Zankyou no Terror – 02


Second episode, second bombing.

spring14-kyoIt has been a happening weekend for me with lots of cooking and entertainment with family members but amazingly I also got around recording our recently released MetaVerse and reviewed first impressions on Re: Hamatora. That aside, I’ll be taking over the weekly aniblogging of this show, for which I spent almost one and a half day wondering/drafting. I’ll be in your care, while Sphinx will be in mine. (◕‿◕✿)

Lisa’s Story



The roller coaster ride of our young terrorists continues but as we saw in the last episode, we have a coerced accomplice in the mix. Lisa Mishima is a textbook timid girl, who basically walks around life with hunched shoulders, without meeting other people’s eye. It is not only because she belongs to a broken family but the conditioning that comes from an over-bearing, smothering mother in her life and zero friends. Sure, not all blame can be given to her mother because she has a missing father, who just up and left few years ago, but the abandonment that she felt resonated even more because of her mother’s breakdown. Add bullying into the mix due to her overall demeanour and her life basically sucks right now.

It’s not her fault because she wasn’t responsible for either her father leaving or her mother losing her mind in the process. She has just been unlucky and her streak continues with being found by Twelve and the subsequent inclusion in their plan. However, she is not really wanted with Nine almost despising her presence and being treated as a plaything by Twelve. He definitely made it clear to her that she was being watched and not to put a toe out of line. It’s pretty tough being her right now indeed. However, I don’t think her character is just going to be for show because however timid she is, she is actively looking for answers while being embroiled with these mysterious terrorists. I hope she finds some interesting answers.

Second Terror


Smexyily deadly

While the Special Investigation Unit clambers over each other to figure out the origin of Sphinx, our boys are already busy with their second heist. Which is more of a delivery-style drop rather than the hidden coordinated plan for bombing the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office building. It still has a lot of thought put into it: custom development of a smaller bomb, registration plate change of motorcycle to be used for the drop, costume for delivery-boy getup and proper branding of the precious package under the label of a popular ramen shop. You have to give it to these boys for being quite thorough to the point of wearing gloves while setting up bombs and donning cautionary helmet inside the police building for not providing clear camera angles. However, I don’t think they are afraid of being caught the way they have been sauntering around their publicity. Sure, they wear masks on their videos but there is no voice-editing and during execution of plans, they don’t hide their face particularly well. They seem as if they are begging to be discovered and egging on the police to follow their trail. Are they enjoying the process? Hella yes.

This brings me to an interesting hint that Twelve dropped by being sad on not being compared to Kenji Sawada. Well, this dude was the protagonist of a ’79 movie Taiyō o Nusunda Otoko (The Man Who Stole the Sun), where he played a deviant science teacher, who develops homemade atomic bomb and uses it to demand baseball to be shown without commercials and a Rolling Stones concert in Japan… Yeah, the premise is quite weird and things get worse when the dude contracts radiation poisoning in the process. Coincidentally, there’s a quirky love interest who’s a DJ calling herself Zero, this makes him dub himself Nine in front of her but their story doesn’t end well either because he kills her quite randomly. There’s also a cop nemesis who runs after him for justice; though, Kenji never hesitates for his life because of the death looming over him. Why I bothered with the summary is the weird hints similar to our terrorists, because in the end this is a story about the law against terrorists as well. The only difference is that they are a pair rather than a single protagonist and the love interest is quite not there yet. But Twelve’s reference to it is either a hint about Nine’s backstory or his/their looming deaths and not being afraid of it? Whatever the case maybe, these two are quite sexily mysterious still.

The Aftermath


Shimazaki, were you actually Oedipus in another life?!

On the Suits-side, we have a special Investigation unit dedicated for Sphinx with their recent shenanigans. Any government would be quite worried when a supposed video prank become reality. Though, it was quite miraculous that the bombing didn’t incur any serious casualties except for 27 injuries. This was explained away by the fire alarms and timely evacuation but still seeing the 9/11 like strewn metal, I expected a large death-toll. Though, it goes in favour of our terrorists who want to ruffle governmental feathers rather than taking lives. Makes my theory on revenge against their questionable existence stronger with always targeting official governmental buildings. For the newly formed unit, everyone is just left picking up pieces from whatever has transpired, which makes exposition easier: They are genius in customizing their bombs for successfully destroying parts of buildings, they have means to hide their online identities (Tor was not a clever answer alone but oh well), they are quite eccentrically brilliant and dangerous because they possess sizeable amount of plutonium enough to destroy cities. People should fear them alright.

