Golden Time – 10

Mitsuo wins

I can’t be the only one who hears wedding bells for these two

spring13-highwIt’s just me for Golden Time this week, but that’s ok because there wasn’t too much action going on. Instead we get to see two sides to Kouko, and a nice side of Nana.

The Fight for Control

Tough Love

She has such a tender manner

Well, Ghost Banri had control for what, a minute?, before he fell flat on his face, knocking him back under the surface. But it’s probably significant that since then we haven’t seen Ghost Banri at all, and now Banri has those fleeting feelings of wanting to be with Linda. He doesn’t seem to forgetting about Kouko, tho, but I do think he’s probably somewhere in between. The idea that Kouko is a dream that will fade away if he’s doesn’t see her indicates to me that he’s probably on the verge of his old memories fully returning, but can’t really separate the two Banris anymore.

Linda cares

What is the Real Kouko?

Everyone together

There’s one Kouko when there are other people around…

I would guess that your opinion of Kouko (as well as KoukoxBanri vs LindaxBanri) will probably determine what you thought of Kouko in this episode. Which is the “real” Kouko? The one who burst in accusing Banri of ‘cheating’ (and to be honest, I don’t think that’s too bad a definition of cheating, even if it’s a little presumptuous)? Or is it the one who stayed with Banri later, who apologized to Linda, seemingly caring yet unsure of herself? I think it’s probably both, and I love the way Hocchan is playing Kouko.

Kouko reflects

And a different one by herself

She really strikes me as that 18 year old girl who is out in the world for the first time, having been confident in her life before, and trying to carry that through the rest of her interactions, but really inexperienced in dealing with other people. That’s the quality that comes out most to me, that she really doesn’t quite know how to interact with others. Her bombastic and seemingly serious attitude really throws other people off, especially because she’s taken it so far in the past (with Mitsuo). But then she’s apologetic and unsure of herself, especially in those moments alone with Banri. The uncharitable view is that she’s just being knowingly self-denigrating to fish for compliments. But I think that it’s more sincere than that, because, as I said, she really is inexperienced with people, and also with herself. She really doesn’t know boundaries and signals, but the more she does with the other people in her group, even Linda and Oka, the more she will learn.

Kouko worries

I think Kouko shows she cares

I’m not sure what I think about Kouko and Banri openly setting a ‘lose your virginity’ date. I think it’s not the worst idea to have a goal, but it’s really something that I think should probably be a more spontaneous idea. Going on a trip together is good, but I just don’t think they should be piling too many expectations on a trip like that. Go and have fun as a couple, see how it works out, be a little prepared, but don’t push it. If it happens, it happens, and enjoy it.



I’m surprised I wrote so much about this episode, because not too much happened. I didn’t even get to Nana, who is that gruff but caring person who can’t ignore someone in need, even if she kind of abuses Banri and Linda. I also didn’t talk much about Linda, because I think until Old Banri surfaces and actually makes a move towards Linda, there’s not that much more to say about her. It will all depend on her reaction, and I still think that Linda’s pretty conflicted about what she really feels toward Banri. It’s certainly not a slam dunk that she’ll go for him, even if he remembers everything and confesses to her again.


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11 Responses to “Golden Time – 10”

  1. skylion says:

    At this point, if Banri makes a move on Linda, it’s a race to see who kicks his ass first. Linda (for cheating), Kouko (for cheating) or the audience (for being a douche).

    • MgMaster says:

      Easy answer: the audience.In this case though,it’ll be well justified.

      I was never much of fan of Kouko’s hyper personality(personally,I prefer quieter girls like Linda) but what I really appreciate in her is that she’s not sending any mixed signals.This episode,she also proved to be self-aware that this relationship isn’t really gonna cut it the way it is right now and wants to try her best to make it work.

      So yea,if she ends up being heartbroken even though she’s trying to make this relationship work it’ll be completely Banri’s fault.At least I won’t defend him like I did with Haruki last week.He’ll just have to redeem himself 😛

      • Highway says:

        I don’t know if I’d completely blame Banri for any possible break up. It could be that it just doesn’t work out mutually. I think Kouko is trying hard, and does have that self-awareness of her own shortcomings. But it can be very tiring to be in a relationship with someone who has very little self-confidence. It’s not for everyone, and a relationship has to be two people who want to be in the relationship.

        That said, Banri could definitely screw this up, and it looks like the ball’s in his court.

        • MgMaster says:

          Yea,I guess that’s plausible.Especially since GT has proven to be quite unpredictable(at least for me) so far.Like,Kouko was shown to be insecure but not self-aware until now so who knows what’s gonna happen.

          Above all,I’d say Linda is the biggest mystery here.We still don’t know for sure if she’s content with being just Banri’s friend,although that’s what she’s shown so far.

          I’m reaaaaaaally curios to see where this show is heading.I just hope we’re done with the whole ghost Banri thing though…

  2. sadakups says:

    This is the biggest tease I’ve seen lately. Just when I thought Old Banri gets back in control to shake things up, he just disappears.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Maybe his conscioussness just isn’t strong enough to take complete control yet.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Wanting to be with Linda when he’s recently been committed to Kouko. Obviously, Banri hasn’t been told that cheaters never prosper. If things end badly, somebody might want his head on a platter.

    • Highway says:

      But who is it who wants to be with Linda? I almost think that both Banris are inside him now, struggling for control. And he probably can’t understand why he feels one way or the other.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Well, one of them will have to be singled out to make an ultimate decision. You can’t have things both ways.

  4. Joojoobees says:

    This episode really made me feel better about Kouko. I think she found the photo and realized there had been something between Linda and Banri, and so I think her thoughts that he was cheating on her were founded in something real. Plus … hey, she’s a passionate girl.

    I also think the “go to the beach” plan was a really good sign that she has tempered her tendency to live in an impossible fantasy (“my first time will be in Paris”). Even if she is still fairly self-centered, I think she is trying to find a way to live in the real world.

    Finally, I thought her damaged goods speech was sincere. I think she knows she has some serious flaws, and she knows there is someone who doesn’t have those flaws nearby. She is being a bit selfish in still wanting Banri, even if Linda is available, but that is the way love can be.

    Don’t get me wrong. Kyouko still has an element of Fatal Attraction about her. She may be a flawed human being, but she does seem like a real human being who is worthy of someone’s love.

    • Highway says:

      My perspective is that everyone has flaws. And if you’re lucky in love, you find the person whose flaws match up with the support you can give, and whose support to give matches up with the flaws you have. So the fact that Kouko has flaws shouldn’t rule out having a good relationship with Banri, if Banri is the person for her. But it takes a while to find that out. I do think being in a *real* relationship is doing good things for Kouko. You point out her newfound flexibility of thought and understanding. I think she’s realizing her past mistakes and trying to be better.

      It definitely would have been better if Banri had spilled the information that he apparently used to know Linda. Kouko already knows about his amnesia, so it wouldn’t be like he was completely lying about it. And I don’t think Linda is flaw-free, cause I still wonder about how much she feels in the way of romantic love for Banri.

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