skeptic who was kinda, uh rude, but his character changed into a hard-working person who is not afraid of losing. This great character development made me forget about the gloomy Sousuke. I’m so happy with his character development, and I hope the rest will go through the same thing also, especially Makoto. And yes, Sousuke too *grumble*

More Gloomy Sousuke:

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I don’t know why but I didn’t feel that much about this episode, and I swear it’s not because of the lack of Makoto x Haru moments (OK kind of). I wasn’t sad about Iwatobi’s loss at all. In fact, I think it’s great that they lost since these boys need to learn the harsh truth of life; life is more than rainbows, unicorns, and gay moments! But somehow that didn’t make me feel happy about this episode. It’s probably because of Sousuke because goooddd he keeps whining and whining and there’s no end to his whining. I don’t mind people whining but he has been such an ass since episode 1, and he still is until this episode. I don’t mind using people like Sousuke for more drama, but there’s a limit for this kind of stuff. Drama adds spice to a story, but when it becomes repetitive, it becomes annoying. And that’s what happened to Sousuke. Thank god for Rei’s awesomeness and Haru finally finding his resolution. If not, this would have been a piece of-… Anyway, Sousuke needs to stop whining, and I hope he gets his act together in the next episode.

Preview: Kiss me kiss me Kisumi!

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6 Responses to “Free! Eternal Summer – 07”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Like you said, the episode felt lacking. Not much impact as the previous entries to the point it was as though nothing noteworthy happened.

    Personally, Haru is being a bit too careless. Sure he likes to swim but it’s a bad idea to turn down great opportunities like those scouts that went out of their way to meet with him. Others would take the shot the first chance they got. Sooner or later, he has to start thinking about his future.

    Sousuke is a bigger enigma. There’s no reading him at all whatsoever. Just what is he trying to accomplish? And his moodiness isn’t exactly making him eligible for sympathy.

    • anaaga says:

      Thank goodness I’m not the only one who hates Sousuke. That guy is just the perfect definition of a confused teenager.

      I think Haru is trapped in his past. The thing is, I think he enjoyed swimming with his friends too much to let it go. And then the reality hits him, making him realize that things won’t always be the same. Thankfully, Rei saved him in a way

  2. Kyokai says:

    I know they are trying to setup Sousuke but man, why do I have a feeling his backstory is going to be pretty sad. What if he never got scouted at all? And actually has a shoulder injury? (He was exercising only one arm for some reason). Is entering Samezuka his last ditch effort of understanding Rin’s friendship?

    • BlackBriar says:

      I hope whatever it is, it gets explained soon. His melodrama is becoming tedious and he’s like he’s suffocating.

    • anaaga says:

      I think he has a shoulder injury, and it can be seen when he twitched during the relay. His left shoulder seems injured or something? Therefore he rejected his scout.

      But I don’t care. Those kind of shit should not be kept by himself. That’s not a reason for someone to be mean. And if he’s mean because he’s keeping it all by himself, then it’s entirely his fault

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