Tokyo Ravens – 15

A new challenger appears?

Tokyo Ravens takes another break from the action with some setting up for the next big ordeal (plus a new OP and ED). And in the process, we learn some very interesting things.

Hokuto Forgotten

Back to normal between these two.

Before I get into the content of the episode, let me first go over what isn’t in the episode. Mainly, Bakatora and Natsume’s relationship. Our worst fears are realized, as not only is it put on hold, but the two also seem to have pretty much forgotten about it and are going about business as usual. I could rage about it again, but at this point I don’t even care anymore. And now on to the good stuff. First up is Jin and Suzu. The characters still don’t know for sure, but I think to us viewers it’s pretty obvious now. Suzu is the mysterious Saotome Ryou (Ryou can actually be read as Suzu) whose research Suzuka had previously cited. Which pretty much makes her a Yakou fanatic, I guess. I doubt anyone would pour so much effort into the Raven’s Wing. That, and Douman also specifically stated that his attempt to retrieve it was a request from his “familiar,” whom we now also know is none other than Suzu. But what does this mean? Suzu doesn’t appear to have the makings of a big bad boss.


A lesser(?) Douman and Suzu on their way back from attempting to visit Jin.

It’s hard to ignore how strange Suzu is. She hasn’t really done anything to harm the gang (though we might reason she was indirectly responsible for the attack on the school). She’s mainly just appeared, said cryptic things about lolis, and then disappeared seemingly randomly. One might assume she’s spying on the gang to get more data on Natsume due to her research on Yakou, but what’s interesting is that she’s mostly interacting with Bakatora for some reason. In fact, if I remember correctly she’s approached him in the past only when Natsume isn’t around, so it’s not as if she talks to the guy to get to Natsume. Although maybe it’s not so much that she wants to interact with Natsume than she’s observing the gang from a safe but close distance? I’m still not convinced that’s her true intention though. Anyway, the revelation that she was in Jin’s class is pretty shocking. I mean, I guess she never ever lied about herself (she is technically a senpai), but her appearance just doesn’t match her age.

Jin doesn’t have pleasant memories of “Saotome.”

And going on that train of thought, what about her relationship with Jin? We know it wasn’t just that they were merely in the same class. During the field trip in episode 12, Jin specifically mentioned that “Saotome” tipped him off that the Raven’s Wing might be hidden at the school. Assuming she didn’t make this claim back when they were in school, this would imply the two are still in contact. Or at least that she went out of her way to talk to Jin. But why would she give the “good guys” a hint that would eventually prevent her from obtaining the thing she so desired? Surely it wasn’t part of some master plan to get Natsume’s father to retrieve the coat, as I assume it’s only in safer hands now. Returning to Jin, there’s also his reaction to hearing her name. That was definitely not a “oh, I remember her” reaction, but more a “this person was a real handful” reaction. I might have guessed the two clashed in the past due to his comments, but then that brings us back to why Suzu would contact him.

Speaking of mysterious characters, a new one is introduced; Souma Takiko. And after all of this Suzu nonsense, I am not buying that she’s just another student. She’s just all too knowledgeable about Yakou, the Taizan Fukun ritual, and even the whole history of the school. Plus, Jin outright states that he doesn’t recognize her name or appearance, though that might not mean too much in a school with so many students. Regardless, it’s clear that Takiko is someone of high importance thanks to Bakatora’s narration and Natsume’s father doing some divination. The question, as usual, is why. I’m really hoping that this time the new, mysterious character turns out to be a “good guy” or at least helpful to the gang, though to be fair I can’t yet completely discount Suzu yet until we learn more about her motives. But it looks like we won’t find out anytime soon though, because next week will instead focus on the Magical Investigation Bureau’s Twin-Horned Syndicate purge.

The Magical Investigation Bureau makes its move.


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16 Responses to “Tokyo Ravens – 15”

  1. Sumairii says:

    I’ve got nothing on Takiko. Well, I do have three theories, two of which are pretty far-fetched.

    1. She’s Hishamaru, the other of Yakou’s two familiars who has not yet made an appearance.

    2. She’s the real “Saotome” Jin knew, and the Suzu we know is someone else with the same name somehow.

    3. She’s just another Yakou fanatic, which explains why she knows so much about him.

  2. skylion says:

    As I was hoping, the Raven’s Wing was just some fool MacGuffin tossed in to make a feint/attack possible.

  3. Iron Maw says:

    Man intrigue was all of this episode huh? Also I wouldn’t lable a Suzu a fanatic quite yet. Back in ep 12 Suzuka noted that Ryou worked for the Spirit Division of Agency, but for only a year. She left before those performed their terrorism attack after doing her research. I think that would suggest she not with the cult, but has a interest in Yakou.

    Before I get into the content of the episode, let me first go over what isn’t in the episode. Mainly, Bakatora and Natsume’s relationship. Our worst fears are realized, as not only is it put on hold, but the two also seem to have pretty much forgotten about it and are going about business as usual.

    To be fair given what just happened during the previous events and their current uncertain situation it’s understandable it wouldn’t be on their minds immediately. When things settle down into something more normal is probably the best time where could it be brought up.

  4. Iron Maw says:

    *of the Agency*

  5. zztop says:

    To Takiko: Continuously insisting that you are a mere student within the conversation only serves to make you look even more suspicious. -_-

    And whose side is Suzu on anyway?

  6. zztop says:

    The new OP singer, Gero, started out as an internet sensation from posting videos of himself singing existing Japanese songs on Niconico(aka Japanese Youtube).

    He’s marketed as being able to sing emotionally and passionately compared to his Niconico peers. I believe his debut song was used for that Brothers Conflict show.

    There’s quite a few pics of him on the Net, although there’s no mention of his real name at all.

    PS. I personally prefer the old OP,but thta’s just me.

    • d-LaN says:

      Well, at least “outgrow” sounds better than the one in BroCon, Still think “X-Encounter” is better but maybe it will grew on me?

      Who the singer for the new ED again?

  7. Foshizzel says:

    You know whats funny? Hokuto and Souma Takiko are both voiced by Hisako Kanemoto? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I wonder if there is some connection between Souma Takiko and Hokuto? Because of them sharing the same voice actor it feels a bit fishy to me or is that not the case? I suppose they hired her so they might as well use her voice talents LOL

  8. BlackBriar says:

    It’s going to take some time to get used to the new OP. The previous one was just too good.

    Build up episodes can be as exciting as action packed ones if done right and things are getting ominous. Given that everything seems to be on a short fuse since Douman attack on the school, it seems natural that Harutora and Natsume’s relationship would be put on hold.

    Suzu doesn’t appear to have the makings of a big bad boss.

    Don’t forget what Jin’s superior said: All adults are deceptive and so far, we’ve only seen one side of Suzu. It’s been said not to trust the quiet ones and such types have often later been revealed to be total psychopaths.

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