Log Horizon – 10

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Isaac-“Dude I swear it was this big!”                    Shiroe-“I wonder what he is talking about.”

spring13-jrowSo I did not know until after recording this episode that there’s a Log Horizon manga about the West Wind Brigade. Kinda timely in a way since we just saw Nazuna this week. Join Fosh and I as we talk about the success of the Round Table conference and trouble brewing with the People of the Land.


spring13-foshYooooooooooooo! Welcome back to more Log Horizon! Sorry that this post is late but here it is~



Extra MMORPG fun

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Break your neck yo!

Log (5)

Aggressive Marielle is awesome.

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Those outfits add one hundred points to cuteness

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Isaac’s guild should turn into a clean up crew.


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7 Responses to “Log Horizon – 10”

  1. skylion says:

    Isn’t it weird to know that you need a skill slot in the game to make stuff, and that has to be there, but it’s developing the real skill that matters?

    And I, at first, thought that non of the players knowing about the Kingdom of the Land People were even there was stupid. But that is kinda like how real history plays out.

  2. Highway says:

    It would seem to me that the development of the Round Table can’t be anything but better for the People of the Land. Compared to how they were treated at the other city, *now* they’d cause a fuss when there’s some actual governance that is going to take hold?

    • BlackBriar says:

      I think we all should know by now that there is just no pleasing people. They’re never satisfied with what they have.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Shiroe is still someone I wouldn’t want to cross. While he’s setting a handful of means for peace and equality, an entire guild was destroyed in the process. I can see how kidnapping and imprisonment could become very serious crimes in their world. Most people in situations like that would see suicide as an escape but since death is no longer absolute, it renders the act pointless since the captors would most likely be waiting at the Cathedral for them after reviving. The victims would be enduring endless torment, much like those who escaped from Hamelin.

    So the People of the Land are starting to oppose in spite of gaining newer privileges and equal rights. The thought of that makes them look ungrateful. If there’s anything I’ve come to know about times of peace, it’s that it’s just the calm before the storm.

    • Rathje says:

      Nah, the People of the Land who are gaining rights are only those in Akihabara. Apparently, there is an entire kingdom of these people out there that is operating quite independently of what the PCs are doing.

      And Shiroe already pointed out that the People of the Land don’t necessarily have to be the underdogs in the equation. He pointed out that the PCs are actually dependent on these NPCs, but the NPCs do not need the PCs in order to survive. He was talking about an NPC uprising being a very real threat.

      If you think of it in balance of power terms like that, this NPC king would see the emergence of a PC Round Table as a shift in the power balance. Once the PCs organize, they become an even greater threat. Before they were just a disorganized rabble of bandits and thugs hanging around the ruins of Akihabara and picking on the FEW NPCs who happened to be in the area. Organized however, they become orders of magnitude a greater threat.

      The king’s actions make perfect sense. And Shiroe (and the other glasses dude) know it.

    • HannoX says:

      The People of the Land are the original inhabitants while the PCs are intruders. Intruders who often lord it over the original inhabitants. People don’t like it when outsiders come in and start lording it over them. And they don’t change their minds just because the outsiders (some of them) start treating them better. It’s not at all surprising that the People of the Land may be readying an uprising.

      Shiroe can probably prevent a war, but there’s likely to be friction and even some fighting before an accommodation is reached between the PCs and the People of the Land

  4. Rathje says:

    I loved the part where the crafting guild guy just offhandedly mentions “oh yeah, we’ve created a functioning steam engine.”

    Back when Shiroe duped the three crafting guild masters into giving him 5 million in exchange for a simple trick, he responded to their indignation by saying “do you really think this information wasn’t worth 5 million?” And then you see the lights go on in their heads and they start smiling.

    I thought they were just thinking of how they could mobilize their superior resources to capitalize on the new food industry.

    Now in this episode, we find out they weren’t just thinking about food. They were already several steps ahead and realizing “this has to have other applications!”

    I love it when a show takes the time to make its side characters just as capable of insight, strategy and rational behavior as the main characters. Spice and Wold did that, and this show seems to be doing the same thing.

    Even the meatheaded red-hed starts grinning when he realizes how much his guild can use it’s own unique advantages to profit hugely from the new proposed economy. Proving that he isn’t stupid either.

    I love it when an anime has well fleshed-out side cast.

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