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Now with yuri

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Hey, Alex!


UGLA sounds familiar

Meet Alex, Kagami’s coach. Who knew that Kagami’s coach is a woman? Even I was surprised when I read it in the manga. It’s nice how the one with power is Alex though (despite of her cliché I-had-some-eyesight-problems-then-little-kids-saved-me past). This anime is filled with so many boys dripping with homo aura, seeing a powerful woman like Alex is like a breath of fresh air. She even kisses girls too, so that’s definitely a break from all the yaoi hints from this anime. Putting the kiss aside, though there are few women in this anime, all of them are exceptionally strong. Momoi, Riko, Alex, Yosen’s manager – they are all strong women whom the male characters looked up to and rely on. And I like this. The females in this series are few in number, but they have quality in their personality. What’s even better, the men actually depend on the women’s abilities. I mean, there’s no way these excellent players would be in Winter Cup if not for their managers’ or coaches’ help. Yes, men dominate this anime, but without the few women in here, there’s no way the men can do what they are doing now. Few in number, but rich in quality? No problem at all. I’d rather have that than a bunch of females with no brain.

Kuroko & Aomine

I’m too lazy to separate this into two, so I’ll just merge the two topics into one. Anyhow, as it can be seen, Seirin revealed all their trump cards because of the overwhelming power of Aomine’s and Touou’s. Kagami is right, they needs to come up with something new. Though Alex’s hidden trick might look a bit too convenient for Kagami, at least Kuroko’s trying to develop himself into the new path that he had discovered. And it’s no other than… Shooting! Hyuga’s explanation to Kuroko’s weakness makes sense. His ability relies too much on his teammates. Not that Kuroko should be blamed for this since it seems that Akashi taught him that kind of style on purpose. Y’know, the hidden pillar and all that. But Hyuga’s right. Kuroko’s jutsu would be useless if everybody’s busy with their own things, and Kuroko has no choice but to to shoot by himself. And think about it too. If Kuroko can shoot, he would make one scary bsketball player if he combines his invisibility with his shooting ability. This makes me wonder too, why didn’t Akashi teach Kuroko how to shoot when Kuroko has so much potential in that ability of his? I smell hidden agenda from Akashi.


The potential in this ship is back

Ehm, back to the topic. Kuroko wants to learn to shoot, but he only has little time to practice. Of course, it would make sense for him to learn from the best, which is Aomine. From the conversation between Aomine and Kuroko, we can see that Aomine has slowly regained his humanity back after feeling such unbearable loss after so many years. This might look cliché, but Aomine is the perfect example of a human being, a being that needs to experience both joy and sadness to be called a “human.” Aomine lost his victory, but he regained his humanity back. Is that worth it? I’d definitely say it’s worth it, because if not, there is no way Aomine would be willing to teach Kuroko how to shoot. Basketball might be important, but still, basketball without emotion is meaningless. Thankfully, Aomine has it now, so I’m pretty sure he will stand up again and regain his victory.

Extra Hot Pot:

Show ▼

I have been squealing and screaming for Kuroko, having myself laughed because one episode of it is definitely… weird, in a way. I mean, it’s been so many episodes and all. But this episode is definitely funny. And still, dramatic. This episode managed to fuse Kuroko’s humorous and serious aspects of the story into one, creating such a natural feeling despite of the mixture of comedy and drama in here. Behind the laughs, there is the anxiety every player will have – the fear of failing in the middle despite of their hard work. Behind their anxiety, there is a desire to win the Winter Cup no matter what, and they are willing to do whatever to improve themselves in order to win the game. To be honest, I’ve seen this formula in Kuroko‘s episodes so many times, but somehow I will never get tired from it. I just hope that others won’t get tired of this. You’re not, right?

Preview: Seirin vs. Yosen!



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16 Responses to “Kuroko no Basuke – 44”

  1. belatkuro says:

    I’d like to dribble with her if you know what I mean.
    I agree that even if there is a scarce of women in this show, the ones we have are pretty high quality. We get some equality as well when it comes to fanservice with Alex’ nudist tendencies plus that previous hot spring episode.

    Nothing like doing some training and learning a new magic move before a match. At first I doubted how Kuroko would learn how to shoot in a few days as that’s kinda impossible without training a lot but when he shows it later I was impressed. If only it was that easy…
    The issue about him not knowing to shoot and Akashi is for much later so not gonna comment on that. The manga is at least getting interesting again after several chapters of suffering. The buildup was pretty painful.

