Aldnoah.Zero – 07

Aldnoah Zero 07 - Inaho & Slaine

“Bat” & “Orange” teaming up

On this week’s mini-talk, Jrow & Sumairii talk about Slaine & Inaho teaming up briefly to take on Hellas, the Earthlings discovering a new battleship that they’ll be riding and the Princess’ identity known to all on board among other things.



Extra Teamwork

Aldnoah Zero 07 - Hellas Attacks

One more time for Hellas and Femieanne’s fist-demon babies

Aldnoah Zero 07 - Asseylum

Oddly, this shot is reminding me of Arpeggio of Blue Steel a bit…

Aldnoah Zero 07 - Run Over Hellas

“Did we hit something? Meh, probably some toy Gundam or whatever…”

Aldnoah 07 - Slaine Taken Down

“Orange, you mother f—–“

Aldnoah Zero 07 - Femieanne

<caption this yourselves>


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6 Responses to “Aldnoah.Zero – 07”

  1. skylion says:

    < …how did that perky little Tsugumi do it… >

    What the name of that Island Arse, cause that looks like where they pulled the Martian Battleship from! LOL

    But with it, a near curb stomp battle becomes an uphill one; unless that ship is made of magic martian beating whoop-arse,

  2. Foshizzel says:

    < My boobs give me POWER >

    Dat reveal with the red ship! YES! It felt like a TTGL moment with the team taking over an enemy aircraft and claiming it as their own, but also the princess revealed herself to the captain chick! Good stuff and I hope that finally gives us a real mission to get her back to Mars to stop the war even though I know it won’t be THAT easy.

    YAY! Finally Slain and Inaho teamed up and boy did they OWN! That also reminded me of Haruto and L-ELF’s teaming up in Valvrave, but at the same time both pairs of guys totally do not trust each other after their first meeting and I know eventually they will get along or will they stay rivals forever? I guess we will have to wait and see.

    I think that red ship once belonged to Sassbaum cause he did panic when he heard the word tanegashima! I wouldn’t be shocked if that was the case and that ties into Marito’s story about his partner that died.

    Slain vs L-elf who would win?!

    • skylion says:

      It reminded me of my teen-age years playing TRPGs. We clear the haunted castle. Hey, this is our castle now, right? Well how you gonna fix it up? Didn’t we make like 100,000 gold this trip? We buy labor….

  3. BlackBriar says:

    The most action packed episode we’ve had for some time.

    It is indeed an awe inspiring moment that Inaho and Slaine can coordinate a strategy so well after just meeting for the first time. Imagine how frightening they’d be if they teamed up on a regular basis. Very Haruto and L-Elf-esque except that Inaho is the main character as well as the master strategist. That was a cold sendoff shooting Slaine down right after dealing with a common enemy. “Okay, your work is done so time to go back to being enemies”. A rare trait for a protagonist to have.

    Asseylum revealing herself. What are the odds she just went up to them and disabled her disguising device? She was basically itching to blow her secret for some time. Now that the truth is out in the open, you can bet there’ll be some unjust blame on her for the war. The situation will get bitter. The OP had her holding a gun right before presenting the series’ tag.

  4. Irenesharda says:

    The plot thickens…

    Inaho shows his dark side, and Slaine has become a total badass. The Princess has revealed herself, and the Earth has some hidden secrets.

    So, we find that the fight with Femieanne is only one part of the problem. Slaine comes and gives Inaho a hand, and the two become “frenemy” partners as they try to take her out with Yuki and Inko providing coverage.

    We find that Cruhteo was going to go after Slaine with his own kataphrackt, but Saazbaum stops him in order to track him and find out where he’s going. He heard that the princess lives and he wants to find her.

    Slaine and Inaho work pretty well together, both smart, but in different ways. Slaine can work on instinct, which Inaho works on formulas and calculations. I also like the nicknames they’ve given each other of “Bat” and “Orange”. (Oh my…Orange-kun has returned again. )

    In the end, I didn’t mind Femieanne going down since it wasn’t just Inaho, but a team of him, Slaine, Yuki, Inko, and Rayet cooperating to take her down. And with a little surprise on their hands.

    It seems the Earth is keeping secrets. The mech that has haunted Marito was within a secret port on the island. Along with that, was a hidden Martian battleship.
    Suddenly, powered by the princess, Capt. Darzana has her new Archangel White Base flying battle headquarters and they now have a new Martian mech to play with, as well as the Asseylum, who has revealed herself, in order to activate it.

    Now, that the playing field has been leveled, what shall come from it? And the Captain and her XO don’t seem too happy to have the princess aboard. Also, while Inaho and Slaine work together, they still see each other as enemies (Inaho, more so). Inaho takes Slaine down, when the other refuses to answer his questions. We’ll see if these two Terran boys can get along, especially as they both seem to be pretty protective of the princess.

    As for the hidden battleship and mech, how the heck did those get to Tanegashima? And if the UFE is the ones who hid it there, then why did they totally abandon the tech as well as the island? What’s going on?

    Also, interestingly, Saazbaum seems to know the secret of Tanegashima. Did the Martians plant a hidden base there or something?

    We get a lot of questions, as well as some interesting information this episode, and I’m liking the new layers we’re seeing.

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