Barakamon – 04

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Welcome back to the island! I hope none of you are having any technical difficulties. It seems that Sensei cannot have anything tech he cannot break…


Cats, rotary phone, seaweed, boat

barakamon 4-2

Really, all I can see in the writing is the goofy smiley face…

You know, if he has reliable mobile service and internet, then even this small island should have a repair shop. But, I digress. We find Sensei not only bemoaning tech breakdown, but a whole host of various offenses that life grants us…But for all things there is season or reason.

Like cats. Always hard to resist wanting to play with any sort of kitty, but these beast’s are their own animal. Strays are like that. And even though the owner of the house they like to congregate around hates them all for their sashimi thieving ways, he does manage to make one of them tame. And of course, Sensei wants one for his very own. To bad about the allergy to cats his folks never mention. Cats 1 Sensei none.

barakamon 4-7

Or telephones. I think it’s very understandable to have this sort of nearly deprecated tech on a rural island. But c’mon Sensei, you aren’t that dense are you? Yes, sure, we just email drafts these days and people then print them as needed, so don’t tell me they still use fax machines, cause I don’t believe it! But beside that one bit of comedy, we get a bit more plot. The whole reason for the phone farce is Sensei needing to contact his art dealer, Kawafuji to get another PC and to get more paying jobs. But it looks like there is another competition coming up, and there is the need to play it safe and concentrate on winning that. But Sensei doesn’t really feel the need, as he want to find his own pace. He’s in the darkness, but hopes to find the light! LOL.  Rotary phone 1, Sensei 1/2 point

barakamon 4-5

What ya’ll thinking yer doin’ to mah seaweed

Or even seaweed. Well not so much the seaweed as it is the farmer (by hobby, I guess?) of the seaweed, Yamagura-san. He got himself a nice boat (dealing liquor must mean a major money haul), and now he wants some more bragging writes. And he isn’t exactly out of touch on this one. I’d dig a piece of work like that on my boat, if I had the scratch. His naming conventions could be a touch more in reality; his son is going to have more problems than a boy named Sue. But for bragging rights, our liquor dealing, seaweed farming man will not settle for the conventional; carefully drafted block style writing. Nope, he wants Sensei’s magic. But, this pulls Handa out of all his comfort zones. He cannot make a draft, and isn’t familiar with the paint and brushes enough to just do it one and done. Luckily, he has Naru around to lend a hand….and the other kids help too! When you find desperation, look for inspiration. Sensei 1, seaweed none

Little Hand Prints

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“…he laughs when he works”. It’s been one month on the island and Sensei has changed a great deal. He was quite hollow upon arrival, but has, in a short period of time, found his work and his art to be more than a great burden he must carry. I hope this continues to be the hallmark of the show. Finding light. pffffffffffffft. Sorry, had to make a lame joke. What did you folks think?

barakamon 4-6

Naru is direct and to the point




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19 Responses to “Barakamon – 04”

  1. Vince says:

    Pretty good episode but enjoyed the last episode more. Handa is just straight up city boy who seems to have never been to the countryside before nor worked in a company. If I’m not mistaken, Japan is still old-fashioned when it comes to the technology. It’s quite amusing to see he had no idea what to do with rotary phone.

    When he doesn’t get anywhere with calligrapher, he should just become a teacher. He’s too good with the kids.

    Caption: My he-hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg!!!!!

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I actually liked that bit at the end. The adults are deep in thought over how to phrase something that isn’t as complicated as they are making it.

    I have to say, I don’t know which part of this episode was good, but it seemed like it flew by. I must have gotten into the groove of this show.

    • skylion says:

      Oh, yes. It did rather fly by. I had to watch several bits at least three times to pick out the groove. Otherwise I would have never posted, just stayed in that groove.

  3. Dualash says:

    This was another nice episode; although the calligraphy on the boat is slightly messy, it shows personality and in a way makes the boat more outstanding with those unique characters on the side of the boat.

    Plus, Hina is my favorite, just the little things she does and her reactions give another reason why its the little things that make a big effect on your mood and perspective on life.

    • skylion says:

      Hina really is a sweetie. She reminds me of one of my nieces at that age. Quiet, and a bit of a crybaby. Just not to the exaggerated levels Hina gives off.

  4. Highway says:

    The best part of the series so far has been Hina and Naru being quiet while laughing at Handa when he tried to use the phone. Just that one gag.

  5. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Sensei is a playah

    More like a LOLicon…

    Also… Cat too cute… So many cute cats this season. Chiro, Scarlet, now this. x_x

  6. Irenesharda says:

    Another great episode with another great moral. You really don’t know how great you can be until you just give it a start.

    The part with the cats is cute, but the scene with the phone was hilarious. Come one Sensei, I’m half your age and live in a giant metropolitan city, and even I know how to use a rotary phone! In fact, I always liked the style, and ma get a similar style when I get my own place eventually. But anyway, I thought that was just so funny. 😛

    But again the cast of characters is really what makes this show and the interactions they all have in this simple place. The school girl and her gangster father was cool, and the very end with Naru and the sign was rather a lesson in and of itself.

    • skylion says:

      While lots of folk enthused about Tama’s emerging yaoi/fujoshi tendancies, I feel Miwa is the best of the two. I enjoy her attempts at level-headedness…

  7. jimbobi says:

    Overcoming that initial boundary of hesitation and lack of confidence can be a big hurdle, but once it’s done – things just flow. Sensei’s definitely getting more into the flow, but a look at his calligraphy this week still makes me feel it has a ways to go.

    Some great gags in this episode, still what I enjoyed most was Naru’s directness in every situation. Whether unhesitatingly plunging her hands in ink, hand printing the boat, or writing better warning signs than the adults – she was brilliant.
    Caption contest: Billy Ray Cyrus’s new single on sale now!

    • skylion says:

      Your caption might be the winner. But since I offer no prizes, nor even try to pay attention…you win. Anyone else writes a better one, they win to. You win by winning folks.

      I’ve mentioned in past posts about the need to spend Naru cash in the character economy. They have spent her wisely.

  8. thorgriim says:

    A fine episode is fine too..Well this episode felt kinda lacking, but still able to make me laugh and enjoy it. The rotary phone was a great bit, Even I know how to use one hehe.

    oh Hina, with as much screen time as she gets I still find her quite fun to watch, The gum scene was funny, poor girl hehe. Though i feel Naru is taking a back seat from the spotlight, which is fine, i mean we do have to introduce the other characters too. Like Tamako, I want to see more of her I still laugh thinking about her yaoi experience hehe, and as for Miwa shes growing on me, and i like her a lot just need more of her haha.

    • thorgriim says:

      Look at me leaving stuff out.. pff anyways That is a nice boat indeed, It was great to see Sensei using his talent for something else, this time it happen to be writing on a boat. Leave it to Naur and the kids to get Sensei going, all it takes is a helping hand haha, Good job Naur.

      • skylion says:

        Well, adults do have to cover up for kids mistakes. When I was a kid, I cut my Seventies Bowl Cut Hair with a pair of serrated shears…had a crew cut after that.

        For mine; cut out section of drywall and replace it…she and her step-brother thought they could play cricket in the house….repeatedly…

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