Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara 08 – 09

Kanojo ga Flag-Nanami whut

What you feel like after all this story

 It’s summer break, and that means time for trips and summer get-togethers. How did these two episodes of Kanojo ga Flag turn out, and did they rebound from the disappointments of the previous episodes?


Hello friends! Welcome back to another trilling tag team post for Kanojo ga Flag on Metanorn! So what are your thoughts and opinions on this series so far? Are you in the camp of loving it or are you dislike it? I think I am stuck between both parties right now because it has its funny moments and it also has plenty of OMG WTF stuff thrown in! I guess only time will tell huh?


New Locations, Same Results

Kanojo ga Flag-Everyone goes along

One funny joke, followed by a really unfunny sequence of them

That’s right, it’s summer break, and even if the gang starts off separated, it doesn’t take long, with a push from Ruri, for everyone to end up back together at Akane’s big house. Well, everyone except Nanami, who had to go home to Bladefield. Of course, Akane the ojou-sama lives a little different, so everyone tries to imitate her. And along with that old joke, there’s the old joke about the rotating boys /girls onsen, and the old joke about a pillow fight. In fact the only thing that was not a usual old joke (rushed, in the typical style of Flag), was Nanami trying video chat Akane and learning she was the only one left out (oh, and Akane smacking her with a pillow when they finally meet up).

Kanojo ga Flag-Prepare for battle

Nendoroid Ruri to the rescue!

Of course, that means everyone has to go to Bladefield to see Nanami, a place with plot-convenience transportation. Seriously, the country is so small, but there’s a 3-hour train trip from the place with the airport to the Capital of the country? They couldn’t build an airport there? Whatever, that gives us the opportunity to meet Hakua Berserker Bladefield (who probably looks the least like a ‘Berserker’ of anyone who ever was saddled with the ‘name’), who apparently gets on the train in the middle of nowhere, but has plenty of retinue and plenty of time to talk to Souta with an annoying verbal tic of repeating her sentence ending verb forms. It also gives plenty of time for an assassin-Ruri to show up and wipe out all of Hakua’s maids, but of course Souta saves Nanami and Hakua by stranding them in the last car of the train.

Kanojo ga Flag-Stained Glass

The Stained Glass  exposition was nice enough, but crammed too much story into a small part

At the start of the 9th episode, I was all ready for “Souta spends a lot of time lost with Hakua and Nanami for character development and for Nanami to become the main girlfriend.” I was actually looking forward to that, because this show has had zero character development. When has it even had a chance? But nope, when the episode starts, it’s time to get everyone back together, with a quick rendezvous with the armed escort including that masked girl that has repeatedly shown up. The show tries to move the plot along with a fairy tale about a boy who becomes a flag and two princesses and all sorts of people dying, but as usual, it really just feels like it’s too much story in too little time.

Is There Too Much Plot?


Souta-“What are you saying super cute tiny Ruri? Kill them all? Sounds like a plan.”

There are certainly a few things that I love about Kanojo ga Flag like the characters and interesting theme of seeing flags, but lately I feel that there just might be too much plot for the series to handle like the flood of the various chess pieces; however with these two episodes I wonder if the original creator was a giant Fate/Zero fan? I mean with names like Berserker and Assassin being thrown at us. Maybe there will be an Archer or Ryder thrown in just for the hell of it? That said, I certainly do like the new Berserker princess even though she appears to be a lame mixture of Akane and Nanami. So what is it about the plot that suffering for me? I think the team behind Flags is struggling with tough balancing act of the hilarious moments along with the OMG THIS IS SUPER SERIOUS elements that deal with Souta’s constant fear of death! Yeah I know that sucks for him, but at the same time we never really get the feeling of doom or did episode nine pull that off well? I still think it is an interesting thing for his character to struggle with I just want him to find a way to cure it and hopefully that happens soon! I don’t want to sound like I am bashing this series because honestly I want to love this series! I just have a feeling in my gut that we probably won’t be happy with the ending because I think it will be rushed or am I over thinking the whole thing? I guess in my opinion of a “perfect ending”  I would have Souta finding a way to get rid of his flag seeing powers and have him enjoying the rest of his life with the girls, but the biggest question of all is who will win his heart? Of course it is no contest when clearly Akane and Nanami have been marked as the real love interests or will Nanami win hands down because Souta can not see her flag? I guess that does make her quite special.

Extra Moe Flags


Megumu still remains a fan favorite.


Fk ya bath time!


Evil Ruri or Normal Ruri who do you like more?


This is a good ending!

End thoughts

As usual, a few funny bits, some really questionable stuff (I repeat: Build the airport AT THE CAPITAL. Or heck, maybe even half an hour away), and way way way too much story to fit into this show. Some shows I like have done a great job moving really fast along the storyline (Witch Craft Works, for example). But when a show is going to move that fast, it can’t try to put so much detail into the story. This story feels like it’s supposed to be deep and detailed, and it’s just not coming through at all. We’re getting 12 episodes of an outline of a story. It feels like there could be a good story there, but it’s just swamped with no time to get to it, and as a result it doesn’t resonate at all. Plus, this show just can’t help adding more characters. Hakua, Number Zero. Who’s next? Probably the ‘sister’ that escaped from the dungeon in Bladefield. Sheesh, enough already.

Oh my god I will give all of my money for a cute Nendroid Ruri of my own! I mean one that talks and jumps around not just a random figure! Anyway wow holy character explosions batman I think we need to seriously drop some of these characters or do you love all of the characters that continue to pop up with every passing episode? I think we gain a new one with every episode! Anyway I don’t have much to say other than I have my fingers crossed that the next few episodes will iron out the serious stuff soon and focus back on the laughs and silly moments and who knows maybe it will address who Souta really likes and the biggest mystery of all! What gender is Megumu really? Just kidding! I think we all know that it will probably go the typical Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai route.


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4 Responses to “Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara 08 – 09”

  1. skylion says:

    Well, trust me, an outline is deliberate and contains the story. This show is like a deck of plot and character cards, shuffled and pulled out a dozen to make the story. Then cluttered it up by not being happy with the original draw so went back to the deck to “fix” it all.

    As it is, I fully support Nanami.

  2. Qwert says:

    I’m curious about the evil Ruri assassins effect on the story. In the manga the assassin was some animal eared woman, not sure how the scene went in the novel though. It’s the first noticeable deviation in the story I’ve noticed so far.

    • Highway says:

      Unless they do much more with the assassin, it won’t matter at all. I thought the point of it being a customer android was that it left no idea who could have been the assassins. Then they told us who the assassins were, but if it had been some kememomimi instead, that would have implicated a whole ‘nother race of beings. And this show does NOT need to have more factions or characters.

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    What this looks like is… ore no imouto konna kawaii janai. With sumomo. Even the top picture reminds me of a certain blonde/brownhaired little sister with a cute fang.

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