Hanayamata – 03


“No Mr. Bond I expect you to die yosakoi”

“Honestly you should’ve just said you were into yosakoi” Well, we get a bit more dancing. But we get even more Hana-wrangling…



The Invader from Jersey

hanayamat 3-5

…typcial American…

Well, the name of the episode was Girl’s Style, but really I think Hana is Very Very Genki would have suited more. She’s normally a formidable presence in the program, but here she nearly morphs into some sorta elemental. Or maybe she really is showing her yousei roots? But, seeing how the plot for this week develops, I can see why it was necessary, and why it ended up being very entertaining indeed. At first I thought this episode was rather textbook in it’s approach; rivals become friends, mean student council president is mean, sensei wants to prime for marriage-no time for kids, these sorts of things.

hanayamata 3-3

“Are you lost little boy?”

It looks like Yaya has finally gotten over (yes, being charitable here)  her initial jealous phase. Now she just has to get over the annoyance phase. This is where that elemental nature of Nana show’s it’s head time and time again. Is it just me, or is it very telling when Yaya dressed Hana up in her little brother’s clothes? I rather love that small victory she felt in controlling the out of control. But it does her little good, as the day’s pre-agreed date with Naru is pretty much wrecked by Nana-wrangling. But, they did have fun didn’t they?  Not that that made Naru any happier! I also loved how Yaya came to finally accept Hana. She understands why she’s fun to be around, but still has her reservations. Anyone willing to book some bets that the start of this particular relationship is going to be the thing and the whole of the thing for quiet some time?

hanayamata 3-2

 Will they make it to Love Live! the festival

And as time goes on the plot comes up. Life is happening while the girls are making other plans. The biggest plan is getting enough members to perform at the Hanairo Yosakoi Festival. Of course, Hana is in this like gang-busters while Naru is in it like…the busted gang. Getting new members should be a challenge in and of itself, but this show has some detours on the path. They need an adviser, and the perfect choice looks like she has had it “up to here” with solving young girl issues. Sally-chan will be a tough nut to crack. What shouldn’t be a tough nut, at least if the OP is anything to go by, is the student council president, MAchi Tokiwa. We know she joins the club, was there really any reason to have her come of so tsun? Will we find out soon?

hanayamata 3-4

Well, at least the character was textbook mean 

Rice Crackers

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Well, if life is what happens while you are busy making other plans, best thing is to keep making plans. You’ll catch up to Life or Life will catch up to you. Be a dunce, be open and positive. You might not like it, but it’s still gonna be fun. I loved this one. Yaya’s character continues to grow beyond some of her initial tropes, and it becoming a favorite (despite sharing a pic with Nana…it’s unavailable). What did you folks think?


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17 Responses to “Hanayamata – 03”

  1. Wanderer says:

    …You called them “Nana” and “Haru” a couple of times, there.

    “Hana has a surprise ready for the beach episode.”

    • Wanderer says:

      Hmm… bloody HTML tags getting fussy…

      That second line is in response to the “Caption Contest” picture. I had a blockquote in there indicating that, but it seems to have decided to remove itself.

      • skylion says:

        Fussy? You would scream if you saw me manipulate wordpress to make these posts.

        And it’s funny. I used a “search in page” function to clear up the names. I caught a few, but it looks like some slipped by me. After my night job, I am editedorededededit out….

  2. Noc says:

    “After falling into the Spring of Drowned Girl, I end up as a hot chick with a huge rack whenever cold water touches me! I can’t take it anymore!!”

    Good episode, I’m glad Yaya is over her crazy jealous faze (for now anyways).

    • skylion says:

      Yaya’s tiny little bit of progression here was gold. Don’t we all have friends that have that overwhelming Hana air? And good to see you back, Noc.

  3. jimbobi says:

    What this episode lacked in depth it made up for with gags and like you said – Yaya’s progression to a slightly warmer view of Hana.

    Hana’s antics are plenty of good fun, I think this show is my second to Barakamon for ‘lighthearted viewing’ this season.

  4. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Caption for caption contest:

    “Oppai is not good! Pettanko is better!”

  5. Highway says:

    This episode wore me out. Too much Hana is not for me. And Yaya is not the effective brake on her that Naru is. I’m a little dismayed at what would appear to be the Enemies to Friends character arc for the other two girls, as that seems to be a little too predictable.

    And are the rules always stacked so high against new clubs? You’d think they’d have some sort of provisional period for new clubs, where you apply and then have the opportunity to do club activities and recruit. Otherwise, you have to find people without having any official sanction to perform activities or advertise, get an advisor for a pie-in-the-sky club idea that you may not have anyone interested in, and do all this without the seitokai finding out. Sounds like an impossible task.

    • skylion says:

      Phew, it rather wore me out as well. And I watched it three times. But, it still can perk me up here and there. I got a kick out of the cheekpull Yaya administered, and how she couldn’t handle Hana in the kimono…

    • Wanderer says:

      The teacher was just being selfish, really. It wouldn’t be a big deal for her to agree to be her advisor tentatively, under the condition that they can meet the other requirements for an official club in a reasonable time. The student council, at least for their first action in denying the recruiting, was being fairly standard: most anime schools don’t allow groups to advertise on school grounds without being an official club, and technically they were interfering with the students, so the council had a right to step in.

      I’m not so sure about the council’s second action of denying them use of the roof. Unless the roof is supposed to be off-limits to students, or some other club needs to use it (I doubt the latter, or we would have seen something), I don’t think they have a leg to stand on with that complaint.

  6. HannoX says:

    “Just you wait, sempai! Someday you’ll regret turning me down!”

  7. thorgriim says:

    Yay, what a fun,cute and overly hyper Hana episode indeed! I liked this episode, it was great seeing Yaya hang out with Hana for the day, both very cute, and as much entertainment Hana is to watch, Yaya just adds more to the entertainment. She has to put up with the hyper little girl! Yaya progression with Hana was nice and sweet, now she sees what Naru sees in her. I sorta wanted a bit more fighting between them, But I’m fine with this ‘friendship’, hopefully we’ll still see more of that cheek pulling between them, hehe.

    I like the first bit with the 007 bit, silly girls doing silly things haha. I also still find Hana’s personality, mainly her “tourist” bits, I think i’d totally act that way too haha. I also enjoyed Yaya and Hana date, very sweet and fun, Oh Hana you look cute in boys clothes! her hair put up is also a nice touch hehe.. I think Yaya wanted to go on a date with a boy muhaha. I also liked that they didn’t even get to see the movie and seeing how Naru was upset haha.

    Then Mean glasses girl shows up and wrecks everything, Your suppost to be the nice shy one! Fuyukai desu! But hey we already have the shy girl so it was bound to be her personality haha. All in all very cute fun entertaining hyper episide.

  8. Joojoobees says:

    This episode actually made me feel more positive about this series. I was worried that it would all be school life, with very little direction, but this episode convinced me they do intend to take the Yosakoi subject seriously, and that they have intentions of having a real plot.

    Hana’s squeaky voice is annoying, but I can say this show survived the three episode taste test.

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