Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou – 09

Animal abuse, I say!

Sumairii here. Week nine of InuHasa, and the show is still confusingly random. What can I say?


Mystery Stalker

Captured at last.

The mysterious stalker guy we’ve seen in the last few episodes is now revealed to be Osawa Shuzan. Who is that you ask? Why, he’s the tiger of historical novels; the famous author responsible for works on generals of the Sengoku Period and other important historical figures. Basically, an old guy who writes about history. And what does he want with Kirihime that he’d stalk her? Oh, he just wants to give her a book his daughter wrote. OK, so why doesn’t he come up, say hello, and hand it to her? Or how about he just mail it to her with a letter explaining the circumstances? Well, obviously because he needs to protect his daughter from the bad influence that is Kirihime. Wait, what? I still don’t understand how that explains anything about why he has to sneak into the apartment and hide the book. How does handing a book over, or a reluctance to do so, help protect your daughter in any way? She kind of already wrote the book. And it’s not like she’s personally doing the handing off anyway. But you know what? It’s all OK. Because this is InuHasa so nothing needs to add up.

Uh oh. We’ve got another Kazuhito fan here.

So on to the daughter in question. It’s revealed that the timid pink-haired girl we’ve seen is the one. And if you think about this, she’s already met Kirihime in the flesh so Shuzan isn’t doing a very good job of “protecting” his daughter. Going by Fujimaki Hotaru, it’s made very clear now that she is in fact not the last of the super-duper-author trio, whose pen name is instead Himehagi Momiji. To be fair, I suppose you could argue that since Kirihime characterizes Hotaru’s writing as being like an established author changing her writing style, it’s entirely possible that pink hair could still be Himehagi Momiji, except writing differently from usual. But just no. Anyway, her real name is revealed to be Ami. And as I had initially guessed, she is indeed a former classmate of Kazuhito’s. Well, to be honest we don’t quite know if she was a classmate. But it’s heavily suggested that she served as the school librarian and thus got to know our bookish hero very well. So what do we know now? The stalker is revealed to be an idiot parent whose kid supposedly loves Kirihime’s work. And the zombies are… Oh, that’s still not explained yet. It just somehow has to do with Ami’s desire to meet her “favorite” author. Makes perfect sense.


This is just going to have to be a short post, because honestly there’s not much to say. We get two revelations, but not much explanation about all the funky stuff going on. Will we ever get one? Who knows. I’m hoping Ami isn’t going to turn out to have some twisted personality though. You know, like she wants to get Kazuhito back and wants to kill Kirihime because she’s responsible for his death in her mind. Sound familiar? Yeah, we kinda already got that stuff from Madoka aka yandere imouto. We are shown that she’s correctly suspected that Kirihime’s dog is Kazuhito, so that’s one half of the way there already. And we see that she’s previously written something presumably for Kazuhito’s eyes only. Combine this with the facts that she’s changed her style to copy Kirihime’s and she’s associated with the zombies attacking the author, and it’s looking an awful lot like she really is going to be the second coming of Madoka. Just replace the family aspect with being a classmate. At least she doesn’t appear yandere and have a random goofy weapon, I suppose… yet.


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10 Responses to “Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou – 09”

  1. Highway says:

    I thought this was about the best episode of the show so far. Tsundere Kirihime (NOBODY does a better tsundere than Marina Inoue for my tastes, not even Kugimiya Rie who is damn good at it), some good movement on a plot that I don’t think was as random as that.

    Ami’s been hanging around the whole time, and you could tell that she’s been interested in Kirihime, but I wonder how she figured out that Kazuhito was a dog. They totally glossed over that with Madoka, I hope they don’t this time. And I wonder what it will be about the book that makes people want to be near Kirihime.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Damn, I need someone around who’s good with inventory like Kazuhito. Not only did he memorize that massive number of books, he can tell when there’s one extra. For him to know the number right off the bat, he’s probably read them all. Businesses of all kinds would find him invaluable.

    The ending was the highlight. Even though she was right, Madoka thought of the dog as her brother not knowing it was really him but Ami managed to realize it was him right away. It’s probably because she saw him hide that manuscript in that spot when he was still human.

  3. HannoX says:

    Ami’s writing is probably heavily influenced by her father’s writing, so that would be why Kirihime likened Hortaru’s (Ami’s) writing as being like an established author changing style.

    I suppose hiding the book among all of Kirihime’s other books allows her father to truthfully say, “Yes, I gave your book to her” while hoping the book is never discovered. I think the bad influence Shuzan fears Kirihime will have on Ami is all about influencing her writing–what she writes and her style of writing.

  4. AllenAndArth says:

    kirihime is a MEAN owner

    • BlackBriar says:

      If you value your life, make sure you never cross her path.

      • AllenAndArth says:

        can i cross yours? ;D
        me hitting on you as always aside…
        that stalker is one of the most creepy i’ve ever seen…
        by the way, i shall make sure to follow your advice…if i ever turn in a dog…you wouldn’t be as mean as kirihime to me if i were Kazuhito would you, BB?

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