Along with all the clues, VON returns in this episode as well, with it being scrawled on a TNT bomb at the first bombing incident. I have a feeling, we will find it in third episode as well for Roppongi; though, I’m more interested in its origin and its connection to Sphinx’s roots. At least I was right on two counts for their name being connected to Greek mythology and videos being riddles. Our first riddle was quite basic but the twist of it being actually connected to Oedipus and Police in this story was quite brilliant. Except for a puzzle freak like Shimazaki, no one could have guessed on it being the Roppongi Police station rather than the DNA Research facility in Minato. Our special unit basically botched this mission and they need Shimazaki quite badly. Chief Kurahashi has enough brains to invite him as predictably shown in the preview. I have a feeling our bearded oyaji will be a great asset to this unit and a pain in the ass for our boys, but hey, the chast should be good fun and I can’t wait for some face-off soon.

Extra Terror


Another successful BOOM

Click for more // Show ▼

Another brilliant episode. I was so engrossed during watch of this episode that I didn’t even feel the half hour go by. It felt as if only 5 or 10 minutes passed on my first watch. Really, my fears were quelled with another great episode and mystery building. We still don’t know a lot about Nine and Twelve but the hints dropped here and there are keeping me afloat. At least Lisa’s backstory is a bit clearer now with her family situation explained but what kind of role she would play in future heists is still to be seen. The weakest link is the special investigation unit, who need to do a better job in cybercrime. I understand that Japanese intelligence can’t compete against CIA or Interpol but they should have more ways to trace Sphinx’s online presence.

Overall, I’m loving this amazingly visual ride and it’s heightened by the excellent soundtracks. They are so fitting and from now on, I will be highlighting the tracks that I recognize from the episode playback as above (under spoiler). I really wish for flashback of Nine and Twelve but I guess it will happen in good time. But for now from preview, I hope to see more of Shimazaki and why such a brilliant investigator was transferred to the archives department of all places! Did he have a traumatic case involvement or he did it voluntarily after a previous failure? Like our main protagonists, this detective is keeping me guessing as well. I hope to find some clues soon!

On the down side, there are supposedly some rumours going on about delay of the third episode, which I hope are wrong! But I’ll keep you all posted on any development if there is any kind of confirmation. And now, let’s get on some sweet discussion.



Things are going to get quite exciting with Shimazaki’s addition to the investigation team.


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21 Responses to “Zankyou no Terror – 02”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Excellent episode! Going into this one I heard all kinds of rumors of a dramatic character shift for Nine and Twelve? There were a few people that saw the first two episodes at Anime Expo and I was looking for that moment, but I failed to see it or was it the final shots of Nine grinning from ear to ear? I guess that COULD be the big change since he rarely has any expressions.

    I still think the attacks are more about sending a message to the people responsible for what happened to Nine and Twelve and any other children in the past. Basically I see it as a way to remind them that they will be exposed for what they did! Also it seems that their intention is not to kill anyone or did the cops and civilians in the first two episodes simply get lucky and escaped in time?

    • Kyokai says:

      Indeed! I can’t see a big difference in terms character except for Nine grinning or full addition of Shimazaki from now on but nothing ground-breaking. Though, on how the exposition is going, we seem to be in good hands.

      I definitely agree on Sphinx sending a message to their perpetrators. However, I think the staff definitely wants to keep all terrorism into check for being public friendly. It definitely strange because the bombs were lethal but oh well! xD

      Do you have theories on the 2nd bomb though? Being in a police station, people should have been injured! Though, they can always say it was lunch break or whatever and no one was killed again.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah the 2nd bombing probably was during break or something since Nine put it in a odd location or they got lucky because they failed to solve the original riddle? Either way yeah.

  2. Irenesharda says:

    “Whatever is sought for can be caught, you know, whatever is neglected slips away.”
    ― Sophocles, Oedipus Rex

    “There are various eyes. Even the Sphinx has eyes: and as a result there are various truths, and as a result there is no truth.”
    – Friedrich Nietzsche

    “How dreadful the knowledge of the truth can be
    When there’s no help in truth.”
    ― Sophocles, Oedipus Rex

    I am so at the edge of my seat with this series! Every episode feels like part of a movie.

    The beginning seconds were rather haunting; tell me if the bombing site in the beginning didn’t look like Ground Zero right after 9/11.

    I am very surprised that no one died in the bombing, and from the way the kids are timing all of these, their objective is not to take lives but to breed terror and to send a message. I can’t wait to see what their endgame is to this.
    The “zero casualty” thing is weird though. Even if a bomber planned everything out, humans are always a wild card since they can act in strange ways that the bomber could never have though of. So, I can’t see some people in the building not having been killed or at least some people who were outside when the tower fell. It bothers me on a logic standpoint, but I’ve already seen and read from others who are actually a little offended.

