Interview your favourite fandom celebrities


We are attending Comic Fiesta this year as well and we have an advance treat for you to be involved in special interviews!

Hello folks! You have seen Metanorn grow with time and we always try our best in bringing not only the current anime reviews but new content on yearly basis to you. For the same reason, we have made anime convention a regular feature with most of our writers going out of their way in covering the conventions they attend. Of course, we can’t be everywhere all the time and thus, some of our guest writers help us out in multiple coverages throughout the world.

Therefore, similar to last year with Comic Fiesta 2012, we are in gear for Comic Fiesta 2013 as well. Comic Fiesta is Malaysia’s largest and longest-running animation, comics and games (ACG) convention. In their own words:

We take pride in celebrating all aspects of art and creativity, gathering at one location and sharing the magic with all members of society, both locally and internationally. Responsible for ushering in the rapidly-expanding ACG community into Malaysia, Comic Fiesta is proudly an event by fans for fans. Comic Fiesta is the first and biggest non-profit convention of its kind in Malaysia, organised by a group of passionate individuals brought together by one common goal, and powered by a massive community of professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts of all age groups.

This year, CF will be held on 21–22 December 2013 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and is expected to attract approximately 35,000 visitors! With media passes reserved in advance for TK and Toori-chan, who will be representing Metanorn @ CF again, we have booked some special time with the celebrities attending this convention after collaboration with the very friendly media peeps (Hew and Yoke) of CF:


For people who missed it, we landed an exclusive interview with Danny Choo and Redjuice last year, but this time along with them, we have VOFAN (best known to this part of fandom as the illustrator for all Monogatari books but he has an amazing profile besides this), livetune (Vocaloid fans go ga-ga over him with many of his songs hitting the Oricon), and ppy (creator of the community-centric rhythm game “osu!“), available for interviewing.

Rather than just few people pitching in, we thought, why not involve more fans? After all, our readership is very international and everyone of us have our own favourites and likings relevant to personalities. So, ask away! Deadline for questions is 20th December, 2013 evening (12pm GMT) as the feedback will have to be compiled and edited for the final show on the actual convention.

For fun times, at least one questions is certain from our end, what is your favourite colour…? Meta oldies would get this pun. Anyways, hit that comment button and add your questions for these awesome celebrities! As well, chime in if there is any further queries/feedback.


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7 Responses to “Interview your favourite fandom celebrities”

  1. Fenrir says:

    Hmmmm. A question for VOFAN: “What do you think about your art on Monogatari? Best ones so far?”

  2. skylion says:

    For Vofan: do you get to read the text or manuscript before you illustrate?

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Q for VOFAN: Were you a self taught artist or did you take classes in school?

    Q for Redjuice: What inspired you to become an artist?

  4. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Evil Malaysians. Remember to beware of the cosplayers.

  5. Toori-chan says:

    So this post is now closed huh? T.K and I will try our best to get your questions answered.

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