Diabolik Lovers – 10-11


Suddenly, sword fighting.

Sorry for the double episode post again. As soon as my essays ended, my copy of God Eater 2 came. The game’s plot just killed off one of my main party characters though, which is REALLY upsetting because he was useful, and the captain of the unit (who was also useful) went elsewhere because of this. Now I have to completely rethink battle strategies. OTL So I’m finally taking a break to lament write this post.

Episode 10:


So continuing on with the anime’s own creative take on the story, I guess everything I knew from the game is a lie. To finally get the information straight:

The anime’s story seems to be that Cordelia had her heart removed and then it was transplanted into random females in hopes that she would reawaken. …Said random females may or may not have been sent by the church. However, they all seem to have died in one way or another (most likely because the Sakamaki brothers are psychopaths) before Cordelia could come back. …Lord knows how they moved the heart from one girl to another without most of the brothers noticing, since as we all know, Kanato turned a few of them into wax dolls and a hole in the middle of the chest is kind of conspicuous. AHAHAHA plot holes.

This is rather different from the game’s story, where Cordelia died and infant Yui was conveniently abandoned nearby, so they planted the heart inside of her from the beginning. The rest of the brides beforehand were sent by the church as food or whatever. …Somehow this makes about as much sense as the anime’s explanation, because how the hell do you fit an adult-sized heart into an infant’s body? What did they do with Yui’s original heart? Story telling obviously isn’t this series’ strong point. Also, if you noticed, the Sakamaki brothers are all the same age they are when Cordelia was killed. So whether they’ve been that age since Yui was a baby or over countless years, for some reason they’re going to school now.


…I thought we went through this already in the last episode.

Cordelia’s awakening was surprisingly anticlimactic. It just kind of happened and while there was nothing really anyone could do to stop it, nobody really extended any effort into doing anything about it either. Yui just kind of gave up at the end from the looks of things. The most excitement of came from her being pushed into a lake, and the interaction between Ayato and Cordelia didn’t really have any tension to it. I mean, Ayato easily murdered Cordelia once. Just because she’s inhabiting a new body doesn’t mean that she’s any less vulnerable to stab wounds. Though maybe this is how it happens in the game. I’ve been told that when Cordelia awakens in Reiji’s route, Yui comes back through the magic of almost drowning like she did in this episode, so at least that part made sense. Other than that though, the fact that this show actually had continuity from the first episode was unexpectedly nice. Ayato definitely knew that Yui couldn’t swim. …Though who knows how or if he knew that it would bring Yui back. Thinking about it now, he was probably just trying to kill Cordelia again.

Ooooof course the first reaction to Yui returning is to drink her blood. Though coming from Ayato, this makes sense. I don’t know if you could tell from what the anime has shown or not, Ayato is like that kid in school who bullies the crap out of the girl he likes (only way worse). He’s obviously never been around positive relationships before and has no idea how to properly express himself, so he just ends up being really possessive of Yui and picks on her. Who knows when he even started caring though.

Episode 11:


Aaaaand then the next episode happened. Who knew that Richter was so ambitious? I certainly didn’t see his betrayal coming, since as far as I was aware, Cordelia was his life. Maybe there’s more to his character than just being Cordelia’s bitch. Though his plan kind of has holes in it. Cordelia is going to remember his betrayal. Sure, he could keep switching around the heart, but for some reason, the plot seems to be stuck on the fact that the awakening is integral to his plan. I imagine it has to do with the fact that Cordelia’s blood gives vampires a huge power boost (since she was the daughter of a maou), but as far as I’m aware from the games, the boost comes whether Cordelia fully awakens or not. Well, whatever works for Richter.

Ah, I was right. I’ve been getting Beatrix’s name wrong. I’m glad the anime cleared that up. Reiji was prominent in this episode, but he… didn’t really do a lot. I guess he doesn’t like immoral women though, so that probably explains any attraction he has for Yui since she’s been nothing but moral this series.

