Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 10


Nice Blush, Tensai!

spring14-highwHeaded towards the end with Nanana!


A Puzzle Within a Puzzle

Nanana-Finding the Ruin

Don’t pay any attention to us all here

Yeah, it’s double puzzle day on Nanana, but maybe not the way you’re thinking of. The first puzzle is trying to figure out where the ruin even IS in the Southred Mall, but given Nanana’s hint, they figure out the two parts: where it is based on clues from the juice vending machines and how to get the right key to get into the ruin? I have no idea how Tensai figured out the ruin was at the clock, but that’s where it ends up being. And since it’s in the middle of the day, in the middle of the mall, they decide to wait for after closing time to make their attempt at the ruins.

Nanana-My Pudding

My pudding!

Of course, this gives Juugo a chance to get back in Nanana’s good graces by remembering the special pudding from Southred Mall. But he gets a shock when she’s again invisible in his room when he gets there, just like she was when he woke up the night before. But this time it’s because she’s playing a trick on him, with a spooky voice that backfires on Nanana when he drops the pudding. And there’s still tension between the two because Juugo still won’t say that the reason they’re hurrying with the ruin is because of Hiiyo. But she reiterates her condition that he can’t use whatever they find.

Going For It

Nanana-Kagetora is oddly interested in D'Arc

Kagetora is awfully obsessed with D’Arc…

The Strike Force finally goes for the ruin, with Juugo, Tensai, Yuu, and Isshin going in, leaving Kagetora (still in his bandages) and D’Arc to stand guard. I don’t know what they thought they’d stand guard against, tho, since the only possible threat is Hiiyo, and there’s no way that that duo could do anything about Hiiyo. That fact is confirmed when he actually shows up and Kagetora and D’Arc book it out of there. But at least the team inside is having success, in their own ways. Juugo, as usual, can’t wait for any strategy, and just relies on his athleticism to not get skewered, while Tensai actually figures out the puzzle to give Isshin and Yuu a chance. Finally everyone reaches the treasure chest, but this one is the first two-parter puzzle, with another lock on the chest itself.

Nanana-Down the hole

Everyone down the hole

That’s what’s foiled Hiiyo so far, as he shows up to tell us. And of course a fight breaks out. If the ‘good guys’ had another effective in Kagetora, this might have been over a bit quicker, but Hiiyo is the master of using Collection items, such as boots that let you swim through shadows. But Isshin counters with glasses that let you understand and copy your opponent’s abilities and knowledge. But even more than that, they allow the wearer to read the mind of someone. And after Hiiyo makes the mistake of punching Tensai, that gives the advantage and motivation to the Adventure Club, who kick his ass until Hiiyo pulls out his trump card, that same ring that seems to let him suggest various injuries.

Nanana-Oh no you di'nt!

Oh, you do NOT punch Tensai!


I’m not sure if that ring actually injures people, or it just makes you think you’re injured. The only hope is Isshin knowing what item it is and if there’s a counter, I think. Or Tensai opening the chest and using the item. But Nanana’s condition is going to have a role here, which will mean some problem with using the item. One episode left, so we have the conclusion next week, and hopefully we’ll get a good finale. I think it’s easy to say that Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin is a rebound for noitaminA after the horrendous showings of previous seasons, and even a poor finish wouldn’t change that, but we still don’t want that.


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9 Responses to “Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 10”

  1. zztop says:

    Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin is a rebound for noitaminA after the horrendous showings of previous seasons.

    To reiterate, noitaminA executives have apparently decided not to invest in 2-cour shows anymore,especially after the Samurai Flamenco & Galilei Donna fiascos.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      If I recall properly, the preview for Samurai Flamenco was so bleh that I cannot remember wtf it was about. Galilei Donna sounded interesting… until the Church forced Galileo to recant.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I understand with the unwatchable Samurai Flamenco but not Galilei Donna. The latter was a single cour like 90% of noitaminA’s other works.

      • zztop says:

        Galilei’s director revealed the anime was supposed to be 2-cour with the story already planned out for that length.
        However, the distributor Aniplex suddenly changed their allocation into 1 cour at the last minute. The writers were forced to cut and summarise the story to fit the new schedule, making the story suffer as a result.
        I think noitaminA is cancelling 2 cour plans to avoid this kind of scheduling conflict in future shows.

        • Di Gi Kazune says:

          whick makes things suffer. Some shows were meant for 24/26. Some for 10/12/13. Quite often the producing studion cannot make the right call. Then sales go through the floor and Mr. Moneybags becomes afraid to spend. Repeat vicious cycle.

          Unless it’s XXXdam, or the usual suspects which are going to get infinite episodes.

        • skylion says:

          I think he made the same excuse with Wizards Barrister’s didn’t he? “Oh, it was gonna be longer, but no! Executive meddling made muh story bahd!”

          • Highway says:

            I dunno, but I didn’t think the story was the problem with Wizard Barristers. It was the unanimated episode 11 that torpedoed that show. I actually liked the story.

  2. Kyokai says:

    They better give this is a proper conclusion with the remaining episode.

    Also, noitaminA has Ping Pond and Nanana to thank this season for their glorious return. Their next offering in Summer doesn’t look bad either.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    The best entry to Nanana to date. Too bad it’s the penultimate episode and I can smell a cliffhanger a mile away. Hopefully this will help overturn noitaminA’s decision to stick with only single cour productions.

    For Kagetora’s sake, Daruku better be a girl because he’s getting a little too interested.

    A couple of Nanana’s Collection shown here I’d love to have for myself: Isshin’s glasses that practically have the Sharingan power from the Naruto universe and the Shadowfin boots Hiiyo was wearing. Oh, the things than could be done if they were in possession.

    Obviously the highlight was Hiiyo royally getting his ass handed to him on a plate. About time that arrogant degenerate got taken down a notch. And he really crossed the line hitting the defenseless Tensai making Yuu’s Falcon punch all the more satisfying. “Payback time!” indeed.

    I’m not sure if that ring actually injures people, or it just makes you think you’re injured.

    That’s what I’m thinking. It’s more like the ring makes suggestions into reality and attacks the target’s mind for it to seem like it’s a physical attack. Stress on the mind destroys the body. Much like the consequences from The Matrix. What happens to a person in there will be linked to the actual body.

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