Phi Brain S3 – 08

 Phi Brain 009

Time for roughly 4 hours of daily moping, followed by sulking.

Remember when Melancholy was revealed as having the true Orpheus Ring and then she was tossed aside by Freecell immediately? Do you remember what she did in season 2 that was relevant to the plot? I don’t. I only remember that one time she tossed rose petals in Mizerka’s face and acted like a bitch (which is always). She’s kind of cute in how self-sufficient and streetsmart she is, despite my teasing, but not likeable enough to get a condensed soap opera based on her life. Unfortunately…a mini soap opera is basically what we have to endure this week.

I loved the “Contact” puzzle so much that I was so sad to see it end prematurely. I suppose there wasn’t much else to do considering they had time limits and a limited amount of space, but I still felt like I was cheated out of more puzzle time. I want to maximize my puzzle time, you see. Always. The end of the puzzle was rather nice, with them all connecting in a 4-way pipeline. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that as a possible solution. Anyways, it ends with Melancholy getting blown up and then rather skillfully shimmying down a pole, which is a definite plus.

Phi Brain 002

After the puzzle ends things go a little…downhill. I know this show loves to dwell on past characters, but giving us the whole backstory and epilogue for Melancholy before and after her stint with the Orpheus Order wasn’t very fun. I really had no concern with any loose ends of Freecell making up to her and how her life was ruined by the Orpheus armlet. She’s not one of my favourite characters, so I’d be okay to just leave the aftermath of all that as a mystery. But no, we have to go through a lengthy pity party to make the world’s most dishonest tsundere admit her true feelings. It was almost painful how much she lied. When your guests catch you crying in mud and ashes at the crack of dawn all alone and offer to become friends, you’re not in any position to turn them down. Does accepting their friendship someone push you lower than “sobbing over puzzles in the dirt”? Things like that made the dialogue unbelievable and clunky. One minute Melancholy was faking smiles and the other minute a seemingly inconsequential, throwaway statement would have her reeling. It was just…not a good time.

This episode also had problems switching from scene to scene. Namely, when Melancholy sees her guests rummaging through her puzzles and then somehow she’s setting fire to them seconds later. I feel like my video file was corrupted – that’s how bad it was. If anyone can explain how Melancholy scooped up all her puzzles, ran outside, started a fire and threw her puzzles into it while everyone watched her…please let me know. That in itself is a puzzle I need an Orpheus armlet to solve. Maybe two. I was extremely relieved when Freecell gave her a puzzle and things ended happily ever after.

Phi Brain 007Phi Brain 008

Although this episode is mostly MELANCHOLY MELANCHOLY MELANCHOLY, there are some neat little plot tidbits. One is that they haven’t forgotten Kaito isn’t the only one who can do the psychedelic-eye-vortex deal. I liked that Freecell had his activate while he was making a puzzle as well, which is a nice reminder that it takes a lot of skill to be a Giver. A random note considering how it shouldn’t be exciting now since everyone and their mom can do it. It’s like Orpheus Rings – once a rare device, suddenly as common as thrown away pennies in the street by season 2.

The more relevant stuff is with Enigma, who is still being a massive jerk. He non-chalently tells Raetsel about how he “accidentally” tried to kill 3 of Raetsel’s targets again, as if it’s no big deal. Thankfully, Raetsel is starting to realize that this guy isn’t as honest as he seems. She will most likely stick with him since he’s helping her stay close to Jin, but being betrayed is inevitable at this point. Even if she’s aware, she’s getting owned. Enigma is looking more and more like the final boss here. He’s got a pretty secretary and the photo of a mysterious lady on his desk that he talks to every now and then. Those are the signs of being a big shot! Unfortunately I can’t say much about the portrait on his desk other than how she looks like Raetsel. Otherwise, it’s anyone’s guess. With that fuzzy hair she might as well be Rook in drag. How else do you think he raised the money to build those puzzles?

Phi Brain 010

Is that the Mai Valentine lookalike villain from S1?