But Cordelia, how are you supposed to sleep with Karl or win his approval if you kill him? I guess her logic here makes sense though, given what the anime has already explained. Cordelia’s logic of showing Karl the ultimate form of her love is probably the thing that made the most sense in this entire episode. Yui came back, even though she apparently wasn’t supposed to. Maybe because she kind of cares about Ayato? When did that even start? Oh well, she apparently seems to care about all of them enough to stab herself. Or maybe she just doesn’t like Cordelia, which seems to be a common factor for the entire cast. Her final words of hoping that nobody gets hurt is a pretty good indicator that Yui actually does care though.


Forget about the silver knife bringing about a painless disintegrating death too. Is anything able to kill Cordelia? Seriously, she should have been dead 3 times over by now, in terms of how many times people have tried to kill her. Her heart has been stabbed this episode. According to what Cordelia said moments before, she should be dead. …Unless Yui somehow missed stabbing herself in the heart directly (I wouldn’t be surprised), which probably makes the most sense in this situation. And in which case, Cordelia probably shouldn’t have announced that she could somehow still revive from all of this, since her current body is immobile, the knife is right there, and there are 6 brothers in the room who all more or less want Cordelia dead. Maybe Ayato will hold back on killing her though, since he seems to have developed a thing for Yui out of nowhere.

AHAHA okay, who thought it was a good idea to script write while impaired? Really, the story was never a strong point to this anime, but absolutely nothing adds up. Especially in that last episode, and I don’t know if that was the game’s fault or the anime’s. Does Cordelia really want revenge on Karl? I haven’t actually finished a route where she revives, so maybe this really is all she wants from life. Maybe Richter does betray Cordelia. I don’t mind this confusion too much though, since I wasn’t expecting many things out of this anime. Let’s just see if we can get something comprehensible out of the ending of this, since the Cordelia stuff makes no sense, and the extent of romantic relationships in this anime is blood drinking abuse.



University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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19 Responses to “Diabolik Lovers – 10-11”

  1. Japaninspired says:

    Karakuri-san, you’ve covered all those awkward things I wanted to mention too.
    And really, I was thinking about this ever since I played the game. If The brothers were quite the same age as they are now, when Cordelia died, and they go to school. I mean, they couldn’t have been in one class for almost 17 years. -____- uh. I hate it when such awkward things are not mentioned in the plot. It make everything so unfinished.

    So many strange things and so many questions.
    Sometimes I think, that all Otoge has hilariously strange things happening in the plot that dont make sense.

    And, just wanted to say, the Lady, that voices Yui is amazing, she even managed to do a Cordelia/Ojousama voice, and it sounds so good.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Yui’s voice actress is newcomer Rie Suegara. It’s her first ever role in the anime industry and I agree, she pulls off the bored, pompous Ojousama voice perfectly, a huge contrast from the regular Yui. I can see her getting a lot more roles if she keeps this up.

    • Karakuri says:

      I think the creators just REALLY wanted school uniforms. Plus I guess Yui had to go to school, so the writers wanted to make sure that she couldn’t just go to school to escape the brothers. …Who knows why they’re actually there though plot-wise.

      Ahaha… yeah, I can’t say that I’ve ever encountered weirdness in galge. …Not that I’ve played a lot of those. …And when I do, it’s well known “good” ones. A lot of mainstream otoge really are weird though.

      I want to see Suegara do more roles~

      • Japaninspired says:

        Oh, I didn’t think about that!
        Why did I even get that thought in my head?
        Well, probably because of the uniforms, too 😀
        And since there is quite a lot happening in the school.
        Like how Show ▼

      • BlackBriar says:

        I want to see Suegara do more roles.

        After hearing how well she’s voicing Yui, I bet there’s a handful just waiting around the corner for her.

  2. Namika says:

    This anime has one of the worst storylines I have ever seen, so why do I keep shamelessly enjoying it? 😀 😀
    Well, it was fairly obvious that Ayato was a typical tsundere(a little on the extreme side, though) who develops a thing for the MC. Or maybe that’s just what I wanted to see, who knows… but the most (more or less) “relationship”ish thingy she had with him. The only brother besides Ayato who didn’t treat her terribly was Subaru. And he looks hotter, too 😀

    I wonder, how will the conclude this merry procession?? 😀 they could have made the stabbing action at least a little more epic, right? No. The knife just went in, without a sound and without a drop of blood. COME. ON. 😀

    • BlackBriar says:

      But you got to give her props to stab herself without hesitation. I guess at this point, she felt she had nothing left to lose.