    With the constant, deliberate, undeniable references to 9/11 in the artwork for the destruction of the tower and the aftermath of the bomb site that looks almost exactly like Ground Zero. Some are saying for them to have such a obvious reference and then say that in this bombing there were zero causalities and only minor injuries, is a little offensive and insulting to the actual event.
    I’m not too bothered by it, but I can completely understand how some would be.

    So, moving on, what does the story of Oedipus have to do with the boys? I’m guessing since they named themselves Sphinx and are using riddles from that story, I’m thinking it has a deeper meaning but I wonder what it is?
    Some people are suggesting they’re using the theme of Oedipus, regarding the actions of adults that reflect on their children and how children respond to those actions, especially in getting (even unknowingly) retribution against the adults that wronged them.

    I also wonder what they are going to do with Lisa’s character? She doesn’t do much of anything and the boys don’t seem to be including her in their plans at all. Her home life is very crappy though, I do feel sorry for her there. Twelve is seriously the creepy one, and I would definitely watch out for him if I was her.

    I’m loving the police and forensic procedural. I learned about the thermite reaction and phreatic explosions, and being a chemist it is awesome to me to see that being put into play here. Also, they continue to leave the calling card of VON.

    Does it mean “hope” like some are speculating?

    I can’t wait to have the detective join in, though he does seem to have a dark past which caused him to stop being a detective?

    All these questions! I’m so excited.

    • Kyokai says:

      “How dreadful the knowledge of the truth can be
      When there’s no help in truth.”
      ― Sophocles, Oedipus Rex

      Aah this! Comes pretty close to explaining the background of this story. 🙂

      The beginning footage was very much Ground Zero and you see my chagrin of the same on how all that rubble didn’t kill off people. Though, I have a feeling the staff is keeping this audience-friendly for multiple reasons (getting censored, banned, etc.)

      I’m really not happy on how the Police are investigating this but I guess my nit-pickiness comes from the exposure to all the detective movies/series I’ve watched to-date. But at least I learned about Thermite and Phreatic reaction, which I had to look up. xD

      As I said previously, Sphinx is a very majestic being and even powerful enough to decide a man’s fate (eating them if they gave a wrong answer), is almost symbolic in how our young terrorists are playing the government with their double-edged riddles. However, with Shimazaki on the team, I have a feeling that if not the next riddle, he will be able to solve them at one point. At least Nine is looking forward to it on how he’s setting things up. Any theories you have on Shimazaki’s past? I think it was a previous case or some case that went personal.

      We’ll find out about VON in time I guess because they are definitely not letting anything slip by, the relevant track on OST is very hauntingly beautiful btw. Overall, I love the way we have been engaged into the series. Let’s hope for more answers and questions next time! ^^

  3. celestine says:

    So just watched episode 1 And alltogether, I must say i feel for Lisa, my father never left our home that’s actualy true, but he gad never been present either, he has never been whit us he has just been here so in some way it’s actually beter when they leave if tgey do not want a real relanshiomship whit their child, parents that is however my resemblance end’s there since I have a supermom!

    But lreaving that aside, those two TT (Teenage Terrorists) are very skilled for shure, the thing that is a little bit off however is that they are posting the videos on youtube! Abd if that where real life, they would be getting their asses arrested at most 24 hours after doing the video since Tor IS actually trackble for any kind of governamental autority, beside iven if that wasn’t the case,there’s aways voice recognition, backround observation, yada yada.yada…
    However tge rest was pretty well done, i loved hoe they used the fire extinguishers to wipe out the whole bilding, Oh and I loved the ed song, i had to download the minute i saw it, no full version yet thought *snif*

    • Terror-tan says:

      About TOR…
      Not really. If used properly it’s a very tough nut to crack. Plus Japanese internal security forces are no NSA.
      (inb4 i’m advertising)

      • lvlln says:

        Japanese govt certainly is no NSA and Tor used properly is very powerful, but considering there are ways that Tor can be circumvented – e.g. the Harvard bomb hoax guy who got caught last year – it would’ve been nice for the police to say, “They’re using Tor. Our internet security experts are on it, but depending on how well they used it, it could take a long time and be difficult if not impossible to get their identities,” rather than essentially just “They’re using Tor, so they’re invisible.” The former still gives an excuse to let the teenage terrorists stay anonymous while staying true to real technology.

        • celestine says:

          That’s what I was thinking. However Something that a video almoust give out, is where it is been made, beside that their voices, and body features can easily be seen and used for indentification, Iven without all that, I supose the company that made Tor has some kind of tracker for this especifc situation, to be able to help country autoritys, or else the Whole company would just be closed for alegation of been in some level helping ilegal acts, actualy whit all those deep net scandals how that company is still open is beyond me.