I wasn’t really loving this episode, but at least it wasn’t a total waste. Melancholy cleared up some info about the Orpheus Ring (clearly it made Jin evil) and Enigma did more nasty stuff. It’s kind of cute that Melancholy is SO TSUN that an Orpheus Ring changes nothing about her bratty attitude. It affected her, but she’s so dishonest anyways that it’s just like the Ring made her dere side completely go away. I would have been okay if they left it at that instead of the “boo hooo i’m so lonely in my big, giant mansion” drama. Ah well. Next week is probably important since the preview didn’t dare to show us anything but close-ups of faces.

Bonus Screenshots:Show ▼

Preview: I bet this episode has a lot of talking and explaining because the preview shows nothing but faces. That or something so shocking they don’t dare reveal it until next week. Anyways, let’s see what the crew in Japan are up to? :3

Phi Brain 011


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6 Responses to “Phi Brain S3 – 08”

  1. belatkuro says:

    Oh Japan, you and your Engrish.

    “The Melancholy of Melancholy” should have been the title of this episode. I have no idea as well how that puzzle burning outside happened. Everyone probably all went for a bathroom break and that’s when Melancholy took out all those puzzles by herself in probably one trip… Yeah, I can’t stop rolling my eyes here.
    And Freecell x Melancholy is a great crack pairing. Make it happen. I’m noticing that the homo teasing has been toned down a bit this season. Whether that’s a good thing or not is…I dunno.

    Considering we were led astray by the preview of the fake Jin before, the next episode can go anywhere. We need much more ridiculous puzzles. And Raetsel needs to stop being a stalker. Whichever comes first.

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh my gosh, I didn’t notice that it said “meat”…That’s amazing…

      The sudden jump from a normal scene to something incomprehensible has been going up lately. I hope this isn’t a trend because I like where this season is going with the story. Don’t ruin it now with impromtu, offscreen bathroom breaks!

      I loved Freecell’s reaction to the proposal of that pairing. It was so unreadable, but he did seem rather distressed haha. I kind of miss the homoerotic undertones but then again Rook is still going strong with his Kaito love in the previews and EVERY WEEK in that ED song.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    It was weaker compared to the other episodes this week but I guess the compensation was finding out Melancholy apparently has some serious psychological problems. Her name is well deserved because I don’t think I’ve seen a character with some many mood swings and she was the chosen candidate for the true Orpheus Ring in season 2. You’d think someone ideal to wear it wouldn’t suffer any side effects.

    I had a feeling an Orpheus Ring had a part in whatever Jin was up to in his disappearance. We already saw how it was consuming Kaito in season 1, making him look more like a villain than a good guy. Plus, Jin always grabs his arm when he endures a spasm, as if an Orpheus Ring is right there and he’s holding on to it.

    Looks like all the Phi Brain children can trigger brain acceleration once they’ve reached some peak in their character. Raetsel did it when she manipulated the Fool’s Puzzle Kaito, Rook and Nonoha were trapped in when they first met.

    Gotta love the derp nostalgia. Now this show looks better then Samurai Flamenco!

    Since you’re talking about shows, you should really check out Strike the Blood. I honestly think you’ll like it because it avoids the typical clichés of other animes and the relationship between the two leads is nice to look at.

    Give it the 3 episode test if you like but I assure you by then, you’ll want to see what happens next. Plus, there’s a growing list of titles and classes for the characters (Progenitor, Attack Mage, Sword Shaman, War Dancer, Hyper Adapter etc…).

    • Overcooled says:

      Melancholy is right – the Ring must have done something to Jin. I have no clue why this is so hard for Kaito to swallow. It turned even his best friend into a maniac, so why is he being so stubborn about it? Anyways, yeah, the phantom Ring pain from Jin really seals the deal.

      I tried episode one of Strike the Blood but I couldn’t stomach it to make it through the 3 episode test. Both the male lead and the female lead were annoying. Not a fair trial but I’m too busy to watch much more anyways. I’m so behind! You enjoy your vampire fun, BB.

  3. Peache says:

    Next time: Rook-sama! <3

    the ''we will meat again'' really made me laugh
    Labushka? …I want to know who is she, is she rook's mama?

    • Overcooled says:

      Any episode with Rook is a good episode.

      I have no idea who Labushka is. She looks a lot like Rook but it would be odd to drag him back for such a key plot element. She might be Raetsel’s mom? I know she looks more like Rook but that makes the most sense given that Rook’s story arc has already been pretty much resolved. We’ll see though!

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