    • Karakuri says:

      I have no idea. I’m really enjoying this too, and it’s terrible. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that they actually gave Yui a personality. Or a name. BroCon and Amnesia could have been so much better if their heroines had than cardboard boxes for personalities. I hope DiaLovers breaks out of the norm in that Yui actually ends up with someone too.

      To be fair, a bloodbath might have been more stimulating than touching, given the company present. xD

      • Japaninspired says:

        I think Yui can have the “one of the bast heroines” award without a doubt. She isnt that annoying like other heroines and yeah, I’m so glad she has a personality here.

      • BlackBriar says:

        The one thing to certainly be thankful for is that Yui is a thousand times better than the heroine for Amnesia. If she was in this, she’d already be dead and probably be turned into one of Kanato’s life size dolls.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    We’re almost at the end. How do you feel about that?

    I guess everything I knew from the game is a lie.

    I haven’t played the game but I’d say 80% of the series is anime original with a few things from the game thrown in, judging from how distraught you sound.

    Somehow this makes about as much sense as the anime’s explanation, because how the hell do you fit an adult-sized heart into an infant’s body?

    Unless some kind of magic was used to manipulate the heart’s size at any given time, I don’t see how that can work.

    This turn of events was interesting to see unfold. Cordelia really is a coldhearted bitch with no redeeming qualities. It only makes sense the brothers would want her dead and it was well deserved karma finding out she’s being used and isn’t running the show.

    Richter’s betrayal was icing on the cake and it came out of nowhere after all the time spent making the viewers believe he loved her. Cordelia had it coming for flirting with Reiji in front of him, even kissing him, saying Richter is alright with anything she does. This is not Kanato you’re screwing with this time, you shameless slut!!

    But Cordelia, how are you supposed to sleep with Karl or win his approval if you kill him?

    If you’ve seen the “Nadeko Medusa” arc of Monogatari Series or the recent episode for the “Hitagi End” arc, you’ll find both Nadeko and Cordelia are on equal levels of insanity. Nadeko would rather stick with her plan to kill Koyomi and hold onto her unrequited love than take a chance on a relationship with him. They don’t care if their love isn’t returned as long as they’re the ones closest to the ones they want to kill.

    The way Yui called out to Ayato while fighting Cordelia’s influence. I don’t want to believe it but it looks like she’ll choose to be with him after everything that’s happened.

    • Karakuri says:

      Eh. I enjoyed this, despite it’s terribleness. Yui was really a breath of fresh air after a year of mostly personality-less heroines. …Even despite the fact that her common sense level seems to be “0”.

      Hmmm, well yes and no to this being original. It’s more like they PG-13’d a lot of the content, which totally takes away a lot of what the game was about. I’m not really distraught per se, but this is more… amusing(?) for me. Diabolik Lovers is nowhere near being a well-written game. It’s pretty sad when the anime makes the same amount of sense when it’s been re-written.

      You fail to see the appeal of the haughty ojousama. xD Er, admittedly, Cordelia is terrible. Maybe I like her so much since she’s the lone sadist female in a family of terrible people.

      …See, I really liked Nadeko more when she turned into a psychopath yandere. Maybe this explains a lot.

      I really wish I knew when Yui gained these feelings (if she really does have them), but if the plot wants to shove her and Ayato together, I’m all for it. I’m tired of these “the heroine ends up with nobody” endings.

  4. Japaninspired says:

    By the way, did anyone notice that Ayato is left-handed? He was holding a sword in his left hand. But maybe that’s just the anime.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Yeah, I noticed that and found it odd. It makes him look awkward in the fight. Most people to my knowledge are right handed but there are exceptions. Even my younger brother is left handed.

      • Japaninspired says:

        I used to do fencing. And I’m left-handed. People say it’s really hard to “fight” with a left-handed person, because it’s not common, so I guess Richter is very good at fencing 🙂

        Off-topic, sorry XD you have a younger brother, that’s so cool. Do you get along?

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