Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun 2 – 06


This cat has better dinners than I do

Another week started with Hakkenden! I’m not on of those guys who are fond of filler episodes, but I’ll make an exception for Hakkenden since most of their fillers are actually enjoyable and pretty important for the plot also.

Finally, after so many episodes, the last member of the Four Families, Nachi, gets the spotlight. Well, more like his cate Kaede became the main character of this episode, since he ran away from the mansion. Shino, just like a main character from every RPG anime, is assigned with a “quest” to look for Kaede because Nachi has to go on a date somewhere with Riou. Oh Shino, anything will do for you as long as it’s involved with money. But I’m like that too, so I understand how you feel *poor people high five*


As if fate is working for Shino, Genpachi picked up Kaede from the street, so Shino found Kaede right away in Genpachi’s house. Unfortunately, Kaede’s shadow was stolen by the kimochi Shadow Eaters, so he can’t go back to his original form. It’s interesting how even some of the best youkai in Hakkenden becomes weak without his shadow. Of course, this implies the importance of shadows in the HakkendenVerse. Kaede, without his shadow, becomes incomplete. If a youkai is like that without his shadow, imagine how humans are without theirs! So this means that Sousuke, without his shadow, is incomplete also. I’m not so sure what Riou means by Sousuke’s arm, but my guess is that his left arm becomes completely dead to physical contact or feeling because of the bad injury he got before? Either way, this is a bad sign. Sousuke might heal easily, but now is different. Ao stole Sousuke’s bead, and that makes him stronger. Now what usually happens when a shadow gets stronger? The original becomes weaker, and this is what’s happening to Sousuke right now. Shino better get his hands on Sousuke’s bead quickly, or else Sousuke might “die” again. This time for real.

Such distraction, so let’s go back to Kaede and Nachi. The twisted past both of them have is finally revealed. It turned out that the original owner of Kaede is Nachi’s older brother, Yuuhi. I think that’s his name, someone tell me I’m right. Unfortunately, the older brother cannot see anything spiritual, so he doesn’t understand how “special” the relation between Kaede and him is supposed to be… Until Yuuhi enters the mansion, where one’s sixth sense is supposed to be awakened whenever he’s in the mansion. Unable to cope with the changes, Yuuhi shut himself with the outer world, including Kaede. Seeing Yuuhi like that, Kaede decided to leave him and chose Nachi who can see him. Sometime later, Yuuhi died. And from the way Nachi and Kaede talked about his death, it’s possible that Yuuhi committed suicide.


Kaede might be a cat/panther/whatever he is, but that is what makes him complex. Cats are known to be attached to their masters, unless he has a new home. Unfortunately, Kaede has no other home except the Hinozuka, so imagine how it feels being rejected by Yuuhi. To make it even worse, the Beasts are known for choosing their masters before they were born. Meaning that Kaede has always been by Yuuhi’s side before he breathed oxygen on this earth… Only to be rejected by Yuuhi himself. Ouch. The worst part, however, has got to be Yuuhi’s dead (or suicide?). Nachi hinted that Yuuhi died because he was unable to stand the loneliness he had when he got sent back to Hinozuka mansion since Nachi and Kaede are not there. It’s ironic how Yuuhi appreciated Kaede only after he left. Heck, he didn’t even try to take Kaede back from Nachi. Instead, he… “Died.” Imagine if he didn’t give in to his negative feelings, I bet Yuuhi would have a different life now.


Even though Nachi is there for Kaede now, this unstable relationship between the two leaves holes for insecurities for both of them. Kaede, traumatized by Yuuhi, wonders whether Nachi will abandon him too. There is also Yuuhi’s death Kaede feels guilty about. Meanhile, Nachi is afraid that Kaede prefers Yuuhi over him. Even though it’s not said out loud, it can be seen from how Nachi tries his best to resemble his older brother, from his hair to his white clothes. All for the sake of Kaede. Such shaky relationship Kaede and Nachi have, but it is also beautiful in a way. Shaky because of the abnormal start of their relationship, beautiful because these insecurities show how much both of them care for each other. I guess my friend is right when she said that “some of the worst relationships turned out to be the best later on.” Oh, and she was showing off her relationship since I’m single. Anyhow, the past is the past. Now Nachi and Kaede have each other, and none of them is no longer alone. The two of them finally have their heart-to-heart conversation, so this might be a sign that their relationship will be better from now on.


Quick, someone make a Kaede x Nachi doujinshi!

Finding the Lost Cat:

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Another great filler, this time is more relaxing than before. The story is actually pretty heavy, but it was able to be presented in a more relaxing way. I mean, who the hell talks about someone’s death with lilies as the scene’s frame? Of course, it’s so show how “beautiful” and “looked up” Yuuhi is, but damn, this Yuuhi dude is pretty complex and messed up. Though it’s understandable, of course. There is also the fact that Nachi envied his brother since he was small, all because of a cat. Yes, the cat is special and all that, but since he was a kid! It makes me wonder whether Nachi actually cares for his brother of not. So yeah, Nachi and Kaede’s story is a disturbing “love story,” but it came out as a “beautiful love story” that shows the complexity of human emotions and relationships.

But either way, it was still a great filler. The story has quality, and this gives Kaede and Nachi more meaning. They are no longer “mere side characters” because their pasts gives them some values as characters. Now I know why Kaede is so “spiteful” to Nachi and why Nachi allows Kaede to do whatever he wants. Now I also know what Sousuke is screwed now. There’s also te fact that there are only three beads left. I know that one is Shino’s, while the other two are not yet discovered. Let’s see how things are going to be now, shall we?

Preview: Hamaji and her brother-centric episode. Viva megane men!




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