    The matches they’ve had against a GoM before had it look like it’s 2-on-1 with Kagami(has GoM potential) and Kuroko(sort of a GoM). It’s even a 3-on-1 if you include Kiyoshi since he’s an Uncrowned General and considered as strong as the GoM. Now it’s up against Murasakibara(GoM) and Tatsuya(has GoM potential). This will be an interesting match alright.

    Gonna need a season 3 after this.

    • Namika says:

      Boy, I hope that the 3rd season won’t be delayed for another year…. I’m pretty sure we’ll get it, though. KnB is so successful, there’s no reason to stop making the anime. Plus, there’s so much to show still. I don’t read the manga, but facebook sometimes spoilers me. -_- Show ▼

      • anaaga says:

        Is Kuroko anime and manga actually doing well now? From the ranking and sales information from MAL, I haven’t seen Kurobas in them in a while. Are they dropping in sales or something? Someone needs to enlighten me on this

        • belatkuro says:

          Vol1 of season 2 sold 19,235 total so far. Vol2 will be out by next week and will certainly drop but that’s expected with sequels.
          Not sure when the latest volume of the manga came out but last I checked it’s still doing around 400k copies per volume.

    • Kyokai says:

      I wish for the day when Kurobas gets a straight long cour, something akin to SpaceBros or even Yuwamushi Pedal. I can’t wait months to see their upgrades and new jutsus, damn it!

    • anaaga says:

      I haven’t continued reading the manga, stopped at the beginning of the game against Rakuze. How is it going? Is it as good as the game against Touou?

      • Chi says:

        Show ▼

  2. Namika says:

    When Alex kissed Kagami, it was so unexpected, weird and funny. But at the same time it rubbed me the wrong way, you know 😀 she’s spoiling my innocent Kagami-kun *^*

    UGLA??? 😀 Boy, that was really funny. Ugla….

    You’re absolutely right about the female characters here, Anaaga. There are very few of them, but their presence is definitely strong.

    I really hoped that Riko’s cooking got better, but NO. She had to put a nearly lethal amount of supplements into a SINGLE POT OF NABE. ==” Girl, srsly? She wants her team to be strong so much she might actually kill them in the process of ‘making them stronger’. But she’s still so cute

    A match with Yosen! Tatsuya! *-* Can’t. Wait. And I’ll admit that Atsushi’s hair looks damn gorgeous sometimes.

    • Japaninspired says:

      I TOLD you Alex will make things fun xDD

      And dat hair-flip in the OP, lol.

    • anaaga says:

      I don’t know if this will be mentioned or not, but all the nabe and supplement REALLY helped the boys’ stamina during the game. At least, it was explained that way in the manga.

      You’re not the only one who likes Atsushi’s hair. My roommate really loves him even though she doesn’t watch Kuroko. I should persuade her to watch it (her little brother watches it though)

      • Namika says:

        Do it. Do it! One of my BFF-s is watching it already, too. :3 Grant your roommate the glory that is KuroBasu 😀

  3. Namika says:

    Well… I don’t think it will happen too fast, but when Kuroko learns how to shoot well, shit be gettin real *_* Oh yes, baby. Aomine and Midorima would finally shut up about Kuroko being weak and other stuff along that.

    And remember how Midorima told Takao about the way Kuroko could become a really fearful player? If he could switch another player’s attention from the ball. Hey, can we make that happen? He could just blow a kiss on his opponent or wink or do something like that 😀 It would be much more effective than misdirection. 😀

    • anaaga says:

      Ooohhh don’t worry, Kuroko definitely improved himself for the game against Yousen. Though he’s not at his fullest, what he learned will definitely shake Yousen’s spirit. Gaahhh I can’t spoil it more than this *_*

  4. Kyokai says:

    I love the females of this anime. Anyone who even gets a bit close to their awesomeness is Hiyori from Noragami. Loved Alex and her Engrish, and man, that kiss was a complete surprise. Poor Riko…

    Anyways, wasn’t surprised with Kuroko asking for Aomine’s help and can’t wait to see him and Kagami both power up for the next match. Let’s starto!

    • anaaga says:

      At least her English is grammatically correct here, and the pronunciation is decent. More anime needs to follow Kurobas’ example when it comes to ENGRISH

      The game won’t be as good as the game against Touou, but it’s definitely more emotional and bittersweet. remembering a certain scene aches my heart

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