          • Kyokai says:

            Actually, Tor was made for being anonymous on internet. If you have been keeping up with the news, there was a campaign recently to delete your presence from Google relevant to some countries, though I’m not sure on how that ended. Internet privacy has always been quite dubious though, but as lvlln said, this is more of a plot device for now but in the run of the series, I hope that they do address it.

          • lvlln says:

            Actually, Tor has no backdoors, at least none known publicly (and none known by the NSA either, if Snowden’s leaks are anything to go by). Tracking someone down who used Tor means finding another hole in their security. For example, if you know when a video file was uploaded to YouTube and how big the video was, then you could cross-reference the time and size against upload data from internet subscribers. Of course, a lot of this data can be difficult if not impossible to get, and even more difficult to get legally, but if someone brings down a skyscraper with bombs, you can bet that law enforcement is going to be pursuing every possible thread.

      • Kyokai says:

        @ Terror-tan (nice nickname btw ;)), Isn’t there rotation of IPs and some such? But yeah, I don’t see the Japanese cybercrime division to be quite advanced so we shall on how they treat this during the run of this series.

        • Terror-tan says:

          Well, thank you.
          Tor operates via a network of random relays (‘nodes’) and the connections are encrypted.
          See more here:

    • Kyokai says:

      @ celestine, For now Lisa’s character is still up for grabs in terms of explanation but her life has definitely not been quite good. Btw, supermoms rock! I have one too and I definitely credit her for whoever I am today.

      Till now I’m not very impressed with the investigation team responsible for unraveling the Sphinx terrorism but with Shimazaki soon joining in, I hope we get some good chase.

      And you should check out other albums of Aimer, her voice is love with an amazing range!

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Once again, I’m in absolute awe and it didn’t feel like 23 minutes have passed by. Proof as to how much I was into it. Watching this show is as though I’m watching a blockbuster thriller with thorough writing. The explanation on the bomb manufacturing is one of many highlights. It’s impressive yet frightening to an unbelievable depth how high grade explosives capable of such tremendous destruction can be made from the simplest of materials. Especially when they’re easier to obtain than gunpowder. The special investigation unit is a bit naïve, however. The blackout prior to the bombing is too much of an opportunity to be considered a coincidence and pushed aside. 25 minutes with no surveillance of any kind is ample time to get whatever done if done by a professional or at least someone with enough experience.

    The Oedipus analogy was another nice touch. Pretty underhanded creating a riddle with two possible answers. Naturally those trying to figure it out would get sidetracked if not the intended answer. I haven’t seen anything with deep philosophical references since Psycho-Pass and that had a lot. Even using Pascal and Ortega quotes prior to Kougami and Makishima’s first bout.

    Nine and Twelve’s slight change in personality is foreboding. Now my curiosity has increased as what will become of Lisa now that she’s been unfortunately shackled to these two with the threat of death on her shoulders. This is early to say but as her regular life continues to be unbearable with undesirable aspects, she’ll join them by choice. She’s now one of them but not yet at heart.

    I’m guessing Nine and Twelve’s tactics are a means to raise some form of awareness that’s eluding society and also maybe punishment for whatever made them into what they are now. And their methods prove effective for fear is a great motivator. Since talk of the facility where the stolen plutonium was brought back, said stolen item may be their piece de résistance. Both bombings occurred without use of nuclear material.

    • Kyokai says:

      It’s like a Hollywood flick partitioned in episode, the execution is THAT good. Every week I wait patiently for the next instalment. The exposition is well-thought-out and the only beef I had with this episode was first division not trying enough to trace down the culprits. I guess, it’s mostly to heighten the chase/mystery of the Sphinx but we’ll have to see how this plays out.

      Personally, as I’ve read some Greek mythology, I knew the Human answer already but not the second answer, which caught me off-guard while Shimazaki was explaining it. You have to give it to the writers for adding quite a lot of pazazz into the storyline with symbolism and awesomesauce literature.

      For me the changes weren’t that big because we are still getting to know them and we all know how much face-value matters in the end, it tells NOTHING about a person in general so who knows that Nine is actually the firey kind, while Twelve the silent killer? I can’t wait to find out though.

      You are onto something with theories on Nine and Twelve as they definitely have a solid purpose for doing all this. The stolen plutonium is more of a big threat to keep the investigators in-line almost similar to Nine pointing a gun at the plutonium case while the security guards looked on quite scared and let him through in Aomori facility. It’s almost like they are goading the authorities for paying attention to them or else they use bigger and badder explosives. It’s the underlying threat, which is quite dangerous.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    *sigh* Spammy is at it again. Can someone help me out?

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